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Scientist says Atacama humanoid is human but still a mystery

The Sirius documentary was finally released and the question as to whether the Atacama humanoid is an extraterrestrial has been resolved, at least according to the scientist who analyzed the DNA, and the results are that he is human. However, the mystery doesn’t end there. Although, it is not an extraterrestrial, their findings show it may have been a 6-inch Chilean human that survived for 6 to 8 years.

These findings may not be the “potentially profound and historical announcement” that many were hoping for. However, no one can argue that a promise the film did make good on was the high level of credibility of the scientists involved with the study.

Dr. Garry Nolan
Dr. Garry Nolan (Credit: Stanford School of Medicine)

The lead scientist is Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine and the director of Stanford’s Proteomics Center. In the film, Nolan says of the DNS results, “The sequence that we got from the mitochondria [energy factories of cells] tells us with extremely high confidence that the mother was an indigenous Indian from the Chilean area.”

The film ended asking the question whether there still could be a chance the Atacama humanoid, nicknamed ‘Ata,’ was extraterrestrial. In an email response to my question if there are any doubts in his mind, Nolan responded, “The DNA says human.  If someone wants to suggest a way for a non-terrestrial to have the same DNA sequence (nucleotide for nucleotide) as a human, then I think everyone would be interested in their ideas.”

Given its size, the next question would be if Ata is a human fetus. In an earlier study, Dr. Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo, a professor of Legal and Forensic Medicine in the Basque Country University, had concluded that Ata was “without any shadow of doubt, a completely normal mummified fetus.”

Dr. Nolan says, “As to it being a fetus, I would trust the examination done by my colleague, a known expert in pediatric bone disorders, who came to the surprising conclusion that it was 6-8 years old.”

Atacama Humanoid XRay
The Atacama Humanoid X-Ray (Credit: S.T.A.R. Research) – Click to enlarge

Although, this claim is astounding, the colleague Nolan is referring to is someone whose opinion should not be taken lightly. He is Dr. Ralph Lachman, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the International Skeletal Dysplasia Registry at Cedars-Sinai. He is also the author of the textbook, Radiology Of Syndromes, Metabolic Disorders And Skeletal Dysplasias, a book referenced by students and practitioners. Skeletal dysplasia is a condition that can cause abnormal bone development, including variations in size and shape.

In his response to the examination of Ata’s radiographic images, Lachman wrote to Nolan:

I have examined in the course of my career many skeletal and other pediatric bone anomalies and dysmorphias. This specimen does not fall under any known, to me, class of disorders or syndromes… there is no known form of dwarfism that accounts for the anomalies seen in this specimen. Most interestingly, based on knee epiphyseal standards, the specimen appears to be 6-8 years old. While there remains a possibility this latter result is due to some form of unknown progeria (rapid aging syndrome), in my opinion this is a low probability.

Dr. Ralph Lachman
Dr. Ralph Lachman (Credit: Cedars-Sinai)

Nolan stresses that Lachman’s examination was no cursory examination, and they went over the radiographs for hours.  “But while it might be better evidence than size alone,” Nolan continued, “additional evidence would be supportive.  In scientific parlance, the evidence is contradictory, so additional ‘tie breaking’ or ‘trumping’ evidence is needed.”

Nolan plans to continue research on Ata’s anomalous features. He says, “Right now I am looking into independent techniques that might be able to cross-verify the age.  I have some ideas, but I would have to develop some new techniques to test it.”

Nolan’s last statement in the documentary was that he wanted to say more, but couldn’t. I asked him about this statement, and he clarified, “I simply wanted to avoid speculation.  It was not that I had some secret data I wanted to share but could not.”

Although Ata has not turned out to be extraterrestrial, the process of working on the documentary has made Nolan more open to the UFO mystery. He says, “The people I’ve come to meet through this process have convinced me thoroughly the observed phenomena around the planet should not be ignored.  That has been an awakening for me.”

