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‘Deathbed testimony’ about UFOs given by alleged former CIA official (VIDEO)

Video testimony by an anonymous alleged former CIA official was shown at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May 3.

UFO author and historian Richard Dolan interviewed “Anonymous” on March 5, 2013. Facing impending kidney failure, this individual felt compelled to disclose secret information he feels is too important to keep secret. In the video, he claims to have served in the U.S. Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book–one of the USAF’s official studies of UFOs. And he refers to the project as “partially a fraud.” Asking for clarification, Dolan states, “You’re saying some of the Blue Book cases were completely fictitious?” The anonymous man responds, “Yes.”

Richard Dolan interviewing 'Anonymous.' (Credit: Truth Embargo)
Richard Dolan interviewing ‘Anonymous.’ (Credit: Truth Embargo)

“Anonymous” alleges that, after an invasion threat from President Dwight Eisenhower, he and his superior at the CIA were allowed inside the secretive Area 51 in Nevada to gather intel and report back to the president. There, “Anonymous” describes seeing several alien spacecraft, including the craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were taken to the S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they observed live extraterrestrials.

Author and UFO researcher Peter Robbins, who served as a witness at the Citizen Hearing, saw the video testimony as it was presented. He posted his reaction on his Facebook account: “In my opinion, if it can be confirmed by any relevant supporting documentation, this moving and fascinating account does qualify as an authentic ‘death bed’ testimony from an individual who convincingly claims to have been a CIA officer deeply involved in the matter or crashed and/or recovered craft, and at one time a liaison between the Agency and the President (Truman).”

This testimony will be included in an upcoming documentary titled Truth Embargo.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. Interesting story, but mighty thin on details. Can any of this be verified? I suppose it all is at least plausible, but why does he not use his name if the Feds have already visited him to shut him up? If they know who he is and where he lives, why not use his real name, if he is “getting a weight off his shoulders”?

  2. I am not amused by this. I am at a loss of words to describe what I just saw.

    The ‘Citizen Hearing’ is officially down the toilet.

  3. Tomislav, why do you say that the Citizen’s hearing is down the toilet based on this interview. To me it is utterly consistent with the message of the hearings.

  4. Richard, I like you, but you got punked in this interview. I did not know you were that naive. “Anonymous”? For real? This is the age of government productions and staged operations. Is this the 1st False Flag UFO interview? You just interviewed the ufological equivalent of a “crisis actor”. I agree with the comment above ^ – If this interview is associated with the Citizens Hearing, then it is down the toilet. Even when the word ‘alleged’ is used, that doesn’t negate the damage done by giving this interviewee ANY legitimacy. IF that old guy you interviewed is who he claims he is, then Ollie Tabooger is my name!

  5. I’m sorry, but the story doesn’t ring true to me. Even his voice appears artificially strained. I don’t believe that this man ever worked for the CIA, nor did he meet Eisenhower. This is a hoax, although I don’t think that Richard Dolan was part of it.

  6. Interesting post. The idea is to keep the subject in the press and not make a mockery of it. Every news story has some goofy guy dressed like an alien, or the nuttiest looking people they can find. Many of us researchers take the subject seriously, in the same way NASA does. 🙂

  7. he doesn’t let him talk very much about each issue. Everytime he is saying someting interesting he cuts the conversations with another question…

  8. I believe that the majority of UFO lore is true, but something about this guy just rings as phony to me. He’s using too many ‘key words and phrases’ wrapped in vague generalizations. Almost like an old man who craves attention, and has watched too many UFO documentaries, is going for his last shot at 5 minutes of fame. I think he’s full of %$#@ for whatever reason. It’s like he is reciting a Wikipedia definition of “UFO government conspiracies” or something.

  9. Historical references are in error throwing whole testimony in doubt. He talks of a model of the SR-71 or a precursor in 1958. A-12 was the precursor and didn’t start development until 1960. I didn’t hear anything here that was credible.

  10. Deathbed confessions have the benefit of the confessor never have to face any consequences for their story being found out as false. One of the widows of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church and noted polygamist and con artist, gave “death bed” testimony that Smith never was a polygamist.

    A death bed confession is of no more value or validity than any other. It is only the sad predominance of religion in our culture that gives it any value, however false that value might be.

  11. I don’t believe he interviewed this guy on May 5 because today is only the 4th. Smells wrong.

  12. Not buying this one bit.

    Really suspicious bits:

    1) It is a DEATHBED testimony; there is no prevailing need for anonymity anymore… the fact that he is still declared anonymous is really really shady.

