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Cheryl Costa – UFOs by the Numbers – May 16, 2016

Cheryl-Costa-photo-hsOpen Minds UFO Radio: Cheryl Costa is a two-service military veteran, a retired aerospace security engineer and a published playwright. She has had a lifelong interest in UFOs. From 1998-2001 she hosted “The X Factor” talk radio program in Washington, DC, covering UFOs and many other paranormal topics. In 2013 she began writing NEW YORK SKIES a weekly newspaper blog for SyracuseNewTimes.com. In the column she shares lively accounts of New York State UFO sightings. Cheryl’s live presentations are known for their frankness, humor, and a bit of theatrical flair.

In this episode, among other things, we talk about how Cheryl first got interested in UFOs, how she convinced a mainstream newspaper to take on her UFO blog, and her work on tracking UFOs by the numbers.

To read Cheryl’s blog, visit: www.syracusenewtimes.com/author/cheryl-costa/

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Alejandro,

    I am a reoccurring listener and I for the very most part enjoy the show. Most of your guests are viable, but some are clearly self-serving and simply trying to sell their latest rehashed information “book”.

    I do believe there are many additional voice’s (mine included) that could be heard that have 1st person experiences that can bring value to the conversation, as well as expand the real 1st person context of the UFO experience.

    Also, your ongoing references to Hillary are painting a perception of political bias. This is disappointing. Why are you not considering what Trump may bring to the disclosure question?

    Thanks again….keep up the great work and let me know if you would like to hear from a voice without a book. I believe you and your audience may find my experiences interesting, and it may help support others coming forward.


  2. J – It kind of seems hypocritical to make such statements about the guest (which I dont disagree with by the way) and then immediately go into self promoting your self and your story. The personal experience of an individual are totally and utterly irrelevent as a single data point. There is nothing worse then callers on C2C trying to hijack the show with their sighting and experiences. Report them, but just having them doesnt qualify you as being a relevant show guest. Maybe if you did have a book, or a website, or written some articles on it, people would actually want to know more and you might be considered as a guest. But this show would go no where if it had on every single person with experiences. BTW, What does there being a book or not have to do with anything. You dont actually think people are making bunches of money by writing these books, do you? Not even the big names like Stan, Kevin Randle, Dolan, etc.. are making big bucks with their books. What is wrong with someone wanting to get paid for the effort they put into writing a book?

    I almost cant believe i am the one saying that, because I am a strong advocate of open information, open source software, that whole ideology. I think information should be freely available for people to do with as they will. Something that is sorely lacking in the field, to the point of disgust. It drives me nuts that one minute people are harping on the government for keeping secrets and calling for disclosure, but then will say they wont give away their research and information because they want money for it. A certain director of one of the biggest national ufo reporting websites once told me [when asking about making the ufo report database open for researchers to analyze the data] that he wasnt going to do that, he has spent alot of time taking these reports, he isn going to give away that information for free. I could not believe my ears were hearing that. That was absolutely appalling and filled me with total disgust that such an individual would take such a position. A total and absolute hypocrite. How can we call for government disclosure when we refuse to disclose our data within the community. MUFON is no better. No one has made any effort to open source the data already collected, to allow the community the ability to truly study it, and god forbid, make some headway into understanding this crazy phenomenon.

    But I also think that same information should also be able to be sold in book form. There is nothing wrong with wanting compensation for a book, as long as the information isnt being held back to only buyers of that book. What is annoying is when guest dont answer questions, but instead referring the listener to the book. Why be on the radio show if you are not going to share the story and answer peoples questions. Art Bell used to hang up on guest who would just keep referring people to the book. Mention the book, how much it is, where you can get it. But dont let that have any place in the rest of the interview. Dont not answer questions, or not share parts of the story because you want people to buy the book. That is bull and unacceptable and a sure sign of someone whose motives are commercial and not informational. Your not going to get people to buy your book by being a jerk about it. If people want to know more then you could get to in the interview, they will buy the book.

    Anyway, these was supposed to be a couple sentence comment, not a article. Sorry.

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