UPDATE: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! had their own Atacama humanoid (Video)

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Although I was not a big fan of the movie, even I know that is NOT what was said in the movie. True that they have partialy sequenced the mitochondrial DNA, which is the most understood and predicable of human DNA. But there was no mention of the nuclear DNA which is many, many base pairs longer and not as understood as the mitochondrial DNA. It was a partial result and that is all it was. It will only be until they sequnece the total DNA that a definitive answer will be known. Alejandro I respect you but you did not do your homework on this one.

  2. In the name of everything sacred, please just leave the little Annunakis alone. What will you dig up next?

  3. Alejandro Rojas, I appreciate that you contacted Dr Nolan directly, rather than only using selected quotes from the film. That could have painted an incomplete narrative as Lee Speigel did, in my opinion, in his Huff Post article. I have to point out though that Dr Nolan never specifically asserted that the being was “not extraterrestrial”. He only reported that the genetic analysis that he conducted indicated high percentage known Human sequences, and based on that information his conclusion is that the being is Human. I think that his response to your question if he had any doubts is very interesting.

    It would be unscientific to conclude that known Human genetic material is exclusive to Earth, as there haven’t been any publicly acknowledged studies conducted on non-terrestrial beings for comparison. It will be interesting if this study is accepted for peer-review publishing in academically accepted scientific journals.

  4. Michael: Thanks for your respect, I appreciate it. However, as for me doing homework, it is not my homework, I do not know enough about DNA to do homework, that is why I asked Dr. Nolan. I wanted clarification from his statements in the movie, so that is why I got direct quotes from him. I am not sure if you read the story, but those are his words in an email to me, not mine.

    Technovative: His statement clearly shows he does not believe it to be an extraterrestrial. Being a good scientist he says he would look at evidence to the contrary. He is no longer pursuing the extraterrestrial question. His big question, which is an interesting one, is why the bone analysis showed it to be 6 to 8 years old.

  5. In the past humaniods visited earth and setteled for a new start. However they found out they could not overcome the treaths and climate due to theyr small size. So they geneticly manipulated the beeings they found most similar to them, the apes. There, after thousands of years, the modern human comes to life, still with big parts of the DNA possesed by our ancestors. So for those who are to blind to see, open up you’r eyes, because this is our legacy, this is where we came from, thousands of thousands of years ago.

    Well, that’s at least what i think happened. 🙂

  6. I’ve looked at the little body’s high rez pic’s on the Disclosure project’s web sight and I can clearly see an umbilical cord coming out of the stomach. I feel that this is leaning heavily in the direction of this being a still birth human fetus that mummified in the arid conditions of the Atacama desert. Anyway, no one has said anything about the effects of mummification on fetal tissue, and what fetal bones will look like when the body is totally mummified.

  7. Marius Olsen is right. Our planet is visited several times and already for hundreds of thousands of years. They have stored their ET DNA in earthly life forms; the best way to preserve their unique genetic codes in an unfamiliar environment.
    It’s told to us in almost all the ancient Greek, Egypt, Nordic and other mythology. All hybrid life forms in those myths such as the sphinxes, Upuaut, Sleipnir etc, etc were experiments from ETI to understand earthly DNA and how to use it as the Noah’s Ark for their DNA on this planet. Read the book By Sheer Accident, published 2012. http://www.bysheeraccident.com

  8. Could the possibility of the fetus being an undeveloped twin inside another person explain the 6-8 years age?

    I’ve seen an account of a person in India carrying his own twin inside of him for many years in an undeveloped stage.

  9. When you consider how extreme the mutations seem to be, it seems almost impossible to imagine a normal human birthing this supposed being. If it is in fact real and not a hoax, and it was in fact six to eight years of age at the time of death, I can only wonder if it was a member of some strange ultra-dwarved jungle population that could possibly still be extant. Maybe there are little people like creatures runningt around in the Chilean jungles or wherever this thing came from.