    2) He is extremely unspecific on everything. He hurriedly glossed over his unusually brief military/government history. Lets be real, old coots love to talk you to death and they will spend hours hung up on the details (reciting names, places, years, colors).. it is just what they do.. so it is really weird when you find one that is extremely short-spoken in regards to questions of his past.

    This “confession” is bunk as hell.

    I don’t mind UFO enthusiasts.. but if it can’t be validated or falls apart under scrutiny then just leave it be already.

    This kind of stuff is so non-academic it’s not even funny. It doesn’t deserve a single ounce of consideration or time. Drop the ‘X-Files’ sensationalism and bring the facts to the table.. not this crap conjecture.

  13. Great article Jason. It is honest, precise and true. This is an interesting case, and it’s great to see everybody jumping on it. Everything needs to be vetted. There are many hours of footage, and clearly there was a lot more said, than what you are seeing in the short piece made for the The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. We filmed for two days straight. I hope to reveal more about this case very soon, as there should be a larger body of information coming forward for people to look at. My suggesting is to ask Richard Dolan what he thinks… or to try and hear the 11 hours of audio that Linda Moulton Howe recorded with “ANONYMOUS” back in the 90’s when she brought him on to C2C with Art Bell on June 6th, 1998 under the pseudonym AGENT KEWPER. Or even listen to the testimony of what Linda said about this case on the Citizen Hearing testimony archives from this past week. This case should make the cut for a significant portion of the documentary film I am making with my producer Reuben Langdon on subject of what we are calling the TRUTH EMBARGO. So ultimately, the information will be out there for all of you to “sharpen your knives and dissect” as one Peabody Award winning investigative journalist that we all know and love might say. The power is in your hands really.


  15. This strikes me as compelling and intriguing. Everything about this man’s testimony strikes home as worth hearing and true. His narrative does not sound forced, ‘made-up’ or spiced with needless details. He seems more given to the idea of letting the ‘story’ off his burdened, heaving chest than with the colours and contours of the telling. This may account for the sparseness of details. Amazingly, he recalls the details of the aircraft and the secret technologies at Area 51. His face is animated when he talks about flying in Eisenhower’s Lockheed – more animated than his matter-of-fact features when he recalls the ‘oriental-looking’ extraterrestrials. You’d expect him to break into song at that part – but he keeps it simple, muted and grounded. He sounds more like a man recalling his story than a man ‘making it up.’ I laughed so many times during the video – not because what he says is funny, but because of the implications of what he is saying. Long story short, no other testimony about covert meetings with aliens did as much as this to persuade me about the veracity of life ‘out there’.

  16. I’m a little frustrated by this interview. So he claims he saw a live alien. Well…details! This was a terrible interview. I would have asked if they communicated. What kind of noise did they make, or did they communicate thru something other than the mouth? What did they eat? Or did they eat? I would have asked if he was able to ‘talk’ to them. Or if he saw them thru a window and saw how they moved? This interview missed the main point. He kind of skimmed thru that part and just talked about the boring known facts of Roswell and how government covers stuff up. Lame

  17. So now we know that many information about aliens have been fabricated. I believe it is all about money only. It is not a mystery that US government has been ruled by Zionist jews and they they run Hollywood to create a lot of movies to mislead human minds. They earn huge money on people and on government as well ( by pulling money on projects that are mostly fiction. Think logically: if aliens would be so much ahead of us they would already have overtaken our planet. It is a plan of Zionists to build fear of aliens and easily overtake power and dictate to the whole world. There is no danger for us from aliens.

  18. Hmmm. I would assume Dolan did some rudimentary checking on this guy. The disturbing thing is that if you were going to make up a story, this guy hits all the popular descriptions that are in popular culture. Should be easy to confirm this or not.

  19. This is by far the most interesting sighting article I’ve ever read or watched. Having been a Gov’t employee during this time frame, I know exactly what this gentleman is talking about. I am concerned by the writeup at the end where it says “Truman.” It wasn’t Truman, it was Eisenhower. I congratulate this man for “gertting it off his shoulders”. There are so many reports out there but none so believable as this one.

  20. The man never mentions anything that hasn’t been already out in the open. To me at least it sounds like he is unitinge all manner of separate aspects into one big story. I do not find it credible that the CIA would not know his real name. I also find it absurd that he is now coming forward because he’s dying and allowing his face to be filmed but doesn’t want to givee his true identity. If he is telling the truth then he could easily be silenced by those who wish to prrevent the public from learning this. Either he is incredibly naive or else he is lying. I vote for the latter.

