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Physicist claims Bob Lazar did work at Los Alamos

Update: Several Los Alamos co-workers and physicists who remember working with Lazar have claimed Lazar was not a physicist, but a technician. Krangle, the subject of this article, also clarified his statement saying he can not confirm Lazar was a physicist. Read more at the end of this article.

Bob Lazar is the alleged UFO whistleblower whose claims of working on back engineering alien spacecraft at Area 51 have made the secretive base famous. Officials have denied his claims that he worked for the government as a scientist, and, until now, no one has ever come forth to say otherwise. However, in a recent interview a documentary filmmaker shared statements he was given by a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories in which he claims to have met Lazar at Los Alamos and can confirm he was employed as a physicist.

Lazar first began leaking information to the media about his alleged job back engineering alien spacecraft in the late 1980s. He says he worked at an underground lab called S-4 that is south of the main Area 51 base. At first he appeared in interviews with investigative journalist George Knapp on KLAS News, the Las Vegas CBS affiliate, under a pseudonym with his face in the shadows.

Eventually, he allowed himself to be filmed in the light and shared his real identity. Meanwhile, his story, and the Area 51 base itself, became famous. Making the mystery even more compelling was the fact that, at the time, Area 51’s very existence was denied by the US government. Even though KLAS and other Las Vegas news agencies had been investigating the base for years.

Bob Lazar (left) being interviewed by George Knapp at the 2015 International UFO Congress. Click on the image to view the interview. (Credit: Open Minds Production)

All of this fueled the legends and the notoriety of Area 51, making it all at once the most secretive as well as one of the most famous US government installations.

Lazar claims that he was fired for sharing information about his top secret job, and his records of his employment of working as a scientist, as well as his education records were erased. Nellis Air Force Base, who administers Area 51, as well as Los Alamos National Laboratories, another place Lazar claimed to have worked as a scientist, both denied Lazar worked for them.

Researchers also could not find any records supporting Lazar’s claims of having received degrees at Caltech and MIT. They could not even find anyone who claimed to have remembered going to school with Lazar.

Bob+Lazar+Movie+PosterThis was one of the topics of discussion Sunday night on the wildly popular Coast to Coast AM syndicated paranormal radio show. Knapp hosted the show, and the guest was Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker with several films in the works, one of them about Lazar.

Knapp says he has had to deal with the education issue, but he can look past it. He said, “For me the key issue is whether or not Lazar really did work at Los Alamos National Lab. If he worked there in a scientific or technical position, if he had security clearances, then, I think, that could justify the idea that he would be hired to work at a place like Area 51. So that was always a central question.”

Knapp says his investigation has confirmed, to him, that Lazar did work at Los Alamos. He says, “[Los Alamos] denied he had records. This went back and forth for a couple of years. I know he was there. We’ve interviewed people he worked with before, none of them would come forward. We found his name in a [Los Alamos] phone book. We found a newspaper article with him on the front page and a picture of him saying he is a physicist out there. We know he was there.”

Although Knapp is certain Lazar worked as a scientist at Los Alamos, many remain skeptical. The phone book he mentioned does not list the capacity in which Lazar worked at Los Alamos, and newspapers are easily fooled. That, along with the fact none of his coworkers have come forward publicly to support Lazar’s claims, has made many doubt he is a scientist at all.

However, using some innovative research techniques, Corbell was able to find a witness willing to go on the record. Corbell says in researching Lazar’s claims he used a “bot” – software that can run automated tasks over the internet – to search Facebook for keywords. His bot found him a comment in a Facebook group from a man who said his neighbor claimed to have worked with Lazar.

Corbell got in contact with the man, who eventually got him in touch with the neighbor, who turned out be a legitimate physicist that Corbell was able to confirm did work at Los Alamos. Corbell asked the physicist, Dr. Robert Krangle, if he would be willing to go public with his claims, and he said yes.