  10. A human at the size of 6 inches, with only 10 ribs, larger skull capacity + DNA data that shows that this beings mother “was an indigenous Indian from the Chilean area.”
    I think clearly what we have here, is some type of hybridization between an alien race and Female Chilean. This has happened before, and there are multiple stories of something not-earthly artificially fertilizing a human. The most popular story being Virgin Mary.
    And for any speculations on this being a fetus, I will gladly show you this, which compares the specimen with a Fetus 🙂 http://siriusdisclosure.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/SMG-report-4-22-2013-FINAL-REVISED.pdf

  11. Thnx alot for your comment, Marius Olsen

    I have to agree on some parts with you.
    Read the bible/koran, or ANY supossedly-holy text
    They refer to ‘gods’ and humanity beeing created in their likelyness.
    This just means we were genetically modified ( Like we can do to vegetables these days) back in the past.
    It would explain why aka shows same DNA as us.
    Compare the DNA from unmodified fruit with genetically manipulated food
    You’ll probably get same results as we see happening with Aka compared to human DNA 🙂

    Most ppl still need to ‘open up’
    Try put all the pieces of the puzzle back together.
    We have ET-contact with civs many thousands/millions years more advanced on technology.
    They are the so called ‘gods’ every religion refers to.
    They ‘created/manipulated’ mankind.

    Now stop fussing and fighting over pointless things, we need to unite humanity and learn we’re capable of achieving ALOT more as a group than as a single individual.

    We’re not stupid primates anymore, let your conciousness talk!

  12. That’s interesting, I just finished watching the documentary last night. Very interesting. These folks need a real other wordly to walk straight into their face, before they will believe anything. The scientists are so afraid of peer review they will not stretch themselves out there and say one way or another. Not to mention the money they get for their long hours of research… Jeez, when will it all end, smdh. Humans and hybrids, if you will, came from all over the universe, at various times, for various reasons, to manifest in various ways, that’s why we cannot claim a single ancestor. Please….. these folks make you laugh, they are the so-called leading scientists yet they will not tell the truth, been lying for centuries!!! That’s my two cents

  13. To me it seems that Occam’s razor would have lots of trouble applying here…
    Which answer is more simple and less unlikely:
    – it is a 6-inch human that lived for 6 to 8 years with tens of abnormalities, all of them totally unknown and just labeled as abnormalities with a presumption it’s a homo sapiens, with probable cause of death in a head injury – not in abnormalities – with basically human DNA but still partially unknown,
    or is it
    – a corpse of a normal creature of its kind, closely related to us, we just have not seen before?

    In my mind, if you leave the “where it came from” as a different question, the answer becomes obvious.

  14. SIRIUS WAS TERRIBLE!!!. this movie was so bad it physically hurt me to watch it. I gave money to fund the film. I could barely see my name in the credits through my fingers as I had to watched the movie with my head in my hand. don’t get me wrong,Dr. Greer is the man, we owe him a lot , and I still believe he is closer to the truth about this subject then anyone, but that being the case this film was not worthy of all the great work he has done. this “alien body” debacle was an unnecessary detour and took time away from the real story of alien interactions with human beings on the earth. this movie hurt more then it helped! I look forward to the day when ufology will stop shooting it self in the foot.

  15. After reading the above report and quote from Dr. Garry Nolan from Stanford, I have to agree with the previous comment by Osvaldo. As I contributed to the film by agreeing to be interviewed, I was led to believe it was centered on “suppressed technology” but instead, the image we see on the cover of the DVD as well as the message throughout is about an “alien body” that apparently has been misdiagnosed by a medical doctor that we want to trust. Dr. Greer did so well in 2001 with the original DisclosureProject.org event. I hope he follows Steve Bassett’s lead with http://www.citizenhearing.org/ in the future. Those interested in ET technology don’t need to follow up on why a Chilean mother produced a completely human premature midget of extraordinarily small dimensions so that it looks fetal to the experts like Dr. Nolan. It is upsetting to see a review of a human terrestrial event exaggerated to astronomical proportions.