  21. Glad you found him Richard, stay with him as much as possible. Or see him often.

    Tomis, plz be quiet. Your petty opinions don’t matter to us, on this matter or on the Citizen Hearing. You’re either a shill or a lesser known UFO researcher with a streak of jealousy. Along with a few other streaks.

  22. Clearly this is more nonsense to sell books and web subscriptions to the masses of deluded people who buy into this con. Dolan and his cohorts are nothing more than snake oil salesmen, preaching the same ideology that has been a cash crop for over 50 years. There is NO proof, nor will there ever be. Videos and pictures, testimony from “alleged” insiders or supposed officials are merely a part of the elaborate ruse.

  23. To say this is for profit is false, these people barely make enough to keep their families afloat. The biggest problem is the people stuck in a fairytale life that never existed, a religion that is completely man-made and sense of entitlement that believes looking the other way is your right as a person.

  24. Because elderly men on their deathbed just can’t help but squeeze out one good hoax before dying. Give me a break.

  25. This interview is clearly rubbish. The tip off comes when Anonymous mentions seeing an autopsy film. at which point he’s told by “the Colonel”: ‘What we’ve got in here is we’re interviewing a grey alien.”

    Dolan immediately stops him and says: “Alright, right there. How did you feel at that moment?”

    Hey who cares how he felt at that moment. Is Dolan a shrink? I thought he was a historian of some sort. What is Anonymous supposed to say to such a question? Well, you know, I was bored out of my mind? How about letting the man fiinish telling the world how this “interview” was conducted, in what language was the alien speaking, what the alien told the interviwer on his (near) deathbed? Instead we get the usual psychobabble bullcrap.

  26. Seeing as Richard Dolan is involved, has anyone considered that this “Anonymous” Death-Bed Confession may be a US Government/(In)Security Services Sanctioned Release?

    It would explain why Dolan quickly changed the subject before “Anonymous” could go into any detail on anything. Gasping for every breathe, besides.

    Possibly the start of the Disclosure Process in the US that Dr. Steven Greer has been long pushing for (we can only hope). It might be a test to see how the “Tin-Foil Hat” folks take it, and whether the Lame-Stream Media pick up on it, and the reaction from Joe Public. Easy goes it….

    I wouldn’t expect to see genuine Free Energy Device details divulged anytime soon, however. Too many Corporate Interests and their influence in Government for that to happen.

  27. This is an incredible story by hopefully someone who is telling the truth and credible. I can do an interview with any old man and give fake credentials about a story and call it the truth. Although this interview sounds genuine and most people of his age and circumstances wouldn’t waste time on a hoax.

  28. I dont buy it. He called the blackbird the (SR-71) while all CIA would know the first version of the blackbird was the (A-12). The SR-71 was the Airforce version. No CIA official would call their beloved spy plane the (SR-71) not only was it incorrect, but the A-12 was a matter of pride within the CIA. Secondly, The Roswell crash happened July 7, 1947…this guy said he only entered the military in the 1950’s. By the time he was “quote” CIA, would have been mid-late 50’s…why would the CIA be “interviewing” They greys at A51 when they supposedly visited the base…that many years later?? Thirdly how the hell would they communicate with the greys to begin with in order to “interview” them? This just does not sound like the actual way black-ops work. And finally….why would they give him the formula for “reverse gravity” On a small note card? That makes no sense at all.

  29. I think it’s b

    Besides not having any new or groundbreaking info, he talks of having his blood “cleaned” one more time, and if that doesn’t work then his kidneys will shut down in a few months. Your blood needs continuous “cleaning,” not just one procedure would solve anything. And if your kidneys fail you can live for years on dialysis. I say BS.

  30. Most of you are scared to accept the truth about anything.
    All the opinions of what is, and what is not, clearly defines the fears many of you have as you contemplate the reality of a society that has grown to the magnitude in presence currently on the planet.

    Man’s Nature of paranoia is all that is needed to cover up anything in existence. The seed was planted in you before you ever had a single thought of it’s origins.

    All of your opinions are the source of all misunderstanding and benighted knowledge pertaining to what is and has been taking place for tens of thousands of years. The average cave dweller understood vastly more and co-existed with our neighbors favorably in comparison to the likes of the Human Beings today.

  31. Its about time someone from back then when all this stuff began is finally talking. It’s like WW2 veterans they are small in numbers and getting smaller by the day. This man in my opinion was telling the truth. With all the truths that are swirling around out in the public today it can’t be hard to put them together and come to this conclusion.

