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Cigar-shaped UFO caught on video hovering above Manchester, England

A witness captured video of a cigar-shaped UFO hovering above the Manchester town of Denton in England. It is unclear when the event occurred, but the witness uploaded the video to YouTube on July 9, 2011 with the following description:

Cigar-shaped UFO over Denton. (Credit: omex2005/YouTube)

Cigar-shaped UFO over Denton. (Credit: omex2005/YouTube)

HUGE UFO cigar shaped metallic UFO object caught on camera in Denton, Manchester UK 2011. Object was just visible to the naked eye. Was in the sky for around 40 minutes before raising so high that it could not be seen at all. UFO means unidentified flying object so I’m not saying it was little green men, but still . . . Interesting to watch. The camera is so shaky because it was at full zoom, and knowing how high it appeared in the sky (higher than planes) I’m guessing its size was massive.

Some who viewed the video suggested the UFO might be a solar balloon. The witness even addressed this theory in the description that accompanies a second video (which is simply 51 seconds of footage from the original 1 minute 18 second long video) he uploaded on August 17, 2011. The witness described, “I was sat in my back garden when i noticed this. Some people have mentioned it may be a balloon of some sort, but it was a windy day and it hovered for a while then disappeared.”

It’s unclear why the witness uploaded a second video of the same sighting. Perhaps it was to garner more attention. He did title the second video “Best UFO ever recorded,” after all.

The Huffington Post contacted Marc D’Antonio, the chief photo/video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network, to get his opinion on the UFO video. D’Antonio opined, “I believe it to be a solar balloon. It is of the silver mylar type and everything about its motion, shape and color says that it’s a mylar solar balloon, to me.”

Although a solar balloon is a plausible explanation for this cigar-shaped object, we would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think this UFO is? Share your opinion with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

About Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.


  1. Looks like a drone to me

  2. How exactly does it resemble a drone?

    And here is top 7 stupid, unresearched, narrow minded things to say,

    7. Illusion of lights.
    6. Drones.
    5. Chinese lanterns.
    4. Swamp gas.
    3. Venus.
    2. Lighthouses.
    1. Weather ballons.

    Feel free to pick one and not consider that it may be unidentifiable.

  3. dude this may be a part of a viral marketing campaign. if you check the comments, someone talks about something called “the N’elkan Institute”. if google it and go to the page there is a link to something called http://www.gowiththegods.com. they claim that they are making cigar shaped anti-gravity ships based on alien technology . it looks like something out of previous attempts to market some t.v. show or movie. I love syfy,but I there are some people who will believe it is real or worse stack this in with legitimate ufology

  4. My son-in-law said it looks like a light saber, lol.

    Well, at least that’s better than swampgas, venus, lanterns or temperature inversions.

  5. Adam,

    Please DON’T pick any one of your list and not consider that you just may be retarded.

  6. Looks like a staple in someone’s ceiling. You can even see the shadow being cast onto the surface.

  7. Ha this is my video! I uploaded two videos because i shortened the first video to cut out the boring bits, the second videos a bit longer. Thats the only difference. I spent about 10 mins trying to find it with the lcd viewfinder

  8. on the 13.10.2011 at 7.50 pm I was on my way to work when out the corner of my eye somthing caught my attention it had a bright glow to it and had lights flashing different colours all around it and it was just above the tree line on king georges park ashton under lyne so i decided to take a closer look and what i saw was not of this world thats for sure i saw what appeared to be some sort of space ship it was ruby ball shape (oval) with multicolour lights moving around it very fast and it was hovering just above the trees it seemed to be trying to keep its balance then suddenly it tilted downwards and i could clearly see that it was saucer shape with a dome and a window just before it corrected itself i thought for a split second that i saw figures of somone in the window but not enough time to make out what they looked like it was glowing yellow to orange then white the lights were red, blue,yellow ,green and white it made no noise it must have been about 30 to 40 feet i took some photo,s with my mobile phone and i was not the only person to see this loads saw it. i have told loads of people big mistake they all think that i am crazy some sort of nutter i have even asked the papers to look at them but because they wanted my full name and address to be published i declined there offer also on the 19 september 2012 i saw 4 bright stars next to the moon so i decided to take photos of them when suddenly they shot of at high speed towards manchester i took 5 photos i then down loaded them on my computer so i could get a better look and this bit sounds crazy but you can see great big ships with aliens looking out of windows hard to believe i know just wish a real expert could look at them so everyone can see them to prove they are the real thing yes i know what everyone well be thinking that i need locking up and the key throwing away but its driving mre crazy not being able to tell anyone well its up to them seeing is believing with your own eyes.

  9. Nice one. I saw this object some years ago, moving in a west – north westerly direction over Northamptonshire. Very interesting to find your site as the thought literally just popped into my head so went on google. This object (or another identical object) can be seen on other YouTube vids in other locations. It certainly looks identical to what I saw, though I didn’t record it.

    I had previously searched YT for it & on one clip someone claimed it was their science project, but if this object has been seen elsewhere then that’s really interesting.

  10. As I had posted that I’d seen this myself, & other people have seen it also, I found this daily mail link which seems to explain it. Someone commented on youtube that it was a toy / science project thing, perhaps many people have them too. It’s basically a balloon that expands in the sun: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223645/Man-photographs-hovering-cigar-shaped-UFO-hours-witnessed-thousands-states.html

    oh well

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