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Leslie Kean is a widely published investigative journalist and author of the book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record, a New York Times best seller. With a foreword by former Clinton chief-of-staff John Podesta, the book includes exclusive contributions from generals, a former governor of Arizona, and other high level officials from nine countries. These sources have agreed to write their own detailed, personal stories about UFO encounters and investigations, for the first time.

Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist who has been published nationally and internationally. She is coauthor of Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit. Kean began publishing on the UFO subject in 2000, when her feature story about the French COMETA Report appeared in the Boston Globe. In 2002, she co-founded the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI), an independent alliance advocating for greater government openness on information about UFOs and for responsible coverage by the media based on a rational and credible approach. As director of the CFI, she began working on the Kecksburg UFO case in 2002, with the cooperation of Stan Gordon. Kean was the plaintiff in a successful, four-year Freedom of Information Act federal lawsuit against NASA, in which the agency was required to release hundreds of documents under court supervision. She and her coalition have launched an ongoing initiative to affect U.S. government policy so that scientists and aviation authorities can gain greater understanding of the still-unexplained UFO phenomenon. Kean was a producer for the 2009 independent documentary I Know What I Saw directed by James Fox. She lives in New York. www.ufosontherecord.com

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  1. I am one of thousands who have seen a UFO. I live very near Stennis Space & Testing Lab in Mississippi.
    I have seen a UFO on two occasions. First time in 1986 and in 1994.
    The first was in the late afternoon, on a very clear sky, the sun setting with a golden glow. I was traveling in my car on I-10 going east. Going over a bridge that cross the Jourdan River at the top of the bridge I looked to the south. What I saw was a giant object with mirror reflection of the setting sun. The size and shape defy description it was so huge. It was still and about 1000 feet above the bay marsh. It’s shape was three tiered donut, the bottom biggest with the other two graduated smaller. It’s mirror surface reflected the setting sun. I was alone and had no witness. I made a exit at Diamondhead to race to the marina to see if I could find someone that may have seen it too. Two fishermen were recovering their boat said they saw nothing. I can’t believe I was the only one who saw it.
    The second time was in late November 1994 driving east on I-10 crossing the high rise bridge that crosses the Pearl River. Looking north you can see the Stennis rocket test stands. As I approached the top of the bridge I saw a UFO with extremely bright colored lights hovering about 1000 feet, it’s lights flashing different colors. The size was my guess to be 50 yards wide and 20 yards thick–round in shape.
    What was odd it would turn off it’s lights for a couple of seconds and then turn the lights on. It was as if it wanted you to believe you were not hulicinateing. I am an engineer and I know people at NASA. I asked if anyone reported seeing this object. No one saw it. And, yes, I know the looks people give you.
    Very recently my neighbor was on the beach at midnight this summer were he and his wife saw two UFO’s.
    He has proof because he took pictures of them with his cell phone.
    I am not a nut, nor do I take drugs, and I’m now 74 years old. I always wanted to tell someone who investigates these things in the sky. Now I have. I truely believe we’re not alone in our universe.

  2. I have a great idea for a movie. The setting is Calgary Alberta Canada, year 1988. It’s about this younger man who gets off his afternoon shift and arrives home at around 1:00 am in the morning and his pregnant wife is already in bed sleeping. The plot thickens when he grabs a refreshment and heads outside to relax for a few moments on the deck at the rear of the house. Oh yes, the name of the show will be Planet Analysis.
    Suddenly 4 round space crafts appear. They are shaped remarkably similar to the theatre in Langley B.C. Canada. 2 of the 4 remain around say 100 ft above the ground while the other 2 sit maybe 25 to 35 ft from the ground. The 2 above are a little bit smaller than the 2 below. They are every colour that one could ever imagine. The 2 just above the surface are different in colour from the others above, and each other. One of them looks like the colour of the sun and coincidentally enough the other luminecent like the moon. Suddenly one of the 2 wingmen up above does the 30 km or so trip to the oil refinery directly north of the house in 1 or 2 seconds. Then it continues to perform ariel manoeuvres that defy logic and gravity. As specially if the craft has a pilot. As what appears to be a display of engineering continues, the fella begins to freak out a bit with excitement. It’s too late to be banging on any doors so he starts talking to himself very very loudly. So far 30 or 40 minutes have gone by when suddenly he hears a car approaching, so he runs out to the road and tries to stop the car, which almost runs him over and speeds away.
    By this time he is spent. He is physically and mentally exhausted so he falls down to the ground, ignoring the other space craft for a minute. He turns over on to his back. He looks up out into the blackness of space, and he finds himself staring at a planet sized mothership, the caretakers of space, a rectangular metal world, right there, not that far out in space.
    I still haven’t figured out the ending yet because all he could remember after that was at some point going in the back door of the house, and then waking up in bed later that day! Maybe it could be a movie about the Kingdom of God arriving after all these years of praying for it to come. Just saying!

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