  32. I am about half way through the interview a I type this and cannot make a judgment call as to its validity. What I can verify is that on three separate occasions I have witnessed unidentifiable flying craft. There is no way they were anything terrestrial. When one I standing outside at night with a clear, starry sky above and you notice that a large portion of the star lit sky goes blank and you see the stars reappearing as something is moving across the sky at about 500 feet above you, then you notice a shimmering effect as if the air is made to vibrate and there is absolutely no sound, you know their is something there. The only visible part of the blank space was what appeared to be a window that was moving within that space backlit with white light.
    On another occasion I was watching what I thought was a satellite crossing the night sky, until it took a 90 degree turn at speed. The only other occasion I was also staring up at the night sky and saw a white “orb” with 4 other smaller orbs zipping about it. Ten they all formed into one large white orb and sped off across the sky at phenomenal speed’. Make of it what you will, but it is unexplainable.

  33. Yes there is clearly more footage. I’m not surprised about the nay sayers because some are agents and some can never be convinced even if a craft bumped them in the head as they stood in the middle of a vacant field and then looking up and seeing it fly away! They would try to think of a rational explanation where there can obviously be none! The reason for this is the flat out denial by officials in charge as well as what goes along with it, the ridicule, this has been the number one tactic and the most effective!

    I don’t question their existence and I don’t question why it was originally covered-up but I do question why they chose to ruin so many lives to keep it secret? I’ve heard so many reasons why they won’t disclose, things like religion will fall apart, well I don’t believe that because something had to create the alien race too! Some say we will look to ET instead of our own leaders and what I have to say to that is that ET hasn’t lied to us! When it comes to this subject we would ALL be better off if ET would just step forward and let us ALL make up our own minds!

  34. What does it matter what anyone says ,so much of what we think is true is a lie,and so many schemes have been concocted to manipulate,and alter ones thoughts,and idea s. In the end God will shed light on what is truth. I believe if we could just love,accept.and forgive,what does it matter if aliens exist,we cannot even solve the turmoil in our own souls,how can we presume to think any intelligent life would want to learn from such a violent evil race,such as ourselves man must change,before we can begin to understand or grasp that which is beyond our comprehension.

  35. My one sadness and regret,is the extreme greed,hatred,and desire to control and conquer each other,I feel sadness that I do not know many if any people,or other life that hope for a better way of life, hope remains that I will one day see our race,and all life come together,in love,hope and unity.a way of true peace something I only see in nature.God our supreme creator I am sure will she’s light on the truth of all we are,and all we could be.

  36. Ok, after reading all the posts again it is apparently obvious why people don’t testify what they know about this subject, it’s the ridicule!
    1.) seevee doesn’t believe him because he ( anonymous ) claims to be sick, it’s obvious the man is sick but seevee doesn’t believe him!

    2.) a. The Truthomg doesn’t buy it because Anonymous called the A-12 or the SR-71 Blackbird what he did, maybe because the are well aware of the SR-71 and NOT the A-12?

    b.Anonymous also explained the President was being stonewalled about what was going on at the base and threatened to send in the First army to get information!

    c. It is still not clear when the craft actually crashed! On or about, how can YOU possibly know, were YOU there?

    3.) Andy, Tin foil hat folks? Enough said!

    4.) Heehaw, Complete bullcocky! After saying ” I daught I thaw a puddy tat ”

    And it goes on and on and on and on! RIDICULE, HE’S A LIAR, it’s a HOAX! It doesn’t strike me strange why someone would wait until the end of their life to tell the truth about something they swore to their Country they would not disclose for a certain amount of years, he kept his word! We should be honoring this man for his strength and willingness to tell the American people what has been kept from them for so many years! But listen to what our fellow Americans say about a man that want’s them to know about what is REALLY going on, let’s tear him down and make him fell like an idiot for not continuing the lie perpetrated against us ALL! GOOD GOING YOU GUY’S, KEEP THE LIE ALIVE!

  37. Oh wow! The paid debunkers are thick on this website! No matter…. the truth about ET’s will come out!

    “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance.” — Albert Einstein

  38. in most cases this is how most of the ufo information comes
    out to the public one step at a time the rest should be known
    later on. good job cia guy.

  39. mel if you didn’t know, I was being sarcastic! I don’t think, I know ET is real and here because…. ………………………. well, I’m not foolish enough to try to make people believe me because I know what ridicule can and will do to a person, let’s just say I know from personal experience.

  40. Deathbed confessions have been allowed in court as evidence………………. they feel that people have nothing to gain by telling lies when faced with death…………… count me as a believer….

