New details emerge supporting Kingman UFO crash

Depiction of the Kingman UFO.
Depiction of the Kingman UFO. (credit: Michael Schratt)

Students of UFO crash retrievals will recall the 1953 case of Kingman AZ. On May 21th of 1953, a UFO is alleged to have crashed 8.1 miles NW of Kingman AFB, now Kingman airport (see figure 1). The original reference for a UFO crash occurring in the vicinity of Kingman came from an article published in the Farmington Massachusetts edition of the Middlesex News published on April 23rd, 1973. Additionally, through the efforts of Raymond Fowler (UFO author and researcher), an alleged member of the official USAF investigation team was identified and interviewed. Dubbed “Fritz Werner” (actual name Arthur Stanzel) by Raymond Fowler, this unique eyewitness to the recovery operation signed an affidavit which contained the following statement: “I Fritz Werner, do solemnly swear that during a special assignment with the U.S. Air Force on May 21, 1953, I assisted in the investigation of a crashed unknown object in the vicinity of Kingman Arizona”. The craft was said to have a brushed aluminum exterior finish, and measured approximately 30 feet in diameter. Two swivel seats were reported to have been found inside the craft, along with instruments and display panels. A single hatch which was found to be open on the craft measured five feet high, and three feet wide.  Additional reports from “Majic Eyes Only” written by Ryan S. Wood, indicate that the craft was embedded 20” into the desert sand on impact.

Figure 1: Kingman Map
Figure 1: Kingman Map
Figure 2: Town of Kingman
Figure 2: Los Alamos National Laboratories.

A discrepancy exists regarding the configuration of the craft, due to the fact that some reports indicate that it may have been oval or “cigar” shaped. Four small extraterrestrial bodies with a dark complexion measuring approximately four feet in height are believed to have been recovered at the crash site. Three of these EBE’s (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) were reported to have been transferred to a secure “YY-II” facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory (see figure 2). The remaining occupant (known as J-Rod) was later sent to Area S-4 (South of Area 51). However, according to Raymond Fowler’s witness, only one deceased entity (who was wearing a silvery one piece flight suit) was recovered at the crash site. This represents another example of how sketchy details in the murky business of UFO crash retrieval research can lead to conflicting reports, leaving solid evidence to support such claims difficult to obtain. However, a letter in the Wendelle Stevens collection written by investigator Timothy Cooper to UFO researcher William Steinman, delivered through Stevens, dated December 18th 1990, may provide additional confirmation (see figure 3).

Figure 3: Letter from investigator Tim Cooper.
Figure 3: Letter from investigator Tim Cooper.

Although third hand in nature, this letter mentions the existence of a military blockade along highway 40, possibly during the year of 1953. Also note the curious statement from the eyewitness, that even the “desert roads were sealed off”. Why would the U.S. military deem it necessary to seal off a major highway passing directly through Kingman? Why not just transport “sensitive” material during night time hours? These actions by the military would seem to support a rapid-response program designed to secure the area leading to and from a potential UFO crash site. Any remaining debris would immediately need to be recovered REGARDLESS of the time of day.

Have elements of the military recovered objects of extraterrestrial origin, and transported them to clandestine hangars somewhere in the Southwest? It’s interesting to note that highway 40 connects directly to highway 93. Researchers will instantly recognize the fact that highway 93 leads North through Las Vegas, and directly into “Area 51”. For decades, reports have surfaced of crashed discs being housed at a TOP SECRET facility known as Area S-4 (12 miles South of Area 51). Specific detailed accounts from Wendelle Stevens indicate that the disc that crashed near Kingman was transported to Area 51 via U.S. Army M25 40 ton tank transporter (see figure 4 model photo). Attempts were made by the recovery crew to tilt the craft on end to facilitate transportation across the country. However, this procedure was abandoned when it quickly became apparent that tilting the craft was impossible. Due to the oversized load of the disc on the trailer of the tank transporter, telephone poles had to be removed when the main road intersected with unimproved surfaces or dirt roads. Kingman is by no means the only location of alleged extraterrestrial crash retrieval operations. Additional crashes have been reported to have occurred at the following locations: Cape Girardeau Missouri 1941, Alaska 1943, Roswell NM 1947, and Aztec NM 1948.

