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Mayan documentary filmmaker breached contract, committed fraud

In September 2011, we reported on a documentary film titled Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond that was scheduled for release sometime in 2012. The film’s producer, Raul Julia-Levy, made the incredible claim that the documentary would provide evidence that the Mayans had contact with extraterrestrials. But in April 2012, Julia-Levy suddenly stopped production, fired the crew, terminated an agreement with a post-production company, and ran off with the footage. And now, an arbitrator has reportedly concluded that Julia-Levy is guilty of breached contracts and fraud.

Raul Julia-Levy. (Credit: The Wrap)

Julia-Levy’s partner on the documentary, Elizabeth Theriot, took him to arbitration at the Independent Film & Television Alliance. And as the Hollywood Reporter states, “The resulting decision wasn’t very kind to Julia-Levy.” The arbitrator, Gerald F. Phillips, concluded that termination of production required the mutual agreement of both Julia-Levy and Theriot. Because Julia-Levy acted without the consent of Theriot, the arbitrator found for Theriot on her breach of contract claims.

Theriot also accused Julia-Levy of fraud because of his claims that the film had the cooperation of the Mexican and Guatemalan governments, that government officials were supporting his evidence about a contract between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, and that when he stopped production, the federal government had ordered him to deliver the footage to them. The Hollywood Reporter explains that the arbitrator “knocked down one-by-one all of Julia-Levy’s assertions that he was getting government assistance on the documentary beyond a permit to film. There was no federal government order to deliver footage. There was no proof that the governments had promised to provide security and transportation. And certainly not last and least, there was no proof that the Mexican and Guatemalan governments were supporting the revelation of evidence about a contract between the Mayans and extraterrestrials.”

Photo of a sculpture that alledgedly proves ET contact (credit: The Wrap/Raul Julia-Levy)

Julia-Levy’s claim that Stephen Hawking was going to be involved with the project was also exposed as a lie.

And then there is the issue of Julia-Levy potentially not being who he claims to be. But that is a whole other story . . .

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