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Michigan witness videotapes low flying UFO over I-75

A Michigan witness at Hazel Park is certain the orange colored, oval-shaped object with uneven edges moving low to the ground was a UFO, according to testimony in Case 65842 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness saw the object above I-75 for more than one minute’s time beginning about 10:32 p.m. on May 25, 2015, before local tree cover obscured it from view.


The Hazel Park, MI, witness first thought the object might be a Chinese lantern, but was able to quickly rule that out based on its size and movement. The object was seen over I-75. (Credit: Google Maps)

“During that one minute time it moved from a position over I-75 from almost precisely west to east. My first thought was that it was a Chinese lantern because of the orange color, but I quickly changed my mind for three reasons: 1) It was far too large to the naked eye to be a Chinese lantern. 2) It was moving far too fast (east to west) to simply be carried by the wind. Also its movement was constant and steady. 3) It did not have smooth, round edges.”

The witness said the object was somewhat oblong horizontally, but along the visible edges there were ‘pieces’ that appeared to be sticking out from the body. Pictured: A portion of I-75 in Hazel Park, MI. (Credit: Google Maps)

The witness said the object was somewhat oblong horizontally, but along the visible edges there were ‘pieces’ that appeared to be sticking out from the body. Pictured: A portion of I-75 in Hazel Park, MI. (Credit: Google Maps)

The witness described the object.

“Not only was it somewhat oblong horizontally, but along the visible edges there were ‘pieces’ that appeared to be sticking out from the body of the object. I looked carefully to see if this was an effect of shimmering light, or the like. I am convinced this is not the case. This was an abnormal object.”

The witness did catch part of the sighting with his cell phone video (seen above).

“I was able to capture the object on my cell phone, about one minute of video. Unfortunately, the camera on my phone is poor quality, and I am not a very good impromptu filmmaker. I did not utilize the zoom feature on my camera; therefore the orange object (which you can see) appears very small, when in reality to the naked eye it was not small at all. It was actually quite large looking, and appeared to be somewhat near to the ground. I estimate 300 feet, but it is hard to say.”

The witness video can be seen here.

The witness was able to capture a portion of the sighting on video, although the quality is rather poor. Pictured: A portion of I-75 in Hazel Park, MI. (Credit: Google Maps)

The witness was able to capture a portion of the sighting on video, although the quality is rather poor. Pictured: A portion of I-75 in Hazel Park, MI. (Credit: Google Maps)

Hazel Park is a city in Oakland County, MI, population 16,422. Please remember that most UFO sighting can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

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  1. I received a Facebook message from Michael Hesemann indicating that the alien visitors that have made headlines for the last 70 years have left our planet and have not visited since the early part of last decade. It’s my opinion that they realized that we are not ready for their presence in our daily lives and will visit again when we aren’t so obsessed with killing each other and destroying what remaining environment we have.

    But then again, maybe they realized that we are beyond saving and will let us destroy ourselves. Perhaps they might evolution-ise the chimpanzee and see if they are a better gene pool.

    What do you folks think?

  2. I know for a fact, a huge lime green rotating craft that turned invisable, and had a smaller oblong craft come out of it was seen in 1985 by me and one another witness. I watched it come toward me, and move away from me ; I was beyond scared, but the fear lasted only a few seconds. This is why , I say this gentleman who says they are gone for years, is incorrect.

  3. I live less than a half mile from where this incident took place, and although I didn’t see these particular objects, I did see something similar right around the same time, probably within days and for sure the same week.

    It was evening, around 10:30 – 11:00 PM. I had my front door opened and glanced out and see three really bright orange colored objects zoom quickly by. They were coming from the south and heading northwest and flying very fast. I jumped up and ran outside just in time to see them pass overhead and to the right above my house. My first thought was that they were chinese lanterns, I thought, there are graduation parties going on this time of year, you see these kinds of things, also it was close to the holiday, people around here start celebrating early, but they were just going too fast and staying too close to each other for Chinese lanterns. I don’t know if these were the same objects the viewer in this article saw, but it sure sounds like they could be.

  4. Live in Grandville, MI. Every evening, 3 week s straight. Sighting in ski. Have photos. I cannot be the only one seeing this. Not Airplanes.

  5. On September 27th, 2015 at approximately 7:45 – 8pm…

    I had exited the front entrance of our townhouse, which faces South and had walked across the street to an empty lot belonging to a church to walk the dog. My sister and our neighbor were heading out to the porch to watch the lunar eclipse or blood moon.

    The night was overcast and the moon was mostly hidden by the clouds, but you could get a glimpse of it from time to time. My cocker Spaniel and I had crossed the field and were approaching a maintenance shed near the church’s parking lot, when I glanced back to see if I could see the moon.

    Suddenly I saw 3 orange lights in a perfect triangular formation flying from Southeast to Northwest. My first thought was that they were planes or maybe helicopters, but there was something strange about them… There was no sound whatsoever, they were traveling at a steady speed (faster than an airplane), and seemed to float across the sky almost like a Chinese lantern or something. As they passed by, they appeared to be just above the tree line approximately 50 feet off the ground and about 30 feet north of my location. They were very close. Then two more orbs appeared behind the first three like two points of a triangle, only this time the orbs were red instead of orange and at a higher elevation. They proceeded at the same speed and flight path of the other lights. I saw no aparrent structure connecting the lights.

    The orange orbs remained in triangular formation with the two red orbs trailing behind somewhat. All 5 of the lights seemed to be moving at the same speed and trajectory. By this time, I was a little scared and had moved close to the shed as not to be detected by aliens or whatever I was seeing. At this time they were almost directly overhead and to my North passing directly by. I could see their elevation increasing as they floated further Westward, never changing speed or breaking formation.

    As the last red orb was moving away from my location, and I was certain there were no more coming behind, I came out from hiding behind the maintenance shed and walked swiftly home to ask my sister and our neighbor if they has seen the strange lights. How could they have missed it? They were sitting right out front looking up at the moon right? Sadly, they didn’t see a thing and probably think I’m making this up, but I assure you I’m not.

    I watched the local news at eleven with no mention of the phenomenon, then came upstairs to see if I could find anything online about it. Surely someone else must have seen this. Then I found this site and decided to leave a report in hopes that someone else will corroborate my sighting. We live near the airport… I am very familiar with our normal air traffic… These lights were like nothing I’ve seen before!

  6. Please note that the location of my previous post was Wayne, Michigan, thanks.

  7. Im not sure if it was the same date or not but i live in Trenton and i was letting my dog out around 9 to 10 and seen 3 orbs about 500 feet up flying from north to south steadily straight, couldnt tell if it was one object or three. Three orange lights that also appeared like lanterns except no flickering and the spcing never changed. I regret not getting my phone, but i didnt wanna miss anything. Tgis also lasted about a minute

  8. I’d just like to mention, as I didn’t describe clearly in my previous post, that the three orange objects I saw last summer (2015) were flying in a perfect triangular formation, just like the person who posted above described (John Wolmer). Also, I did not mention in my previous post that I live about a half mile from the photo in this article of I-75.

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