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Rectangle UFO nearly lands on Wyoming property

A Wyoming witness at Riverton reported seeing a bright blue flash followed by a blue-colored, rectangular-shaped UFO near the ground level on his property that eventually rose up and shot off into the distance, according to testimony in Case 71241 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness first saw a blue flash in the sky and soon saw a blue, rectangle-shaped UFO near ground level on April 15, 2015. Pictured: Riverton, WY. (Credit: Google)
The witness first saw a blue flash in the sky and soon saw a blue, rectangle-shaped UFO near ground level on April 15, 2015. Pictured: Riverton, WY. (Credit: Google)

The witness telephoned the report directly to MUFON Headquarters. The witness lives on a 32-acre parcel with no close neighbors. The witness was outside looking for satellites at the time of the encounter on April 15, 2015.

“Witness saw a very, very bright, blue-ish flash,” according to the report. “This was the brightest flash he has ever seen. The flash became a very, very bright blue-ish rectangle hovering near the ground on his property.”

The witness described the object.

“The rectangle was larger on the top than on the bottom. It seemed to have a flap on the top that rolled back and forth, very slowly. It was about six feet tall, five feet wide on the top and about three and-a-half feet wide towards the bottom. It seemed to be about 300 feet at the most from the witness.”

The witness watched the silent object move slowly over his shed and quickly rise up and disappear back into the sky. Pictured: Riverton, WY. (Credit: Google)
The witness watched the silent object move slowly over his shed and quickly rise up and disappear back into the sky. Pictured: Riverton, WY. (Credit: Google)

The object then began to move.

“The witness watched the rectangle as it moved north over his tool shed and then started rising up and shot up in the sky and disappeared.”

The witness reflected back on the experience.

“The witness was not scared, but more amazed at what he saw. He feels like ‘they’ were almost playing with him. The witness thinks the craft may have been bigger than the bright rectangle he saw. He seemed blinded by the brightness of the rectangle, like an open window in the dark – so he couldn’t see the features or shape of the craft.”

The witness explored the area the following day.

“The next day, the witness checked for tracks or any disturbance on his property and found none. No animals were harmed or injured. The witness has traveled all over the world and has never seen anything like this before.”

Riverton is about 120 miles west of Casper, WY. (Credit: Google Maps)
Riverton is about 120 miles west of Casper, WY. (Credit: Google Maps)

Riverton is a city in Fremont County, WY, population 10,615.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh is a UFO writer and content developer. He is Director of Communications for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where he manages media contact, rights and permissions, and content development for television, film, documentary, radio, print and stage. Roger is a MUFON case researcher for History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” He is editor of the monthly international MUFON UFO Journal, executive producer of the weekly “MUFON UFO Traffic Report” radio show; serves as the MUFON webmaster; reporter for the daily “UFO Traffic Report” in web and audio formats; and publisher of the “MUFON Books” imprint. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. Roger was featured in the 2015 season premiere episode of Destination America's "Monsters & Mysteries in America." Roger and his wife, Joyce, live in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, restoring a 1910 Pennsylvania four-square.

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  1. I spent a year in this area as an Americorps volunteer on the Wind River Shoshone Arapaho reservation. I lived about 9 miles from Riverton. (ironically, i now live in grafton, WV, and there have been numerous sightings around here lately, in Morgantown and Bridgeport)
    Anyway, when i lived there, i heard many stories about people seeing ufo’s. I kind of chalked it up to the area being somewhat close to area 51, and a large flat and sparsely populated area that would be ideal for testing experimental aircraft. HOWEVER…

    one night i was driving back to my little house on the reservation from hanging out at a bar in Lander. I was almost to the turn to go to the res when i caught movement out of the corner of my eye. as i said, i was heading back to the reservation from Lander… offhand i don’t remember what direction that was, but i lived at Fort Washakie, so was traveling from Lander to Fort Washakie. I looked out my car window to the left and saw a glowing blue diamond shape.. wider on one end, and the other end tapering out a bit. it was just hovering. It made no noise, which i thought was odd for how close to the ground it appeared to be. I just had time to look at it, and think what the hell is that, and slowed my car, gaping up at this thing. After literally about three seconds of me going what the hell, it sped off so quickly it left a tracer of light. and again, made no noise at all. I looked and looked for it but couldn’t find it after that.
    I spoke with several locals about it and heard that many people in the area had seen the blue lighted space ship. It’s apparently a common occurrence there.
    I heard that during one particular sun dance, which occurs in July, i believe, but i don’t know what year this was supposed to have happened, the tribe was gathered for the ceremony, which goes on for several days, and during broad daylight a large circular shaped craft, no lights, hovered over the area where the ceremony was being held. Apparently, it stayed there for quite a while before slowly moving off, and reappeared the next day.

    I just had clicked on the Bridgeport and Morgantown sightings and saw this Riverton story and had to get my two cents in bc it sounded so similar to what i had seen RIGHT THERE!!!

    I believe that this was during 2007, during the late summer, so this was not recent, by any means, but still quite similar to what this person saw. I completely believe that this person saw what they believe that they saw. there are too many accounts of either exactly the same thing or something extremely similar, the blue light triangle/diamond ufo.
    Thank you, feel free to respond with any questions.

  2. Just how far is this property from the crack that recently opened up in the Bighorn mountains?

  3. Very interesting accounts by you and the other witness! There seem to be an endless number and variety of craft, and it’s always fascinating to hear specifics about their appearance and behavior. Did you also feel that you may have been seeing only a portion of a larger craft? Any thoughts as to why these things were so close to the ground?

  4. Since about the age of 10, I’ve been a UFO enthusiast. I’ve read books and, later years, followed sightings on the net. This time, it was my turn. It was just before 10 PM and my wife was in bed. Our large bedroom window faces due north and this is what you see when in bed. I had just entered the room and she very calmly announced, “Look, a UFO.” I scrambled to the window and there it was: Two very bright, slowly flashing white-blue lights that appeared to be on the rear of an air vehicle. It was moving slowly NNW and within 15 seconds it was over the ridgeline to the north. The direction of travel suggested that it had passed very close by our isolated home. For me, it was the typical response, “What did I just see?” This is a remote area 10 miles south of Lander, WY. There is almost no one living near our home in the foothills and to the west is a major mountain range. The night was very dark – no moon. All I saw was these two bright, slowly pulsating lights as the craft moved out of sight, over the ridgeline. Nothing more to add, I know what we saw. It definitely did not look like any aircraft that we are familiar with. Just a short look, then it was gone. Not too much later, at work, I ran into a neighbor and told her my tale. She replied with a story from her childhood, where she and friends saw silver, metallic craft in broad daylight in the same area. They got scared and ran home; nothing much more said about that sighting. They are out there and now after so many years, I saw one. Mufon # 72248

  5. Why is your show not on cable tv any more i really enjoyed the program did the us goverment have somethingh to do with this looking. Looking forward to future programs. Iam really hopeing to see your program again.

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