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Dr. Lynne Kitei – Beyond the Phoenix Lights – Coincidence or Connection?

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the still unexplained Arizona mass UFO sighting of March 13, 1997, key witness Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. shares the inside story of what has become known worldwide as the “Phoenix Lights”. Besides authenticated photographic evidence and stunning witness testimony, Dr. Lynne presents the history of these enigmatic phenomena, including the Native American and her own personal connection, as well as similar global events, expert analysis, media coverage, the latest updates, and most poignant, the profound impact and message of the “Phoenix Lights”. Dr. Lynne’s internationally award winning Phoenix Lights Documentary and bestselling book, The Phoenix Lights…A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone are lauded as the definitive works concerning the most important mass UFO event in modern history. More info at http://www.thephoenixlights.net.

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