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Giorgio Tsoukalos searches for aliens in new TV show

Giorgio Tsoukalos has spent the past five years discussing the Ancient Astronaut theory on the H2 television series Ancient Aliens. His trademark hair and his knack for attributing all ancient mysteries to extraterrestrials have helped to establish Tsoukalos as a minor pop culture icon. Now, H2 is sending him to explore the world’s mysteries in a new show titled In Search of Aliens. And, of course, he is looking for an extraterrestrial explanation for all of these mysteries.

Describing the series, H2 states:

In Search of Aliens follows Giorgio Tsoukalos, an Ancient Astronaut theorist and leading contributor to Ancient Aliens, as he explores the fascinating evidence behind some of the Earth’s most famous mysteries. Through Giorgio’s research of various sites around the world and meetings with scientists, witnesses and experts; this one-hour non-fiction series delves into the unknown and examines clues that could prove a possible extraterrestrial connection within some of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

Giorgio Tsoukalos
(Credit: H2)

In addition to his work on Ancient Aliens and In Search of Aliens, Tsoukalos is the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, a leading publication about Ancient Astronauts. He also serves as director of Ancient Astronaut theory pioneer Erich von Daniken’s Ancient Alien Society.

In Search of Aliens premiered on Friday, July 25. New episodes air Fridays at 10ET/11PT on H2.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. In regards to the Roswell rock. To me the design and properties seem to indicate a sort of interdimensional quality. The two identical designs appear to occupy the same space, separate but equal, chained to one another but never colliding. The addition of the magnetic property may also be a simple way to infer gravitational abnormality. In theory a wormhole could connect either two points in space on the same plane or two points in the same space but different planes. Consider the common illustration of folding a flat piece of paper in half and pushing a pencil from one side to the other, coming out at a different point on the same plane. But what if the journey was not completed through to the other side, but left on the reverse side, ultimately existing on a different plane. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Mike, if you don’t like Giorgio than why did you even come to this page. Obviously, you have little dick syndrome and feel the need to take it out on him. Who by the way, is not a “klown” as you would spell it. Also, he is very intelligent and has great hair, so go back to hiding behind your computer. 😉

  3. Giorgio is an amazing researcher who consistently delivers fresh ideas and theories to those who have an open mind to our origins; unlike the percentage of humanity who only take and accept what was told to them by a mainstream interpretation. I am delighted to see the new series “In Search of Aliens” and hear of others who have stories and evidence to support the truth as I continue in my own quest to get answers for things I have witnessed and to this day have no answer for.

  4. I find the program very interesting. No one can prove either way if we were ever visited by aliens, so far up to now the speculation and thoughts on most of the stuff Giorgio has talked about I agree with. I feel that most Scholars will not side with him because of the Status Quo, (mind set) in the Scientific field.
    Keep up the fascinating work Giorgio I love it.

  5. There are a life under ground of earth and they use to move by water chenels. All the monaments like peramds are connected thet chenels. They use thet monaments for heat and for protect himself to sun light.they cannot live in our anvarment for long time. Thet monament are medeam under ground to sky for them.

  6. Hey Giorgio,
    I really have been incredibly focused on “Ancient Aliens”. Your sincerity is apparent. Great stuff!!!
    I think you would benefit to key it down on your new show, “In Search of Aliens”. Your voice has gotten a lot more excitable and doesn’t sound as sincere. I think you need to be more business-like as in your other show and present just the facts to us.
    Just a thought…..

  7. Hi All

    I have physical indisputable evidence that could support Giorgio A. Tsoukalos claims about ancient aliens. It’s 100% an ancient runway or landing site over 150 km in length and over 8km wide. No craft on earth is that large or ever built that requires such a large runway. But there’s more to it. Rocks from ancient meteors and asteroids too, still pouring iron, In such an expanse that the alien rocks are scattered all over the area expanse of over 100km. these rocks have been cut/torn to extract whatever it brought to the earth. this evidence is physically tangible and indisputable. These rocks and site are thousands of years old or perhaps millions of years old. the country has been deposited with some of the richest minerals in the world as if it was a hub for alien activities. There is a history to this place where people still believe in a humanoid celestrial being that visited them and taught them how to use their environment, thousands of years ago. This celestrial being is viewed as a diety to these people who described it to having a human structure with head of wolf. They also believed that it taught them herbal medicine and magic. These practices still continues in this our modern day growing strongly. My expertise is Experiential marketing and that is how I got to visit this country and I took 3 years studying these sites. This site is undiscovered.