  16. Alternative 1: Many decades ago an Atacaman woman noticed a strange wriggling sensation at the opening of her vagina. She looked down and out crawled 2cm baby. She snapped off the 1mm diameter umbilical cord and after a while the baby started to look a bit hungry. There were great difficulties in getting it to attach to her nipple so she asked her sister, who was already breast feeding another child, to express some milk and before the tiny baby died of dehydration on that day, in one of the driest climates on earth, she manged to invent and create a tiny bottle from bits and pieces of stuff lying around her hut. She nurtured that baby until it was 8 years of age and then someone accidentally kicked it in the head, thus killing off the rarest for of Dwarfism (Fairy Dwarfism) known to mankind. This exceedingly rare corps, derived from natural mutations which occur at frequencies less than 1 in 100 yeas in the human population, was wrapped in a cloth and buried only to be later discover and sequenced by Stanford University.

    Alternative 2. Extraterrestrial have been coming to Earth for millennia, tinkering with our genetics and creating all sorts of hybrids for a variety of different reasons.

    Complete DNA analysis ought to be able to determine whether the differences in morphology are the result of random mutations or genetic manipulation. It’s going to take a lot of work though. I wonder if they will be given a grant to do this work?

    It is very surprising that natural mutation could result in a surviving offspring which would be about 1% of the normal weight of a human newborn and also appear to look so well proportions and functional. Some people claim to recall being kidnapped by ET’s and tell stories relating to genetic manipulation and also draw pictures of their kidnappers. Some of these pictures look remarkably similar to the Attacama Humanoid but the Attacama Humanoid probably existed before the pictures were created. Interesting!!

  17. Well my dear friends …..we cant loose the sense of humor around this case ….with my respects to science …….anyone interested on a Tour to LILIPUT ?

  18. “The DNA research on the specimen is in it’s very early stages & incomplete. Much research remains. There is a paradox between initial DNA tests, which are largely computerized data bases, and the clinical findings in X Rays and CAT scans, and Dr. Lachman’s conclusion that the specimen is 6 years of age & only 6 inches in length. To date, the DNA data cannot explain these perplexing findings. While human-like, it continues to represent an undefined specimen and a least a year of further genetic analysis will be needed by DNA experts. The un-matched DNA (approximately 2 million base pairs of DNA that are un-matched) will need to be carefully explored, and to date this has not been accomplished.” -Dr. Greer

    The full reports, including all the photos, and a write-up by Dr. Greer can be found here: http://siriusdisclosure.com/evidence/atacama-humanoid/

  19. Alejandro, Dr. Nolan does not indicate that he “clearly shows he does not believe it to be an extraterrestrial.” In fact he makes it quite clear that he is making no such statement.
    He is stated that the DNA is human. He is not stating the only possible way to have human DNA is from terrestrial beings. He even says that for a non-terrestrial to have the same DNA sequence as a human, everyone would be interested in their ideas.

    If extra terrestrials could have catalyzed the human race by mixing their genes with ours, we cannot rule out the possibility that human DNA found anywhere came exclusively from our planet.


  21. Stig, no reason to believe that there is any alien DNA in humans, it is just our arrogance and ignorance thinking we are special that leads to such things.

  22. Matt, there is no reason to dismiss the theory either. This is neither a concept of ignorance nor arrogance – I for one would be the last person to be over-congratulatory of the human race, in fact I consider humans a virus on the planet that is living in total disharmony to other living things. Nonetheless, there are far too many unanswered questions about the rate of development of human evolution from our ancestors. In conjunction with the parallels of ancient texts and not least of all, the absolutely unanswered questions around the great pyramid of Giza, Machu-Pichu, Easter Island, etc. – one would have to married to the idea that we are alone to at least give credence to the possibility that our race was catalyzed or manipulated in the early stages.
    There are more questions than answers and the possibilities are wide open – you have millions of years of ape-like development and then in 190,000 years we go from our current species to constructing the pyramid of Giza (which by the way CANNOT be recreated with everything we have available to us today – that is a fact, that at the very least implies lost-technology if you are completely anti-ET theory adverse.)
    There is so simply no reason to disbelieve we couldn’t have been catalyzed genetically – in fact it is the “special” feeling of humans that leads them to fairy tales about god and being in the center of the universe and averse to theories that put man as just a fish in someone’s aquarium that makes man’s worse insecurities and arrogance come to light.