Figure 4: Army M25 40 ton tank transporter
Figure 4: Army M25 40 ton tank transporter.

A final piece of tantalizing evidence came from retired mechanical engineer Bill Uhouse, who claimed he was part of a TOP SECRET program to design and build flight simulators which were used to teach American test pilots how to control flying saucers. (see figure 5). Apparently, according to Uhouse, the origin for this program came from the UFO crash at Kingman. For now, the mysterious crash at Kingman remains one of the most intriguing cases in Ufology.

Figure 5: Bill Uhouse Flying Saucer Simulator (credit: Michael Schratt).

Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance. A private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher near Tempe AZ.

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  1. Was reading the story in the letter from Wm Steinman –
    he says Hwy 40 was closed from Kingman to Barstow….
    Did Hwy 40 even exist back in 1953? It’s Freeway 40 now….will have to investigate which roads were already established back in 1953…

  2. I first heard of this story from an uncle of mine who was dating a daughter of a high ranking air force officer when he was in high school. It was told to me that her father had just returned from this crash site and produced some photographs of the flying disk and some of the personnel that were in it (I think 3 persons) was told to me. I was told that the disk was small and metallic such as the size described in the report, that the persons were short and wore silver suits and had larger heads in proportion to the rest of their body. He told me it was one of the craziest things he’s ever seen.
    It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that I read a book that detailed a report that my uncle had described to me several years earlier. I believe it as truth.

  3. I live here in Kingman and will always believe I have found the Kingman site years ago. I have had people argue with me but no one can prove me wrong. I have only shown it to a couple people.

  4. i can see the airport {kingman} from where i live. i had no info on a crash site until just recently.will we ever know the truth about aliens, crashsites, ect ??? i believe in aliens and i believe there here to stop us from killing this planet and destroying it with nuclear weapons what say you?

  5. I also live in Kingman and I find this kind of stuff very interesting. However, I’ve been here for 10 years and I just found out about this. I would really like to go out and find this, but I wouldnt want to be one to trespass or get lost. So if anyone knows exactly how to get there please let me know.

  6. I moved to Kingman in 2004…I got a job working the water companies there…Claude Neal Family Trust…Truxton Canyon water company…Cerbat Mountain Water company…Serving Hachberry,Lake Mead Rancheros,Arizona west,Vale Vist and the Golf Coarse,And other parts of Kingman…They also owned 55,000 acres of desert that was purchased in 1935 for $35,000…I also managed the Neal Ranch and 3 nut orchards for them…I was feild maintenance for all…I lived on my ATV and have been everywhere you can go on one…My boss owned 80 square miles of private desert with abandoned gold mines tyhat we explored.I seen many things during the 12 years I lived there…Me and a friend witnessed UFOs on Antares Road in 2010…memorial day to be exact…3:30 in the morning…I got a few pics before they got out of sight.I also got a short video but cant see anything but you can hear us talking about it…I also seen a portal open up over the Cerbat mountains overlooking Nevada…Looked like a missle out of control…Exploded but only made a perfect circle and disappeared…weird…I was visited at the ranch during a bad rainstorm…A bright purple light was strobing …when it lit up,the power to my ac would pull down…When the light went out,the ac would pic up again…It done this for a minute…I turned the ac off and the light went out outside…The rain stopped,and I seen lights moving around …I followed them but couldnt catch them…i went bach home and there was hundreds of them surrounding my house. My dog ran inside and under the bed…I went in after her and locked the glass door and went in my bedroom and prayed that they wouldnt come in.I fell asleep praying.My friend that was with me gave his story to MUFON…He was with me and explained what I seen…He had been abducted as a child…He told me many things because I witnessed it with him therefore he knew I would not dought him…If I can be of any use…feel free to contact me…