    Richard Williams

  8. Dear Enthusiasts of The Alien Theory,

    I read many bad reviews about Ancient Aliens and about George Tsoukalos on the web. People addressing him as a fraud, a seller of pseudo -science being some sort of fake archaeology researcher. With some critics, I sometimes agree with their reviews, because Mr.Tsoukalos, seems so passionate about his own credo on Alien`s stuff and technology, that he simply forgets to employ rational thinking in order to uncover the reason for some unsolved mysteries.
    Believing in what you do and profess, doesn`t necessarily turn you into a scoundrel or a myth-swindler as many scientists or the “so-called serious writers“ try to label him.
    As long as I remember, Giordano Bruno was seen as a madman when he defied the Catholic Church doctrines with his own views of the universe and the plurality of the worlds.
    He was burnt at the stake like many others(men and women) who dared to confront the “Severe dogmata“
    of the medieval eras.
    What I really find puzzling, is that this Science which dethroned Religion in the 19th century, an epoch of great discoveries in several fields of mankind, and occupied its place in the cosmological order of things.
    Regrettably, those scholars of old who sent to death Galilei, are the same today who are the respectable men of science, whose only words can endorse what millions of years have produced in our unfathomable history.

  9. There is something you are missing about the relation to crystals and gold. Your thinking to deep, its on the surface of understanding. I have seen and been with that knowledge. Its probably not in your make up as scientists to understand, but its more simple for you to understand if you know what I have been shown.

  10. What if . . . what if the story of Noah which is a main staple in every generation is actually the story of alien habitation to the earth in a ship with a flood of 2 of every species, as DNA. Maybe not 2000 years ago but thousands of years before that–the story always being shared generation to generation and accepted as their own. Sent here by our mentors and watchers.

    It appears in the Egyptian hieroglyphs they were using levitation.

    This is the most historic, though provoking show I have ever seen. I thank you so very much. Lois

  11. Now we are in our 21 century where all the mystery of aliens are going to be reveled….Nice work Goirgio hope one day I wish to work with you ……..

  12. I have watched a .aliens from the beginning my personal thought is now they have discovered all these new and broken down pyrimids in peru and under the sand in deserts all the great minds exploring this should realise we have been here for many thousands of years and everybody is missing the link of what these great objects around the world are for tesler came very close with his transmitter but I think he got the use wrong when we came to this planet all those years ago we had great knowledge and we nearly destroyed everything all the things being found now and in the coming years will show that it was our greater selves who left it all because we nearly did the same here as on other planets we were on but this time they nearly got it right what they left was protection around the planet or we would not be alive to day and the government do not realise they are causing the planet to die themselves when you put 2+2 together it dose not mean alien but a far superior being of us ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  13. sorry to bother you Mr. Tsoukalos but I have 2 pc’s of paper that might interest you, that might help in the puzzle of Egypt 🙂 it makes sense to me maybe you might disagree who knows? email me and I will scan and email them to you and you be the judge ps. love the shows and work you do it brings another perspective as to why we are here and how we might have come to be 🙂 thanks for all your work …

  14. finally it seems some scientists are getting close to tapping into the consciousness available. But why are you guys always looking outward instead of inward. Did you ever learn about the Yugas? And, that people evolve according to an orbit .. that we are in the second of 4 ascending ages at this time, and sometimes this solar system is in a descending orbit (leaving its dual sun core– on the way out instead of toward) and attunement to consciousness is then diminishing instead of progressing? Did you know that Steve Jobs had Autobiography of a Yogi placed on the seats of those attending his funeral. Please read about the Yugas, and start to really know why genius is attainable to those who reach those interior portals and infiltrate through them… with energy! Jesus said 2 shall be working in the field, and one will be taken. http://theyugas.com/

  15. The ancient alien theory is just that! A theory. It should open ones eyes to the possibilities that not everything the scholars tell us is fact. Much of the things taught us are theories. There is no way to prove it. They say show us the proof. Thousands of people swear they have seen a UFO but their word is no good. They like to interview people of questionable intelligence to show how insane we are. I love the show and bought the first 5 seasons and am looking for the rest. My dish receiver is 94% full of this information so I have to transfer it to a hard drive before I lose it. I would love to follow you on these endeavors but I am 73 and can’t do it anymore so I will continue to watch and do what research is available. There are a lot more of us ,who think it’s very possible than these smart asses know. Keep up the good work.

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