  41. The defining paradox of this interview that renders it a falsehood to me, is that this person wishes to retain anonymity, yet describes events that to anyone in a theoretical ‘powers that be’ position would allow him to be identified instantly.

    I would like to think that said organisation is keeping records of events like the president sending reps to threaten to roll in with an army division on S4. It sounds memorable. And in their records of the events will be the names of the two people who came that day. That is not a long list of possibilities for them to work through.

    So yeah.

    Anonymity in this instance is beyond pointless and more or less shreds the credibility of it on any level.

  42. I have a lot of faith in Richard Dolan (He has proven his integrity; so yes, I trust him- and one of the few I DO trust) and I just don’t think he’d put his stamp of approval on this interview to put it ‘out there’ if he didn’t do his research on this elderly gentleman. I think the man had much more information he could have shared (and perhaps he did).

  43. LOL. He mentions getting his “ID” card and “slicing the door.” Magnetic readers were not developed until 1969. Nice joke grandpa! Before I die, just letting everybody know, I was responsible for the conspiracy against Santa Claus. I’ve been running a smear campaign to paint him as a homosexual lunatic who steals cookies and milk! There you go. I have my whole story planned out!

  44. well, ok, so, cia was on him. they told him not to go public – they watched every step he made. why on Earth would they let him speak? these are guys that can murder the president so why would they let him live?
    unless of course they would want him to speak but in that case I would expect not 6mins but 6 hours interview full of details. this was supposed to be the groundbreaking story, ultimate proof or whatever, this could change the history. if…
    if it just sounded credible. but it didn’t. reasons are mentioned above and there are plenty of them.
    just don’t see why Dolan got involved. I did respect him…

  45. If he is genuine, what I would like to know is, this man’s true identity. For crying out loud, we have his face and voice on video. Somebody must know this man and be able to begin corroborating or dismantling his story.

  46. Doesn’t seem credible. So far none of these UFO researchers seem very credible. Except the History Channel female reporter.

  47. this documentary seems ridiculous mostly because from the outset it’s coming from the typical/fashionable yet tabloid-y angle: 1-the US govt is behind a MASSIVE coverup & is involved in worldwide ‘crash retrievals’, & 2-it completely subscribes to the ETH, which by now you would think any critical person would NOT subscribe to. MAYBE it is still possible, but it’s hardly rock solid in any form or fashion. it would be nice to see a current documentary in the same vein that leslie kean took in her book, and regarding the contact cases to just present the testimony as it is rather than presenting it in a fashion that utilizes a-to-b logic.

  48. it’s a little weird that there are these so-called cia guys coming out of the woodwork, but it’s impossible to verify. or in the case of corso, his background didn’t quite add up which throws all his claims into the can. i’m guessing this interview was much more intensive and long??? if i was dolan i would have been nitpicking every sentence. at this point it’s he said she said which at the end of the day doesn’t really add much to the overall picture, although if he is who he says he is, then it does lend yet another person of the establishment to some sort of convoluted picture.

  49. It seems the powerful want to get rid of regligion in the world. What better way than to tell the truth about ufo’s and aliens from other worlds.

  50. What a complete and total steaming pile. It staggers me, how astonishingly stupid so many Americans are…namely those within this comment thread who buy into this crap. You’re all no different than religious zealots, to me…or people who buy into things like homeopathic “medicine” and healing crystals. I don’t believe a single bit of this garbage, for two very logical reasons…the guy won’t give his name and nothing hes says can be substantiated including his claim that this is a death bed confession, you gullible idiots. Rob Dolan is a fraud, through and through, and this “interview” is proof of that much.

  51. There will be many who believe this ‘deathbed confession’ as most people believe everything they read, or that they believe that Richard Dolan is putting his stamp of approval on the confession by airing it, which I did not read. It is far more important to apply some measure of intelligence to what one is presented before drawing conclusions as to the plausibility of this interview.

    In truth intelligence has nothing to do with believing in the implausible if not impossibility of aliens or unidentified flying objects. Intelligence is the ability to comprehend or perceive. Intelligence involves the; the ability learn from experience, comprehend complex ideas, plan, reason and think abstractly.

    While this appears to – and is most likely – be an edited version of the interview, the story does not ring true on far too many accounts when studied with serious thought as to the statements made. Consider for a moment that if there was more to this interview that Richard Dolan would have certainly presented the most damning evidence. And then consider that before agreeing to use this information he or his staff would have checked the facts presented.

