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Rocker Tom Delonge says he will be the conduit for UFO disclosure

Rock and roll superstar Tom Delonge has been talking a lot about UFOs lately. Although he has discussed his UFO interests with the media for years, he has recently been making headlines because he has left the band he is famous for, Blink 182, and has now focused his career on his fascination with the UFO mystery. A mystery, he says, he has been given special insight into by government insiders.

In a recent interview with KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp, Delonge talked to Knapp about the transformation of his professional life into a UFO-centric multimedia pursuit. As KLAS wrote, “He is now all in on UFOs and has risked everything in the pursuit of truth.”

George Knapp presenting on Area 51 at the International UFO Congress. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)
George Knapp presenting on Area 51 at the International UFO Congress. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)

The answers behind the UFO mystery are a topic Delonge takes very seriously.

“I didn’t walk off that stage, so I could go chase a monster down a rabbit hole and look like a fool. I’m not an idiot,” Delonge told KLAS.  “I’m dealing with something that is much bigger than me and more complex, and is frankly maybe the most important thing I’ve done in my life, even if it sounds like tinfoil hat, little green men, conspiracy theory.”

In order to get his message out, Delonge created To The Stars, inc. Their website describes the company as “an independent production company built on transmedia story-telling experiences that reach across music, entertainment, licensing and publishing.”

The company recently published a science-fiction book titled Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, written by Delonge and bestselling author A.J. Harltey. It is the first of six books, and an animated film based on the books is also in the works. The book is described as “the first book in the multimedia Sekret Machines franchise that will reveal fascinating secrets surrounding the true, well-documented events of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.”

Book cover to Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows. (Credit: To The Stars, inc.)
Book cover to Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows. (Credit: To The Stars, inc.)

Although the book is fiction, Delonge says he is in contact with government insiders that have been revealing to him the truth behind a government conspiracy related to keeping UFO information from the public. He found these insiders through fans of his music that worked for a defense contractor affiliated with Area 51.

He told Knapp, “Not only do I know for a fact that there are groups, high level groups, within the DOD and national security divisions of our country; not only do I know it is real, you know, I am starting to get a clear picture of why it is kept secret.”

Delonge says one of his insiders told him we found a life form. He says that conversation changed his life.

Tom Delong being interviewed about UFOs by OpenMinds.tv. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)
Tom Delonge discussing UFOs with OpenMinds.tv. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)

“I was told there were crashes. We took that, probably got pretty freaked out, pretty scared. We scurried it away; created what they call a pickup game of counterintelligence to keep people away from asking hard questions we didn’t know the answers to; and we created a crash program, much bigger than the Manhattan Project, to figure out how this stuff worked and how to build our own defense system against it should there be more,” Delonge explained.

According to Delonge, the government had originally planned to slowly release the information to the public, but never did. Instead, they have disseminated disinformation and have ridiculed the topic, in order to keep people off the trail of what is really going on.

He says over time he will be releasing more information about what he has learned.

As for why he has been the one chosen to release this information, Delonge says it is because he has a large audience of younger people, and now the time is right. The government has backed itself into a corner in regards to UFOs, and now they need some way to get the information out.

The recent interviews can be found in two parts. The first at this link, and the second is here.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Although I can not attest to Mr. Delonges’ veracity regarding his claims, the following should be noted:

    Mr. Delonge provides no evidence nor does he cite sources. Hearsay, a Bad Sign.

    Bad Sign number 2: Most of what he has to say is already in the public domain.

    Bad Sign number 3: On Mr. Knapp’s show, Mr. Delonge was VERY long on marketing his media (the entire first 2 hours, sickening actually) and also long on embellishing tangential stories and sidebars, which might be true, but tell us NOTHING NEW about various E.T. phenomena. For example, he goes into long detail about avoiding getting into a car. Classic rope a dope marketing woo woo.

    At best, Mr. Delonge might be a dupe or disinformation agent, a Richard Doty junior.

    Perhaps Mr. Delonge should look up the old rock guitar player for the Doobie Brothers, who allegedly received confidential information from the military.

    Look for Bad Sign #4 in the future, when Mr. Delong claims he will reveal smoking gun evidence of …something, in his NEXT book, maybe to include a long and tiring chapter on the subtle tricks required to play the chords in Lou Reed’s song, Sweet Jane.

    Mr. Delong might just honor the erudition displayed in this very email by launching a new pop song.
    Something involving a hipster and a mechanical typewriter. Don’t forget my royalties, Mr. Delonge.

    Geez! Why can’t people just stick to good evidence, like the Alaska Air Flight 1628?

    QuWeen Starfire New Age Sparkleness

  2. he is a source of disinformation and spreading the government lie to try and make the US government look like heroes instead of the criminals they are. Do not believe anything delonge states it is a fabricated lie.

  3. Your time will be better spent reading”The Day After Roswell” by Col Corso that listening to any of this kids rehashed disinformation he calls the real disclosure.

  4. Im sorry but this well meaning guy is being taken for a ride. They are filling him full of CIA disinfo and sending him out to peddle it.

    He’s no fool, but they are fooling him. Some of the stuff he is peddling is probably true. But he’s painting the criminal who are holding this stuff back as hero’s. Fighting against the evil little green men.

    Tom, be careful.

  5. hi,

    I am sure I am not the first to observe that ‘The Government’ /’alphabet agencies’ / TPTB are quite happy to support the IDEA that we have been visited, rather than to have people describe new stealth bombers or similar secret projects.