  23. I must agree with Stig and disagree with Matt. I would say respectfully, but I give respect where its due, and Matt has shown no respect here.

    To think we would be close-minded to preserve our own view of being special??? Hello Matt – do you not realize that is exactly what YOU are doing? It makes us way less special to imagine us as some sort of genetic experiment. You seem extremely ignorant close minded – perhaps do some actual research on the topic. I didnt believe in aliens until I actually did research on it trying to disprove it. There are things that can not be disproven, and every odd thing you find will lead you to ten more strange things which are unaccounted for in popular academia.

  24. The most likely explanation for the seeming anomaly between the humanoid’s apparent age and the assumption that it was a fetus can easily be explained…”fetus in fetu”. This thing could have grown within the mother or a twin, and then be aborted 6-8 years later, having the bone development of a 6-8-year-old. That’s a rather easy conjecture. The tougher question is: why is the head “deformed”, or not shaped like a human’s?

  25. Don’t understand the despair about a significant advancement here, unless you’re the non-technical types. As a few astute commenters have mentioned, all Dr. Nolan has said is that the mother is human based on the mtDNA. But the leaves open the possibility of hybrid that could be revealed by further shotgun analysis of nuclear DNA. Am surprised no one has mentioned a good next step having someone sponsor Dr. Nolan to perform analysis of mtDNA or nuDNA from Lloyd Pye’s Starchild skull to see if he reaches same conclusion at the genetics lab that did the Kennewick Man analysis. In any case publication of Dr. Nolan’s results in a peer reviewed journal opens up new ground.


    >It states that within the millions of DNA base pair strings catalogued in the NIH database, none were >even “similar” to this section of the Starchild Skull’s DNA! And please note that this astonishing result >was obtained with the search parameters set to the broadest match criteria that seeks even a >“somewhat similar” match, not only an exact match.

    >For all of the Starchild’s DNA fragments, a wide net was cast into the NIH database with the hope >there would be minimal doubt about results. Indeed, they were unequivocal: Some of the Starchild’s >nuDNA is different from anything previously found on Earth!

  26. Stig, are you really claiming that we can not build a pyramid today? We’ve built the panama canal, impossibly tall buildings, the eiffel tower and on and on and on, yet, we don’t have the ability to build the great pyramid? Be serious.

  27. Well,

    I have a true information, I myself saw unexplainable lights which moved together very fast from one end of the clear night horizon to another. It was not a plane, fighter craft, dying star but nothing of that sort seen or heard before.

    And as soon as I have written this, I am in a category of doubt for many and this is what happens…
    I am afraid why this mindset prevails.. so many people cannot be wrong. Why is this discouraged to a very high extent that people do not want to report that they will be proved wrong, ridiculed or not supported..

    Anyhow, it was seen in Ramshahar town, Himachal State, India around year 1997.

    Best Regards
    Amit Singh Luthra
    +91 9999 415 584

  28. Amit,
    I’ve never really shared this, but when in Upstate NY, not far from the border of Canada, I saw something similar. I was with 3 friends all on my roof, but I was the only one looking up. 2 lights, from one end of the sky to the other, not circling each other as they moved but moving together in a wavy kind of way – not straight lines – VERY fast. They did not look solid, more like a spotlights on the bottom of a cloud, except it looked the same where no clouds were. I’m not saying what I saw was an ETV, but I cannot explain what I saw, and that’s what I believe they were. This was around Spring 2005.
    Thanks for sharing what you saw.

  29. Robert,
    for the bones and growth plates to have developed the way they did, Dr. Lachman said the being needed to be ambulatory for some time. Our bones need weight on them to develop.