    The interviewee, was presented by the pseudonym Kewper in a previous interview with Linda Moulton Howe in 1998. In that interview Kewper stated that he had received a phone ‘call on Monday, May 25 from a man who did not explain who he was or for whom he worked, and did not address Kewper by name but simply started talking. Kewper stated that the person on the phone stated, ‘”We understand that you had a conversation with somebody in Pennsylvania in regards to classified materials that had been classified, and we would appreciate it if you didn’t bring up the fact in an interview or television interviews in regards to [Army base name deleted] that you had mentioned on the telephone, and also about anything going on in the [CIA aerial logistics deleted] or anything in regard to that. We would really appreciate it because reporters and just interested people, if it gets aired, may try to get into the classified area there and, of course, to their own physical harm.’ However, in this interview, he stated he was approached by two men wearing black suits who got out of a black Lincoln town car and told him that he should not speak to Linda.

    Kewper is supposed to be speaking from his deathbed, prominently displayed in the video with Dolan sitting on it as the two spoke. Anyone who is in danger of having their kidneys fail, would have more specific medical information that was presented. He spoke of having his blood cleaned and ‘if it doesn’t work his kidneys will shut down in a few months’ as if this would end his life. Any doctor would have explained to him that the blood can be continually cleaned and that a single procedure is meaningless. The blood would continue to be cleaned until the kidneys shut down, which would entail dialysis and several more years of life.

    As a previous cryptologist in the military during the time Kewper spoke of, I am worried about his use of the word cryptography to mention the training he went through. It was called cryptology, never cryptography, which is sometimes used today on sites such as Wikipedia. Crypto was not a written form, but a practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of one’s adversaries. Cryptology has always been synonymous with encryption. the conversion of information from a readable state to apparent nonsense. At the time encrypted messages were being sent by radio waves and not written communication.

    The access card Kewper spoke of was not invented until 1971. However, while the magnetic strip used on the cards was patented by Forrest Parry in 1960, the technology to produce the cards was not available until IBM patented the process of applying it to a readable card in 1968 and did not go into production until 1971.

    If Kewper was really familiar with Roswell in his work and was there, you would think that his pronunciation of the place would have been to refer to it as Roswell and not Roswall as he repeatedly does, even when Dolan does pronounce it correctly.

    The comment about the ‘reverse gravity formula’ being handed to him on a 3×5-inch card draws interest, as while the theory of general relativity was introduced in the 1910s, the actual formula was not devised until 1988 when Robert Forward presented it in a paper at the Joint Propulsion Conference.

    In describing the flying saucer that he saw in one of the bays, he remembered how light it was and stated that he hoisted one side and estimated that it was perhaps no more than 150 to 300-pounds in weight. Yet, in the previous interview with Howe, when she asked him, ‘Were you allowed to go over and touch them?’ Kewper responded with, ‘No. We were on a walkway area and couldn’t get down over to where the craft were actually sitting.’

    When Howe interviewed Kewper he stated that there were, ‘At least about seven, I think. There were some larger ones that were in the rear towards the end that we could see down there because they were probably 50 to 60 feet in diameter.’ At one time, the craft were shiny like tin foil and of a silver gray color, but in the previous interview Kewper stated, ‘they were in different colours. The larger ones in the rear were a real deep, real dark grey colour, and some of the other ones were lighter in colour, but maybe like a light- or medium-brown type of thing.’

    The U2 was designed in 1953 by Clarence “Kelly” Johnson of Lockheed. It was developed by covert funding by the CIA in March 1955. Why he would say that “of course we didn’t know they existed” is strange. The SR-71 (Strategic Reconnaissance) plane was developed in 1964. Lockheed did not have the ability to even build a prototype for the SR-71 at the time he was at Roswell, as it was a Mach-3 aircraft.

    During his tenure, the Eisenhower fleet included two Lockheed C-121 Constellations, a Columbine II (VC-121A 48-610), and Columbine III (VC-121E 53-7885), and two Aero Commanders. In 1958, the Air Force added three Boeing 707 jets (as VC-137s designated SAM 970, 971, and 972) to the presidential fleet. The original Lockheed Electras were developed in the 1930s, and would not likely have been used during the Eisenhower fleet due to their age. The Lockheed L-188 Electra was not developed until 1957, but after two fatal crashes it was dropped by Lockheed in 1958.

    I find the mention of the OSS warehouse particularly strange. The warehouse has been used by the Finders Group since the OSS was abolished in 1945 the OSS by Executive Order and broken down into various agencies including the CIA. The warehouse became the defacto headquarters for the Finders who are a group of about 40 people described in court documents as a ‘cult’ that allegedly conducted ‘brainwashing’ and used children ‘in rituals,’ and sexual abuse.

