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Peter Robbins – Budd Hopkins: A Personal Appreciation

Peter Robbins first met fellow painter Budd Hopkins in 1976, five years prior to the publication of the latter’s seminal book, Missing Time. Their shared passion for painting, UFO studies and the abduction phenomenon helped forge a thirty-five-year-long friendship and work relationship during which Robbins would serve as Hopkins personal assistant and confidante and work with the distinguished ufologist on literally hundreds of incidences of UFO related abduction including that of his sister Helen. In this particularly personal presentation, Peter Robbins talks about those years with Budd with particular attention paid to Hopkins the ufologist, the artist, writer, humorist, foundation director, media presence, humanist, and ultimately the world’s best known UFO investigator.

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  1. Peter- don’t know how else to reach you. Was contacted recently about the loss contact with his family of our mutual friend (well he stopped replying to me several years ago. ). Do you have any info I can pass along? You have my email. Thnx. John M

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