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Two strange glowing orb UFOs were recently seen in different parts of the world, and both were captured on video by witnesses.

Mysterious glowing orb UFOs in Mexico and Russia

Two strange glowing orb UFOs were recently seen in different parts of the world, and both were captured on video by witnesses.

UFOs caught on video over Russia (L) and Mexico (R).

On December 23, witnesses in the Russian town of Trekhgorny (near Khazakstan) saw a mysterious object in the sky. Multiple witnesses recorded the object on video. What appears in these videos is described by the Huffington Post UK as “a silver object in the centre of a cloudy orb, travelling at some speed.”

Although the UFO appears quite alien, its origin is likely Earthly. As the Huffington Post UK points out, some believe the object captured on video is related to the failed Russian Meridian satellite launch that occurred the same day as the sightings. The Soyuz-2.1b rocket that was carrying the Meridian-5 communications satellite failed seven minutes into its December 23 flight, according to the BBC, and debris came crashing back to Earth.

The failed launch theory is further supported by a video posted online by UFO hunter Sheilaaliens. While researching this UFO sighting, she discovered photos from a Russian photographer who photographed the launch of the rocket, as well as the rocket’s failure. His photos of the failed rocket returning to Earth show the identical object that is seen in the UFO videos.

Another glowing orb UFO appeared in Tijuana, Mexico on December 25. As Gather News reports, “The witness describes the UFO on the YouTube page as an ‘orb’ and a ‘Mother Ship’ which somehow survives what looks like an explosion. It manages to stay aloft, stay brightly lit, hover and maintain a relationship to the ‘orbs’ dispersed from its central mass.”

The video footage of this UFO exploding is pretty incredible. I thought it was fascinating, and I didn’t quite know what to make of it. But after discussing the video with my friend and colleague Alejandro Rojas, I now share his opinion that the video shows a popping balloon. This theory is supported by a video of a bursting weather balloon posted by user jaws1975 on the AboveTopSecret.com website in a discussion forum thread about the Tijuana video. The bursting balloon produces a similar effect as the exploding “mother ship.”

Although the objects in the Mexico and Russia videos could be something more mysterious (possibly extraterrestrial), the theories presented in this article are plausible, even probable, identifications.

The Trekhgorny and the Tijuana videos are two of the most fascinating videos I have seen this year. They round out 2011, a year filled with incredible UFO footage and UFO stories. I am excited to see the many exciting photos, videos, and witness accounts that are sure to surface in 2012.

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