    The Finders’ leader Marion Pettie shed additional light on his connections to the CIA in an interview with Steamshovel Press in 1998. Recounting the history of his group, Pettie notes that: “Going back to World War II, I kept ‘open house’ mainly to intelligence people in Washington. OSS people passing through, things like that.”

    Given the above facts that counter what Kewper stated, any intelligent person who was capable of thinking abstractly should be able to make the case that the evidence as presented is false, however, there is still that lingering question, ‘What if Kewper is simply much older and mixed up the facts as he presented them.’ The answer is not easily found, as most individuals alter their story as it is told, sometimes unknowingly due to the mental aging process and sometimes to make it more interesting.

    While aliens and unidentified flying objects may exist, and the government may be attempting to hide things from the public out of a need to not cause panic, this interview does little to promote the belief.


  52. Those that chose not to beleive without proof chooses to live in the dark of fear. Too many pieces of the puzzle dating thousands of years. Do you really beleve we r alone in the entire universe!? I beleive in God and I just have to keep my eyes on him. Aliens, ufo, mermaids, whatever else, i mean who cares. There are many mysteries we may never have the answer to. Malaysian flight, whats up with that? Maybe govt traded people for tech. Info., who knows, the govt cares about power.

  53. ..I’m watching.., wondering.., but if this, (Re: “Truth Embargo”) has anything to do with L.Moulton Howe, b4 anyone is “allowed” to see it, they’ll undoubtedly be compelled to go through “Paypal”.., because it’s not really about “SHARING RELEVANT INFORMATION”, (if, indeed, that’s what this is..?), as much as it seems to be about “PROFIT”.., & if this IS about RELEVANT INFORMATION.., then WHY the “ballyhoo”..?? WHY the BUILDUP..??, WHY the SENSATIONALIST “MOOVEE TITLE”..?? .., C’mon.., “TRUTH EMBARGO”.., as if it’s merely the “moovee of the week”.., again.., & again.. Soo, have you moviemakers decided on the admission price of your latest effort..yet..? -Peace

  54. One of the strangest moments of my career as a journalist (25+ years) was when a well trusted source came and “unburdened” himself in regard to UFOs. He had just turned 90, and said he had to tell someone the truth before he died. (And at 90, he was still as sharp as he’d ever been.) He showed me numerous photos (the old type, developed on paper) of himself at the pentagon and at various USAF sites with numerous other officers and government officials. (He was in a Naval officer’s uniform.) He went on to describe various species of aliens, UFOs, “exercises,” he had witnessed and the like. Having known him for better than 20 years as both an intelligent and honest man, I was dumbfounded. He didn’t want to get on the news. He didn’t want me to do a story. He just wanted to unload. The stories he told were simple but had an amazing depth of detail. He spoke with deep sincerity and feeling, and was quite adamant and animated. I finally brought in a colleague I trusted to sit in on the talk. There was no apparent reason this source would lie, and nothing in his manner or speech indicated he was lying. He left looking a lot lighter. My colleague and I walked away scratching our heads.

  55. I have not seen this interview,yet, but I want to post a comment. This is in regards to the comment someone posted about seeing ‘a shape’ in the night sky that he could not see the stars thru. I had a same type of situation happen to me. The date: 31,October 2003 (yes halloween!) time;10:30 PM; place about 25 mi. west of El Paso, Texas. I moved there from N.J. and I was admiring the the MILLIONS of stars in the sky (as we DO NOT see anything like this in N.J.!) Directly above my head appeared ‘a shape’ of a LARGE boomerang shape void in the starry sky, with white/silver “V”s in it (pointing toward the front) in the void.At first I thought these “V”s were a flock of sea gulls ,but I thought we are over a 1,000 mi. from the ocean!(and birds don’t normally fly at night) PLUS I could NOT see any stars behind this ‘shape!!(also NO sound) It was hard to judge it’s height above me (a 1,000ft. maybe) , and IT WAS HUGE (maybe 0.5 mi. long/wide! My mind was trying to process what I was seeing, and my impression of what it could be was “a stealth bomber”(one of OURS) w/ a cloaking device (ala ‘stat track’) & NO I was not SMOKING anything ‘wacky’ or drunk! But if I had my M-14 locked & loaded I would have taken a shot @ it!! It move from above my head to over the Mexican border(about 7 mi.) IN ONE SECOND ,( I still could NOT see the stars behind this’ boomerang’ shape object), then it slowly disappeared! There ARE U.F.O.’s out there, (many people in town told me of same type of siting), but I think many are ‘OURS’ May GOD Bless us, EVERYONE!