  7. I had heard of the Kingman crash and recovery of the craft.I have lived in the Bullhead city area (south end of lake mohave)for ten years and four years in town.I’ve had several odd sightings from the age of eight in North Carolina,the state of Nevada where i lived for sixteen plus years and here in Arizona.My wife and i also witnessed the craft that crashed south of Needles Ca. that ufo hunters investigated.That’s an interesting story it’s self. I was interested if anyone had thought thay found the Kingman crash site and searched for evidence the govt. missed.I’m game to go looking through the desert looking for proof. I am also interested in sharing my sighting stories from AZ. and NV. and hearing others stories.

  8. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca have been taken since I was 8. One time remembering floating through my window. Always having an interest in UFO’s . I feel I was drawn here to Kingman. I have seen two UFO’s. So interested to go check it out 1953 crash. Now I heard that in Shinarump the government posing as survey unit are really looking for an earlier crash their. Them as well as Golden Valley are experiencing sightings because they aliens are also looking for it.

  9. Re: Hwy 40:
    “Construction of I-40 was ongoing in the 1960s and 1970s and reached completion in 1984.” Per Wikipedia. It would have been just Route 66 back in the 50s. Hmmmmm…

  10. I live on the northwest side of the airport. moved here in 2013. if the crash site was 8.1 miles nw of airport it could just about be under my house but since nw is pretty subjective I am very curious about the location. i must mention that upon walking my 5 acres with a compass there are some very peculiar readings such as 180 deg shifts in certain areas. It is just strange that is the best I can say for it at this time.

  11. Hello All
    I am interested in not only ufo crash sites but the possibility that something got away. I have lived in the desert all of my life. And have seen some very unusual things from yuma searchlight kingman. Area. Have heard things as well. This much I will say I would not want to be caught in the desert at night all alone nor in the day time either. Anyone that is interested. Can contact me thrust my email.
    Pc10205165@gmail. Com

  12. I’ve been here in Kingman for almost two years and believe the 1953 events did happen. Also, it is not the only event of this time reported in the area, I would like more information on all the events reported as well as others not as well known.

  13. Thanks ChrisOiOi for the kind words about my talk with BBC and Show Host Howard Hughes in the UK .. my work was also featured in Mexico, at Europe’s largest UFO Conference in Italy, through Tony Topping at London and on 104.9 FM Liverpool to name a few! I am a professional Historian and Author for over 40 years. I dedicated 10 years on my time and finances to the Kingman UFO project at Kingman Arizona and have compiled a comprehensive work that explains, as well as shows in images from the field and archives what I have discovered, backed by statements taken from the last living eye-witnesses I interviewed, documents and an abundance of supporting evidence that places the Kingman story far ahead of the tales being told about so many other cases. My research and fieldwork were first introduced and only lightly highlighted at the 2012 International MUFON Symposium in Kentucky. and did not go in depth, as my project was still in progress. I have shared some of my findings with Michael Schratt who was able to learn many things previously unknown to him about the Kingman UFOs, much of which collides with previous claims that have been made. UFO landing and crash locations are now recognized as Archaeological sites. Trespass laws are enforced. My current plan is to release my new books “7 Days In May – The Kingman UFO Story” later this year through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. and it will reveal answers to many questions and amazing facts. For additional information check out my website at:

  14. tinterrman (William Issel) ..Already responded to your email and your request, which is not possible .. you should take a look at my web page and some of the program links (listed above)

    Paul .. there were other UFOs at and near Kingman, Yucca and crashed into the Black Mountains above the Colorado river .. and .. even more than that. I mention details about a few of these during program interviews and conferences when I speak about Kingman’s UFOs. But other than ‘one other UFO happening’ the 1953 Kingman UFOs are the most important and the craft that landed on May 18, 1953 is the craft that became the basis for the entire Area 51 story. But there were others UFOs I discovered while doing research and fieldwork on my Kingman project.

    I mention a few amazing instances in this interview ..

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