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Multiple witnesses report red, orange UFOs over Michigan

Residents in various cities reported UFOs over Michigan on the night of Friday, August 23.

According to Monroe News, a woman in Monroe, MI reported her sighting to the Michigan chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). She explains that “she and her husband were traveling north on S. Tele­graph Rd. between Albain and Dunbar Rds. when her husband saw orange lights in the sky from his east-facing passenger side win­dow. They watched as the number increased to about 17 and then simply disappeared.” This sighting reportedly occurred at approximately 10:15 p.m.

Monroe resident David Gibson reported a similar sighting that also occurred at approximately 10:15 p.m. Monroe News reports that he was out for his nightly walk when he saw ten “orange orbs” ascending into the sky. As the lights started disappearing, he noticed four silent “large dark discs” with pewter-colored bottoms hovering overhead. Gibson describes that “it ap­peared as if the orbs were enter­ing the discs, and then everything disappeared.”

UFOs were reported in several Michigan locations on Aug. 23. (Credit: Google)
UFOs were reported in several Michigan locations on Aug. 23. (Credit: Google)

Other witnesses around the state of Michigan reported similar sightings on the same night. Earlier that evening, at approximately 9:10 p.m., a witness in the town of Montrose (more than one hundred miles north of Monroe) saw a UFO. The sighting reported to MUFON states:

I was watching tv. Son came from outside to tell me to come see something weird in sky. Went out to road so there were no obstructions. (We are in the country. Dirt road, expansive dark sky, etc) Stood and watched a bright, fuzzy edged roundish light moving from south to north across the sky. Appeared to be faintly pulsating. Deviated a couple times from straight line flight. Moving to the left and right. Slower moving than planes Ive seen. Did not hear any sound. Kept watching until it seemed to pulsate or extinguish into nothing.

At approximately 10:10 p.m., a witness in Livonia (forty miles north of Monroe) “saw an orange red object for a couple minutes moving from the s/e to the west”

Witnesses eleven miles northwest of Livonia in Northville saw several UFOs at approximately 10:46 p.m. The report filed with MUFON states:

“My wife and I were walking our dogs when I noticed at least a dozen lights in the sky low to the NE. These lights were star like. Red in color and pulsed. Being a retired air traffic controller I am familiar with aircraft lights at night. These were all only red in color and pulsed at random, not like aircraft lights. The objects appeared to track SW gaining altitude and at about 30 degrees above the horizon they turned North and disappeared. We observed up to a dozen lights at a time in a staggered line and as the leading lights faded away new lights were appearing from behind the trees. The whole event lasted approx 90 sec and we saw at least 18 separate lights. Due to my back ground I did not feel that these were aircraft, especially since there were so many in close proximity to each other, and how they just vanished like they went into a cloud, except it was a clear night with no clouds in the sky.”

William J. Konkolesky, state director of Michigan MUFON, suggests Chinese lanterns as a possible identification for the UFOs over Monroe. But Gibson doesn’t agree with that possibility. Chinese lanterns were reportedly launched that night from nearby Sterling State Park, but Gibson told Monroe News, “Those Chinese lanterns would have been too far away for me to see, but what I saw were bigger than Chinese lanterns.” He added that the Chinese lantern theory does not explain the discs he saw.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. Im from okc and about a month n a half around ten pm ago me and my daughter witnessed almost this exact red orange phenomenon but it was almost swirling or more like changing shape then it was gone. …..

  2. I live in Marion Michigan and recall seeing a single red light in the sky one night several weeks ago. I thought it seemed odd at the time. It was moving in a consistently straight path. Now that I have read this, I wish I would have noted the date and time! It seems like it was about the same time of night. I just happened to be letting my dogs outside and stepped out with them to enjoy the beautiful evening!

  3. I and along with one other report in Ann Arbor on July 4 2013 of red and or orange orbs at around 10:00pm and 10:30 pm the first report states 9 orbs, while the second reports 12 orbs. And no these were no Chinese Lanterns as I am well aware of what these look like having light a few myself. So this report although is new they were not the first to be seen in michigan and MUFON is a joke as there was no follow up to my report.

  4. No they were not chinese lanterns Rob, as I said I have lit chinese lanterns in the past and the orbs I saw were at least 100 times the size of chinese lanterns. And since you have not witiness what we all have seen you should just keep your opinions to your self.