  56. I am in no position to decide whether this man is telling the truth or not but I do feel he is being sincere in what his perceptions were at the time.

    Why aren’t there any UFO’s landing in populated areas? My opinion – because they are made in the USA as camouflage to our enemy in what we are truly building.

    I am very disappointed in the host. To not ask how they were “interviewing” the Alien…did it speak? Must have spoken English. So Aliens sit down. Interesting. Who knew. Does he know how long the Alien had been there for? Soooooo many questions pertaining to the Alien were not asked. That is the only thing that causes me to hesitate about this video being published for the right reasons.

  57. tHE WHOLE ALEIN cia ARMY WAS A COMPLETE SCAM TO SCARE THE rUSKKIES INTO BELIEVING THAT THE usa HAD SUPERIOR technology , There is very little evidence that any ufo aliens have ever visited earth… there is NO none NADA physical evidence of any ufo craft !!! none- there isn’t any! These phoney craft and fake aleins are obviously hollywood type props to run a psy=op on dupes that are them allowed to release this “SO _CALLED” top secret, ultra tippy tip top secret information how come these clowns that leak this top secret info are NEVER charged or convicted of espionage?? BECAUSE it is BULLSHIT! find a real physicist that will confirm ufos NOT the crackpot iSTANTON freidman the idiot that has done no physics since the 19509if at all) his whole reasone detre is ufos, all these other qwaks like the fraud bob lAZAR a “physicist haha that worked at area 51 and can prove it!!! with his tax paper !!!! he worked for 2 weeks do you really think this fraud would be allowed into the most top secret places when he was a new hire?? come on really!!! How about all these mental retards that claim they have been abducted hahahahaha why don;t they ever come back with an alein toothbrush or comb oh ya the bug eyed ETs have no hair so they have no combs, Betty and barnyard hill scam is bullshit! This is a belief like believing in a manon the sky that hears your prayers more crackpot bullshit believing something wioth no evedence is crazy but many ignorant fuck do think there is a man in ther sky -god but I digress There is no proof of an ets only some weird military stories that claim to be real and if you believe anything that comes out of the military you are dumb as a bag of dog shit. All the UFO reasearchers are in it FOR THE MONEY!!!!! they have something to sell you and they have no proof I will bet you a million dollars oh wait James Randi has a million dollars that he might pay you if you bring him a real et to talk with.. You et believing idiots make me sick and you are a joke and dumb chumps being played like fools and you sing along to the song you are being played with

  58. I’m not sure who’s being duped here,but this was bad.He sounded like he watched a few too many discovery shows on UFO’s.Men in black,anti gravity,etc his referral to the SR-71 instead of A-12[CIA] and he says nothing that would suggest he witnessed the kind of technology capable of traveling between the stars.His desire to hide his name ,sealed it for me.A bad attempt at story telling.

  59. Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book
    or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share
    some stories/information. I know my audience would appreciate your work.
    If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  60. I have an open mind…but people should always keep in mind when watching a “deathbed confession” that even hoaxters die. And what could be more satisfying to a hoaxter than “confessing” to something this fantastic as he prepares to exit this world?

  61. My takeaway is that the subject is very vague and seeminly uninterested in providing detail to his so called information. More shocking is the absolute horrid interview style of the UFO historian. At the very least, a lawyer or journalist should have been brought in to ask questions and to hold him down for specificity. None of this occurs—sadly all too often.

    This is how religions spread BTW—and this is coming from someone who very much wants to believe but must see evidence first.

    A horrible, awful interview. How NOT to conduct an interview if you want any detail, specifics, or credibility that results from it.

  62. I find those claiming aliens located in Area 51 as story tellers. The US government holds no exclusivity to alien visitors. They crafts are visible world wide some at very close range (10 feet) as in my case. Some like Lazar make a living out of this baloney.

  63. WHAT is up with the “spooky music”? My lawd, it’s so cheesy and distracting. I thought this was gonna be an “actual interview” but it didn’t last very long and no details?? Even William Tompkins gave details.

  64. Why would aliens allow them selves to be kept in captivity? They would be rescued by other aliens along with their ships. The aliens are in charge, light years ahead of humans. As for abduction and genetic engineering , they could take people when ever they wanted. Needs more logical thought and reasoning.
    The aliens only admitted to abducting politicians and giving them an anal probe because they were trying to locate where there brains were.

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