  30. Clearly you didn’t read the DNA evidence very well. “Ata”‘s DNA is 91% human. The other 9% is unidentified. This little guy could be the result of any number of things. I doubt anyone will ever be able to find a definative answer as to his origins, but the the possibilities are truly amazing. When we open our minds we open ourselves up to an infinite number of possibilities. Which could spark an idea that can change our world forever. I remain forever hopeful. 🙂

  31. Dr. Nolan, if there is a 9% difference in the DNA, how can it be human? Chimps are only 3% different in DNA.

  32. I am 52 and have travelled extensively throughout the world visiting archaeological sites,ancient ruins and museums. I have amassed an extensive personal library on a variety of topics which include Fortean Phenomena.Currently I am preparing to go back to university for a Law degree. I mention this because my personal experience has constantly evolved from the lifelong pursuit of TRUTH. I started out as a disciple of Darwinian theory,began to find the untenability of this in several areas and realized Evolution is very limited in scope and ability to modify life forms. I realized that academia presenting itself as “SCIENCE”is no longer in search of unadulterated “TRUTH.” They wholeheartedly present Darwinism as THE ANSWER to all life ,knowing full and well that at best it is an incomplete theory with many inconsistencies ,at worst a minuscule piece of a composite system with some form of “intelligent or preformatted universal template” at its base, more to do with Quantum Physics than Biology! YET,they refuse to admit these truths and OPENLY and impartially investigate other avenues and evidence. Unfortunately academia has more to do with politics,chasing federal grants predominantly originating in the military industrial complex and protecting personal reputations than with TRUTH / SCIENCE for the sake of discovery. My fiancee has been a professor for nearly two decades and follow the leader,dogmatic pedagoguery and cover-up is the reality.Science for the most part has devolved to become a NEW MEDIEVAL CATHOLIC CHURCH. Public humiliation, character assassination,misrepresentation, expulsion,denial of tenure,data manipulation and denial of access to peer reviewed publications are her version of INQUISITION , EXCOMMUNICATION & LATIN. SO WHO REALLY CARES WHAT “REAL SCIENTISTS THINK OR SAY” regarding topics that if revealed to be true would be counterintuitive to their HOLY DOGMA by showing they were absolutely wrong! Reputations based on lifetimes of so called research and excavations resulting in paid lecture tours, book and television rights,academic promotion and adoration ARE WHAT IS AT RISK if current doctrine is overturned! Billions in government grants for psuedo research might dry up or completely diminish. Almost every major breakthrough in science has been proposed first then proven by amateurs,self educated geniuses who saw the truth and argued against the men of knowledge/scientists of repute and the accepted realities of their times. Eventually turning the world upside down when finally “acceptance of their proof” was revealed. Over and over and over it is the identical story.It is the same today so we need to realize that in areas where science is entwined with money ,reputations and psychological control scientists ARE ALWAYS THE LAST TO BE DRAGGED INTO THE LIGHT OF THE NEW MOON!

  33. What If the DNA of the “little fella” is the same DNA that a EBE actually has, and cannot be seen as something different than our own simply because “Those who created us” have the same DNA with various different attributes that maybe cannot be detected. Could that even be possible? To me those who would not like any kind of disclosure would have surely covered this up as quickly as possible, but then again If our DNA and an Extraterrestrial’s DNA are the same they wouldn’t have anything to be concerned about in the scientific aspect of asserting that a “humanoid” creature looked a little different than us. The real danger would be to have a ET that was still alive or one that had just died recently with hardley no decomposition.

  34. It’s interesting and ironic that, while some of us are hoping to read that alien DNA is in this specimen, we do know that some of us have traces of DNA from the Neanderthal species.

  35. Dear Capital G,

    Thanks for sharing what you saw. I am sure that there are many such unexplained sights. In my case, (shared above) it was seen by my mothers sister and her husband who was appointed as a government doctor in the small village. He had seen these lights multiple times and and informed me of time around evening when these lights usually appear. Ramshahar is around 6-7 hours drive from Chandigarh the capital of punjab state. Ramshahar is a small village in himachal pradesh, a hilly state in India.
    I chose to remain silent as there is nothing I could do on it rather than speculate what this could be. My relatives had the same opinion that it is not related to anything which is related to current technology known to public.
    The lights we saw moved very fast as well and did not had clear cut defined boundaries. They were around 3-4 lights moving together with equal distance apart and crossed the entire clear sky horizon very fastly.

    In any case my email is amitsinghluthra@yahoo.co.in

    Best regards
    Amit Singh Luthra

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