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Ontario man photographs large ball UFO

Glowing ball UFO
Glowing ball UFO (credit: James Fykes)

On December 10, a man in Claremont, Ontario in Canada saw a strange glowing UFO in the sky.

According to James Fykes, the witness, at approximately 7 p.m., he felt an unexplainable urge to go outside with his camera. He looked up at the full moon and noticed a large sphere-shaped object in the sky with the moon that was emitting a pale glow. Fykes described, “I have no idea how big it was, because I have no way of knowing how far away it was, but it seemed to be almost rotating around the moon.”

Fykes took a few pictures of the mysterious object, adjusting exposures and shutter speeds with each shot in an attempt to capture the best possible image of the UFO. One of the photos supports the witness’s description that the UFO was moving. Using a slow shutter speed, Fykes snapped a photo that shows the strange object blurred, indicating motion. This kind of blur is common in night photography, especially when the camera is hand-held, because the slightest movement of the camera will blur any light sources in the photo. However, this is not the case in this particular photo. The UFO appears blurred, but the moon does not. This indicates that the object was moving while the camera was stationary.

The UFO in motion (credit: James Fykes)

It is common for mysterious objects to appear in photos taken in low-light environments, and the cause is usually light reflections or lens flare. But Fykes knows that is not the case with his photos. He used a lens that reduces vibrations, and, as I just explained, only the object is blurred, not the moon. And his strongest argument against lens flare or reflection is the simple fact that he observed the object with his naked eyes in the sky above him.

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