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A video shows two UFOs over Phoenix, just before a storm.

UFOs in video of Phoenix dust storm cause a stir

Monsoon season has arrived in America’s southwest. The first monsoon storm of the year slammed Phoenix Tuesday evening, arriving in the form of an ominous haboob—a massive wall of dirt, which is a somewhat common occurrence during monsoon season in Phoenix. A video of the impressive haboob’s approach was shot by a camera on a helicopter belonging to local ABC news affiliate KNXV. This video quickly gained international attention when CNN posted the video to their website.

Still image of the UFO (credit: KNXV/MyWeeklyInspiration)

Still image of the UFO (credit: KNXV/MyWeeklyInspiration)

Two lights in the sky are visible in the video, both appearing very close to the mammoth wall of dirt. One of these UFOs simply hovers, while the other moves through the sky, and eventually flies over the KNXV helicopter. Some viewers began speculating that these UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin. Kathie Bechmann, a YouTube user uploaded a video with her own commentary on the CNN video. Bechmann zooms in on the UFO that flies over the helicopter, and pauses the video just before the object disappears out of frame. The object appears to have an almost saucer-like shape, which fueled speculation of extraterrestrial craft.

But the identity of this mysterious moving light soon became apparent when the Phoenix Fox affiliate KSAZ aired a story about a Southwest Airlines plane that was making its final approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport as the haboob was rolling in. According to KSAZ, ” The plane couldn’t land on its first approach, and for some reason had to head around and land from the west just before the cloud covered Sky Harbor.”

Video: Plane Disappears Into Dust Storm: MyFoxPHOENIX.com (removed by source)

As for the identity of the stationary object in the sky, it was most likely another news helicopter. And, quite possibly, it was the news helicopter that captured video footage, published by Russia Today, showing an alternate angle of the Southwest Airlines plane.

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