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Steve Pierce: Witness to the famous Travis Walton alien abduction (Video)

Steve Pierce participates in the Travis Walton panel discussion at the 2012 IUFOC. (Credit: Jason McClellan)
The Travis Walton abduction story is one of the most famous cases in ufology. For the past 30 years Travis has been the one telling the story. This past February at the 2012 International UFO Congress, two others from that night, John Goulette and Steve Pierce, joined Walton on stage for a panel discussion of the incident. Both men have been dealing with what they witnessed in their own way since that November evening, and both men have gone through their share of ridicule and harassment for sticking to their story.

Steve Pierce was just 17 when the event took place. His life changed instantly as he was thrown into a world of news reporters, skeptics, and subjected to false accusations and a polygraph test. Even after passing, those closest to him had trouble believing his story. The harassment continued, and noted UFO skeptic Philip Klass offered Pierce $10,000 to change his story and say the incident was a hoax. Pierce denied the offer. Things did not get easier for Steve. The occurrence left a continuing wake through his life, and those closest to him still would not believe the story. This would prove to be a burden on many of his relationships. Philip Klass eventually tracked down Pierce in Texas and continued to harass him to change his story, even flying to Texas at one point to meet. Steve never accepted the offer.

Since speaking at the conference, a new challenge has arose. He is again being contacted to change his story and say it was a hoax. Klass passed away in 2005, and Steve will not say whom the new offer is from. Through all of these trials, Steve has gained one very important follower, his daughter Stevie. After watching the film Fire in the Sky with her father, she has taken an interest in the subject and supports him and his story. This has given Steve encouragement to come out and give what he claims will be his last interview. In this exclusive Open Minds interview, Pierce addresses certain aspects of his story that he wants to set straight, and tells of his trials and tribulations through the entire process.

Michael Cline

Michael Cline has a diverse background with more than ten years of video production experience at multiple TV stations and ad agencies, along with his own freelance endeavors. A strong interest in the unknown motivates him to research, write, and edit video segments on a variety of UFO related topics.

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