Jeremy Corbell (left) debating Bob Lazar with Stanton Friedman at the 2015 International UFO Congress. Click the image to see the debate. (Credit: Carlo Petrick)
Jeremy Corbell (left) debating Bob Lazar with Stanton Friedman at the 2015 International UFO Congress. Click the link to purchase the debate on DVD. (Credit: Carlo Petrick)

Corbell shared some sound clips of an interview with Krangle. Krangle says that he worked on and off as a contractor for Los Alamos throughout the 80s, and still does occasionally.

“I was doing design project this, or an ancillary engineering. Their engineers have been beating a problem, and sometimes they get to close to a problem, so they can’t see the forest for the trees, so they bring in people like me as an outside contact to see what’s going on,” explained Krangle.

Krangle says he graduated from MIT in 1973 with a degree in semi-conductor physics.

Corbell says he has found an article that listed Krangle’s credentials. Krangle also showed Corbell IDs showing he worked at other facilities doing high tech work, such as China Lake, Kirtland Air Force Base, Los Alamos, Sandia, and the Manzano weapons storage facility.

Corbell asked Krangle directly if he knew Lazar to be working as a physicist at Los Alamos, to which Krangle says he was certain.

Unmarked airplanes at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas used to shuttle employees to Area 51. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)
Unmarked airplanes at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas used to shuttle employees to Area 51. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

“He was a physicist. Which, I am a physicist. We kind of recognize each other, you know it’s the classic pocket condom with all of the proper different colored pens, so he fit that mold. If nobody would have told me, one look, he is a physicist. You know, he is properly dressed in geekdom,” Krangle told Corbell.

Not only did he look the part, but Krangle says he attended security meetings with Lazar. He explained that in these meetings “they give you the usual briefing asking you not to talk about that you are doing or seeing.”

As for what specifically Lazar was working on, Krangle says, “I didn’t know what he was up to anymore than he knew what I was up to.”

Warning signs at the Area 51 back entrance. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)
Warning signs at the Area 51 back entrance. A security truck watches from atop the nearby hill. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Krangle also says he understood why Lazar’s employers were so upset with him.

“I understand how Los Alamos would blackball him. He committed professional suicide,” Krangle explained. “He broke from the fold and talked about it. Within that security community. It is that mentality: ‘Don’t talk about what you do.'”

Knapp asked Corbell why Krangle would be sharing this information if he knew he could also get in trouble. Corbell said that Krangle is “just one of those renegades.” He explained that Krangle no longer makes a living off of his Los Alamos contracts, so he isn’t worried about it.

No doubt detractors of Lazar’s claims will be doing further research into Krangle’s background, but it could be that the question of whether Lazar is a scientist has finally been resolved. The question also remains, if Lazar really did work at Los Alamos, why are they hiding that information?

The bizarre mystery of Area 51, S-4, and extraterrestrial technology continues.

You can also listen to Corbell’s interview with Krangle here.

Read more about Lazar and Area 51 here.

& here: How we know about Area 51 in the first place

Update continued:

In a recent interview regarding Lazar and the claims in this interview, Kranlge said, “I don’t remember saying that. I do certainly remember saying he certainly wasn’t the janitor. If I said unequivocally that he was a physicist, then I think that would have been wrong.”

Furthermore, several former Los Alamos physicists who worked with or knew of Lazar claim he was a technician working as a subcontractor for a short period of time.

John Jarmer, who allegedly worked directly with Lazar said, among other things, “He was there for a limited period of time, and he didn’t overly impress me as being the sharpest knife in the drawer or anything like that. That’s what I’ll leave it at.”

Read more here: Bob Lazar: There’s More to the Story

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. I am not surprised to hear this corroboration about Bob Lazar. Since I first heard his story, I just had a sense he was telling the truth. Everything he did, and everything the Powers That Be (PTB) did fit logically together. I hope we get the truth out soon. Besides, Bob is a real American hero in my book – the folks who have been covering up the ET reality were doing the right thing in 1947, but no longer, It’s been 70 years, guys, c’mon! It’s way past time to open the vault.

    I think it was the Derek Hennesey interview which first corroborated Bob’s story. Unfortunately, he was killed. Bob is lucky he escaped that fate – he could have easily been eliminated, but he was smart and protected himself. If the ‘Intelligence Mentality’ (a bit of an oxymoron..) wouldn’t be so stupid, they would realize that loosening up their grasp a tad would be in everyone’s best interest, but the people running S4 are a part of the evil covert government that treats American citizens like enemies. we really MUST get this system shut down, but I digress.