  5. We have been seeing these lights over the ocean in Wells Maine for the past several years. 3 are always in a triangle formation and the others fly together in a straight line horizontal to the beach. No sound. Orange lights with a color similar to flames or a fire. My wife observed them with her binoculars and one of them suddenly went out and the black was darker than the night sky.

  6. 9/28/13 Seen 40 to 60 red orange orbs. Perfect strait line at first same distant apart as far as the eye could see. Then disappeared at same location in sky. Oxford Pa.

  7. In 2011 I walked outside on a dark clear night with an employee to have a cigarette. As I spoke to him I instantly realized he was starring into the sky to the left of me. I glanced up and became equally fixated on 6 or 7 huge bright red round objects hovering in the sky. They moved upwards and from side to side in a controlled slow manor. Then I noticed many more ascending from the tree line. One by one they disappeared into the night sky as more arose from the tree line and maneuvered up and consistently to the left until they disappeared too. This occurred in an isolated town in northern Ontario Canada. It was completely surreal. My guess is that from the ground to point of disappearing was about 1000 feet and the point of ascension was about 10 city blocks away from me, the thing is this was in an isolated town and in the direction of the occurrence was nothing but wilderness for hours and hours. The lights filled the sky and the point origin was spread out. There is no way Chinese lanterns or flairs explain this…..too high in the sky….too big…. too bright….too controlled movement…simple!

  8. On 4/18/14, in Holly Michigan off i75 north my wife and I saw a red ball appear out of no where when we were driving home from a day at the mall and dinner. We were on the expressway and the thing appeared above the left hand tree line and blinked a few times and then flew so fast from out left to right and disappeared over the right hand tree line. We both said “did you see that” at pretty much the exact same time. I called 911, they transferred me to the MI state police and I told him what we saw. He asked if it was a plane or helicopter but we were both 110% that it could not of been anything made by man that we know of. We then looked up red orbs on google and found out we are not the only one. We also reported it on the UFO registry and I also saw that on the same day someone else from Berkley, MI (20 minutes maximum from holly) also reported a similar sighting on the same night. I wonder how many others called it in on that day?

  9. My wife and I have observed the objects twice now. Both times about 10:30 P.M. heading south on 131 around the Martin exit. The first time there appeared to be about 12-14 orange round object just West of the expressway. One of them moved quickly down and left, then back up to the same position. Then they disappeared. The second time July 5th 2014 we observed them again in approximately the same time and location. This time there were more and a bit smaller. The unusual thing was as we traveled South there were bright orange flashes traveling at great speed going from South to the North, as if to join the others. It almost appeared to be lighting bugs going across the windshield, but as we watched closely the flashes were above the tree line moving in a straight line. If we hadn’t just seen what we had seen, we would have likely over looked the light flashes. Very exciting to see.

  10. My wife and I just saw one (for the first time in our lives) like this last Saturday, 07/26/2014 at 9:20pm. (I took a photo with my Blackberry so I took the date and timestamp from there. The photo was just a white dot against the black sky.) When I described it to a friend as seemingly “out-of-focus” (I’m an architectural photographer, hence the term) that I found my eyes peering to make out some shape inside the ball, I remembered the physics book I read, “Einstein’s Telescope” (2010) by Evalyn Gates. The book tells about the technique called “gravitational lensing” which astronomer’s use to (hopefully) detect large celestial bodies (as large as galaxies or black holes) that emit no light (hence cannot be seen) and that might explain dark matter. Gravitational lensing is sort of like what you’d see through your eyeglasses if you held it at arm’s length then panned it, say, left to right.

    I was thinking maybe the red orange fireball is not really a fireball but similar to gravitational lensing. The object inside the ball may indeed be red in color but its light is distorted by its own (um, I’m going out on a limb here) gravitational field.

    Just a thought as I, too, am trying to make sense of what I saw.

  11. My family has a place in Baldwin, Mi (Northwest Mi). My dad and I were out on the beach one clear night and looked across the lake to a single, orange ball hovering just over the treeline. We both starred at it for a good two minutes wondering why it wasn’t moving (thinking it was a plane light or something). Finally, it shot across the sky in a blink of an eye from South to North. Then, on the north end of the lake we noticed it for a few seconds and it was then gone. We saw what we saw and it sounds similar to this orange glowing ball you all speak about. Chinese lanterns do not look like this as it was much brighter and bigger. Not sure if it is a UFO but I can assure you we saw something odd. Crazy story that my dad and I will always remember

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