    And by far the biggest winners of a rampant UFO belief are all the gurus, authors and seminar holders who rake in millions from the gullible !

    Both these groups are happy with the uncertainty, they are scratching each others backs in a way.

    Privately I am curious if anyone could tell me what information would convince a ‘UFO Truther’ that we never have been visited (at least to the knowledge of US leaders), I suspect that this information does not exist, so any talk of ‘keeping an open mind’ would by definition be wrong when it comes to UFO believers….

  6. Since 1947 there have been over 500,000 reported sightings, many by highly trained observers–commercial and military pilots, astronauts, cosmonauts, police officers and others. All it takes is for ONE of those sightings to be real for the whole phenomenon to be real.

  7. There are two kinds of disclosure. One that is controlled by the ruling elites and their pistoleros in the military, their servile scientists in academia, their compromised politicians and the journalistic prostitutes of the corporate dominated media. And then there is the disclosure of what will likely turn out to be an ET presence by ordinary women and men of our planet that are having direct contact with This Otherness That Experiencers Now Call ET. Without a massive peace and social justice movement linking this issue to the solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems that our civilization faces any disclosure from government will be used to promote fear and more conflict. Without this basic power structure analysis all the hard work of passionate articulate activists like Mr Tom Delonge will be a quixote attack against windmills.

  8. The most striking aspect of this proposed charade is the complete cowardice shown by the US military in not sitting down with the mainstream scientific community beforehand and divulging the extent of what they know. To provide – via Delonge – some form of apologetic angle for their secrecy, disinformation, and discredit that, incidentally, has affected, destroyed, even ‘terminated’ those brave enough to state a case for truth in explaining the phenomenon itself has resulted in a chasm from which any credible claim for official co-operation – at this late stage – proves extremely questionable to say the least. The fact remains that since the 1930’s the intelligence gathered by global government agencies has done little to get to the actual crux of the UFO/ET phenomenon. The untold trepidation in delivering a full ‘disclosure’ rests solely on delivering a comprehension of what has yet to be comprehended. Non terrestrial bodies, races, retrieved discs, abduction accounts, sightings (visual and radar),etc, are but one chapter of a much broader and layered narrative. That academics such a Valee speculate on the intervention in ‘folklore’ of the phenomenon, and rightly so, only adds yet another angle in contemplating our understanding of what this is – this thing in itself. However, the UFO community has, in some respects played patsy for a story without an author nor ending. The audience has grown accustom to the average UFO news report which starts off serious then concludes in ridicule with the poor UFO expert in the background left grimacing on the satellite link as the anchor man’s patronising evaluation sends it’s overall subjective importance straight back to square one. There has, however, been some noticeable increase in media coverage over the last ten years but overall this has been a more commercial rather than scientific shift with often shallow ‘paranormal’ productions with an almost all too familiar cast of believers, experts and skeptics.

    It is a question therefore of instinctual self-education that has bought me to conclude the following;

    1. The phenomenon has NO positives, there are NO good factors involved – period
    2. The phenomenon and its relation to humanity is not that we are slave but simply a resource – it is therefore parasitic
    3. The phenomenon and the conflicting agendas via races therein cannot be stopped by any synthetic force – regardless of whatever technology has been transferred/developed in the interim
    4. The phenomenon cannot be determined through a single extraterrestrial agenda but many agendas exerted by numerous races over a long period of time but not entirely limited to time and that it remains both earthbound and somewhat localised in what could be described as near space
    5. The phenomenon has used and continues to use false projections to effectively produce control systems/religious systems/doubt systems in human behaviour
    5b. The phenomenon has used and continues to use false projections to effectively curb negative reactions towards given agendas within social human behaviours
    5c. The phenomenon has and continues to effectively tweak the populous in removing the flaw ie. ‘character’ gene from human DNA
    5d. The phenomenon has already infiltrated the populous with numerous non-human controllers, observers and signallers
    6. The phenomenon has manipulated/utilised the fertile elements of human DNA in order to provide a robust procreative vessel – a resource for atma (see below reading)
    6b. The phenomenon manipulates key figures to gain socio political division, advantage, discord thereby avoiding any harmonious/unified government (anti-Babel agenda)
    7. The phenomenon’s’ interest rests solely in the cultivation and harvest of the atma
    8. The phenomenon – in part – is ready to pull the plug – publicly and soon (the US has full knowledge of this event)

    Those interested in the atma and its connection with the phenomena should consider the following:

    1. The Platonic Theory of Form (everything is becoming but nothing actually is) and its relation to the following:
    a. Upanishad text, in relation a. the atma, the Brahman and peeling back the Veil of Maya
    b. Schopenhauer’s interpretation and application of both of the above texts, with its obvious mistakes but underlying correctness in both the delivery and conclusion of mankind as a “mistake” (WAW&R)

    This should give you some grounding as to the de-anima/atma and the relationship between atma (thing in itself) and the Brahman (the higher division of being – the greater whole) and our purpose in relation to both in regards to the phenomenon. You should also…

    2. Read Giambattista Vico and understand that history is not known only assumed as such

    3. Also worth reading is Plato/Aristotle/Aurelius/Cicero in relation to the ‘orb’ – consider the shared dictum: totus teres ataque rotundus

    As I did, you may come to a similar conclusion to me in regards to humanity as a resource for atma. Hope this helps.

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