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Jim Marrs – Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs

Jim Marrs has written about government projects to establish remote viewing groups. An interesting side note to this psychic spying project is that many remote viewers have made discoveries regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials. Marrs will show us some of the amazing findings that top remote viewers have recovered.

Jim Marrs is a former journalist and a bestselling author. He primarily focuses on government cover-ups and conspiracies. His book Crossfire, an investigation into the death of John F. Kennedy, was turned into the movie JFK by Oliver stone. While researching the power elite, he also discovered the reality of the UFO cover up and has written extensively on his findings on this matter. www.jimmarrs.com

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  1. Jim marrs is one of my favorite authors. Ray Fowler is nose to nose. In first place.. Both authors are well known in their field. They must be the top writers in the uffo field

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