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Multiple UFOs reported in Washington’s Tri-Cities area

Washington's Tri-Cities area. (Credit: 25or6to4/Wikimedia Commons)

The News Tribune published a story on August 2 about strange lights recently reported over the Columbia River in Washington State. Finley, WA resident Jerry Nelson saw the UFO fly over the Columbia River near Burbank on the night of Tuesday, July 31. He described the silent object as “long” and “massive” with “three lights spaced far apart.” He is sure the craft he saw slowly gliding through the night sky was not an airplane.

And on August 3, the News Tribune published a follow-up story revealing that several more witnesses saw strange aerial lights in the area. Other witnesses report seeing lights in the sky during the same time Nelson reported seeing the UFO on July 31. One witness reports that she has “never seen anything like them before.” But Betty Jones, a Kennewick, WA resident, says she saw similar lights in the sky the following day. She explains, “They would go in a circle and back and forth. It was odd. Like it was bobbing on water.”

According to Peter Davenport of the Washington-based National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), eight witnesses contacted him to report the UFO. And although he says the description of these lights is consistent with a commercial aircraft, the News Tribune> reports that Davenport said Thursday “that his interest in the case is piqued.”

Some witnesses report the object or objects were silent, while others describe hearing a “popping” sound. And some witnesses suggest the lights in the sky were simply military helicopters. But no official identification has been made.

UFO sighting reports to NUFORC have nearly tripled in the past month. And this latest group of sightings in Washington’s Tri-Cities area comes only a week after a crop circle appeared in a wheat field in eastern Washington.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. I witnessed these peculiar lights the night of July 31st, 2012 along with my best friend and my boyfriend. We say three lights spaced perfectly apart. The light on the front and the light on the back had a flashing red light along with the the orb that all three had. They were moving quite slowly to be considered an airplane and way to quiet for any standard airplane that I know of. On August 21st, 2012, exactly 20 days later both me, my same friend, and another couple that I know witnessed the same occurance but this night instead of 3 lights it was 6 it was two sets of the same lights we witnessed on July 31st. They were exactly the same just going the opposite way from the first time we seen them.

  2. Sunday, October 12 , 9:35 pm I went out on my deck and noticed something strange in the sky. It was a orange and green colored flashing light with a bright light above it. The object was in a hovering position. The white light above it then came down on top of the hovering craft for a few seconds, then went back in the same position where it was previously. Not sure what it was but it was something I’ve never seen before. I called my wife out to the deck to look at the object. We got her video camera to get a shot but could not catch the image through video. The object was located NE of Richland .

  3. 1-1-15 around 7pm I was outside smoking in my boyfriends backyard in Kennewick, and looked up to see 5 red-orange lights in the form of a trapezoid moving forward very slowly in my direction not towards me but in that direction. I was so scared I ran inside & locked the doors. I didn’t even have the courage to video it. I went on Facebook and noticed 5 people seen the same thing later that night

  4. I’ve seen some odd things in the sky lately when heading home from work, as I get off after dark and ride my bicycle home. All events happened or were witnessed near Clearwater Avenue and Morain St., or within a mile of that area. The first one I remember happened over a year ago. I noticed what appeared to be a small airplane flying very low over my head. It was too small and too low to be an actual airplane, but could have been a drone or a model plane, though I didn’t notice any sound. The next incident was maybe six months or so ago, right around the intersection of Clearwater and Morain. I looked up and saw something that resembled a shooting star, moving at a fast speed above me. But this was not a shooting star, because it wasn’t that high in the sky and it lasted far longer before “burning out”, nor was it that fast. I watched it for maybe five to seven seconds before it just disappeared. There was no sound, and it was much too fast to be a plane. The third incident was a couple of weeks ago when I saw what I believe was just an ordinary helium balloon being released by someone (though I didn’t see any obvious person doing so) because that is exactly how it behaved, except that it had a very faintly glowing light inside. I watched it go higher and higher into the sky until it disappeared from view, just as a balloon would do. I had never heard of lighted balloons though so when I got home I looked it up online and found that they do exist, although most use LED lights which are bright. This, whatever it was, was very faint- barely detectable in the night sky. Lastly, the most recent odd event was maybe about a week ago. I saw something in the northern sky, this time it appeared high and far away rather than in close proximity. It looked like a bright star or a planet, but two planets were already visible that night in the western sky. This object was not flashing nor did it appear to be moving, but as I watched it for a few seconds it simply blinked out and was gone.

  5. I have a video and pictures from the same the same place i took the video that descibes the encouter in the article above i saw the same 3 lights its out of this world i saw it near burbank too 3 weeks ago and i live in pasco washington.

  6. On the night of 3/27/20, myself and sons observed what looked like an armada if moving stars across the sky near burmuda dr. In Richland. These lighted cameras from a southwest direction, over the freeway and headed in a north eastern direction. Some were 3 lights in a triangular formation, some were what looked like singular lights flying in a line. But as clouds moved there were more lights, appearing to look more like a much larger moving object. One of these light objects started out flying towards our direction with what looked like a light on either side of a long dark object. This object then moved in the sky and was flying in a forward direction with a light at the front and back now. Even as these lights seems to be together some actually broke away from this large group moving through the sky. They looked like stars but moved like they were controlled by an intelligent source as they where uniform. But then one did a rig angle turn into a cloud. This light show lasted about 2-4 minutes. I even woke my husband up to explain to me what the hell we were seeing. He had no explanation. There was no sound.

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