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Nick Pope – The Final UK UFO Files – June 24, 2013

Nick Pope

Open Minds UFO Radio: Nick Pope was in charge of the British Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk from 1991 to 1994. It was his job to officially investigate UFO reports, and although he was skeptical at first, the reports convinced him of the serious nature of the phenomenon. He has been an advocate for the serious investigation of UFO sightings ever since.

Due to the large amount of requests, the UK decided to proactively release their official UFO investigation files beginning in 2008. They have been released semi-annually in batches. Then in late 2009, the UK decided to close their UFO desk and no longer take UFO reports. With one final batch of files, that just came last week, the UK government says they have released all their files on UFOs.

The contents of those files and the decision to close their UFO desk are the focus of our discussion with Nick Pope. You can read more about Nick at his website here: www.nickpope.net.

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  1. The MOD has closed its UFO desk……So what?…..Surely no big deal!….What the MOD thinks about UFOs doesn t make the phenomenon real or imaginary!………….Then,it must be noted that the MOD doesn t say UFOs are a figment of people s imagination,or hoaxes,or man made craft ,atmospheric phenomena,ball lightning or swamp gas,let alone Chinese lanterns but that they don t represent a threat to the country.Accordingly,we are told that it s necessary to transfer money and staff to other departments where they will be more useful!…..Moreover,it must be stressed that that the MOD collected testimonies but never conducted a study of the UFO enigma.In the meantime one thing is real:There are more and more UFO sightings , DRAKE equation is constantly revised upward and new exoplanets are found every day!

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