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Two cigar UFOs fly low over Texas highway

Two Texas witnesses northbound along I-35 between Austin and Dallas reported watching “two bright, shiny cylinder or cigar-shaped objects with rounded noses and tails” cross the highway ahead of them at approximately 1,000 feet, according to testimony in Case 63509 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The reporting witness, with his wife in the front passenger seat, was driving between 75 and 80 mph in perfect, blue sky weather in 54 degrees, with 30 to 40 vehicles immediately ahead of them in traffic, at 9:45 a.m. on February 19, 2015.

The couple was north of Georgetown, TX, and had just passed Exit 268.

“The two objects crossed the highway in front of us at an elevation of approximately 1,000 feet,” the witness stated. “They were perfectly in-line with one another—approximately 3,000 feet apart. It’s like they were flying on a stretched out wire—perfectly in-line with one another.”

The witness were northbound along I-35 near Walburg, TX, when the two cylinder-shaped UFOs were seen crossing over the highway. (Credit: Google)
The witness were northbound along I-35 near Walburg, TX, when the two cylinder-shaped UFOs were seen crossing over the highway. (Credit: Google)

The witness described the objects.

“They were identical in size, shape, and color. The shape and color of these two objects was contrasted against the blue sky. They were shiny—a bright white. There were no discernible wings, tails, landing gear, propellers, jet engines, windows, or lights. They were two cylindrical or cigar-shaped objects with rounded nose and tails.”

The witness described their movements.

“I believe the objects were two-to-three-miles ahead of us when I first saw them. They crossed just above the tree line traveling from west to east. They were in my field of view for five seconds and traveling at a high rate of speed.”

The witnesses’ wife was able to view the objects for a longer period of time.

“I pointed and asked my wife to look out her passenger window to see if she could see what I was watching. She watched the two objects for another 20 seconds until the topography to the east blocked her view. She said the objects did not alter their course, configuration, elevation, or speed—remaining quickly traveling to the east at a high rate of speed until they were no longer visible from her vantage point.”

The nearest town to this sighting report is Walburg, TX, an unincorporated area located at the crossroads of Farm to Market Road 972 (FM 972) and Farm to Market Road 1105 (FM 1105) in Williamson County.

The witness said there was no discernible wings, tails, landing gear, propellers, jet engines, windows, or lights on the objects. Pictured: I-35 near Walburg, TX. (Credit: Google)
The witness said there was no discernible wings, tails, landing gear, propellers, jet engines, windows, or lights on the objects. Pictured: I-35 near Walburg, TX. (Credit: Google)

Texas is currently a UFO Alert Level 5 – with 1.00 sightings per million population based on MUFON January 2015 statistics. Texas received a total of 26 UFO reports in January.

The UFO Alert Rating System is based on five levels – 1 through 5 – where states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated an Alert 1; 3.01 – 4.0 reports are an Alert 2; 2.51 – 3.0 are an Alert 3; 2.01 – 2.5 are an Alert 4; and those states with 2.0 or lower are rated an Alert 5.

Please remember that most UFO sighting can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh is a UFO writer and content developer. He is Director of Communications for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where he manages media contact, rights and permissions, and content development for television, film, documentary, radio, print and stage. Roger is a MUFON case researcher for History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” He is editor of the monthly international MUFON UFO Journal, executive producer of the weekly “MUFON UFO Traffic Report” radio show; serves as the MUFON webmaster; reporter for the daily “UFO Traffic Report” in web and audio formats; and publisher of the “MUFON Books” imprint. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. Roger was featured in the 2015 season premiere episode of Destination America's "Monsters & Mysteries in America." Roger and his wife, Joyce, live in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, restoring a 1910 Pennsylvania four-square.

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One Comment

  1. Here is a vivid whole city watching, recorded but clueless Delhi, mostly office goers on bicycles, (around 1952). Same silver Cigar, soundless, may be March 1952. I was walking the house lawn, hands in pocket, 14 or 15 years old, this UFO had been stationary above my house, but just for fun looked up, and as son of an Air Force officer, also interested in Bird watching, I looked up, I saw something (possibly Erased) may on its horizontal silhouette in terms of length against the sky. I would judge it as 500 ft to 1000 ft above my head, In an idiotic manner I ran into the house to fetch a binocular. There is a vague feeling some thing stands erased. I was in great hurry, and fetching it rushed out, and there was a vertical contrail. I thought it to be mere white smoke, of the kind armoured vehicles will generate as smoke screen. In those there were Jet Airlines at 40,000 Ft leaving Contrails. I was sold to the idea that it was entirely a silver cigar, and I was seeing its rear, belching smoke. I saw only
    a vertical moving silver spot. There was no wing, nor sound of any kind as it hung atop my head,.

    Part-II was when father returned home, I had the pleasure of getting the correct information from Wg. Cdr. Shukla, who on public phoning, Safdarjung Airport, they in turn contacted Palam Airport, and two jets took off. They were De Haviland Vampires, and taking to the sky that saw the cigar standing vertically, on it’s tail. Couple of minutes later had reached around 70,000 feet or near according to both the pilots. It again stood still, tilted horizontally and gathered in earthly speed and was gone from sight. The contrail was only upto say 5000 Ft from the ground, rest was a silver fountain pen capped.

    The Cigar had done a jovial friendly movement, above the hangers of the Delhi Flying Club, a Kilometer from where I was. Some 20 pilots had fallen in line, on the Grass, for some Instruction or briefing in their training, when the Jovial cigar came and, hanged for some moments still, only move away and performed a loop on the loop.

    You may wonder at the veracity, though young early teens, due to interest was Air craft recognition. Father was in charge of Photo Interpretation and they used to use spitfires to study intrusions on India’s borders. I used to see a monthly of quarterly magazine of some 20 and off pages from RAF, I used to pour over it,. I was disappointed that what I saw did not turn out to be a Vicker’s Armstrong supermarine “Swift” a stubby Cigar like aircraft Pakistan (Paw-kiss-tan) had bought for itself. I guess they may be a race friendly, and like walking the Garden, they may be too being ahead of us. There may be some cosmic law not to tamper with expanding life.

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