    I am glad this has come to light – it ought to be making much bigger news, but who wants to bet that the PTB are working furiously to get their debunkers in action to warp Krangle’s background? I hope he doesn’t get eliminated, but that could be a real risk, unless Disclosure really is coming soon (which all sane people hope).

  2. Hah hah. This again? Seriously.

    This article is full of flaws. First and foremost, Bob Lazar was not a Los Alamos National Laboratory employee. Bob Lazar opened a photo processing store in Los Alamos. It was next door to the video-rental store in Los Alamos. I have no idea who Krangle is, but did anyone check his credentials? If he did not work with Lazar, then how can he say that Lazar worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory?

    The newspaper articles prove nothing. Anyone can say anything to a news outlet. This story is proof. His name was in the Los Alamos (community) phone book? I should hope so! He ran a business there.

    If Bob Lazar were in fact a temporary contractor, he would not have been involved in a super-secret project there. Rarely happens. Necessary people are given staff positions. If Stanton Friedman couldn’t validate the MIT education, then neither could the U.S. Government. And that would be a real red flag that would count against a person when they were applying for a security clearance.

    Your article states Nellis administers Los Alamos National Laboratory. Not true. The National Nuclear Security Administration administered Los Alamos National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.

    Bob Lazar has had a great run spewing his story. It’s entertaining. Good for him!

    I like stories about the Easter Bunny, too. They are on par with Bob Lazar stories.

    Logic people! Logic. Use logic and ask yourself which is more plausible? That the story was fabricated, or an immense hoax that involves literally thousands of people has been kept under wraps for more than 30 years?

    Tens of thousands of people have worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory during its 70 years. Why did it take so long to confirm the identity of this one man? If someone claims that they worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, there would be literally dozens of people who could confirm that and would be willing to confirm that. Yet no one except now the mysterious Professor X comes out of the woodwork? Fishy? Hmmm.

    Logic people, logic!

  3. As to Lazar not being fired.

    Ask Knapp. Ask Lear. They will both confirm.

    His clearance was suspended during the encounter at Indian Springs, but he was not fired.

    He was actually invited back to work later and he chose not to go.

    Understanding why he was not fired points to what was actually going on. Anyone revealing Top Secret information gets thrown in jail. They do not have their clearance suspended.

  4. That is really interesting, Grant. I have an interview going up on Monday with Ron Regehr on this. Although, if his clearance was suspended, he was in essence fired, because he could not do his job anymore. Ron suggests that he was not prosecuted because to do so would be to acknowledge he worked at Area 51/S4.

    Are you suggesting that he is a willing participant in disinformation? If so, that may answer a lot of questions.

  5. Bob is telling the truth. Everything that has transpired over the last 25 years just adds to the credibility of his story. Also, the US Govt never actually denied it….

  6. Lazar did work for EG&G and paid by US Dept of Naval Intel., physically working at groom lake (S-4) and Los Alamos in Nevada.
    Old news which even Friedman admits he was not correct in denying Lazar was at A-51, S-4. Ufology people owe Knapp a bundle through his work with Lazar in 89 and airing Lazar’s story. Lazar/Knapp really jump-started serious interest in ‘Little Green Men”? – ‘your a nut!’. Lol.

  7. Bob LAZAR is a true witness to new technology masked as alien technology. A jump ship created in new Mexico to be used for robots. A very advanced all hydrolic asimo.

    Bob should be requested to speak as many have recently tried to visit caves on Antarctica he found

  8. I think you all need to view this court footage which is DEFINITIVE proof that Lazar did work there… you don’t even need a testimony. The video is on YouTube under the title:

    “**AMAZING** Rare Bob Lazar Court Case Footage Revealing The Existence Of W2 Form.”

  9. OK everyone! If u use logic and some simple reasoning there can be only one intelligent conclusion….Bob Lazar story is fact and so are the many accounts from other competent people such as Charles Hall who interacted directly with Tall White Aliens on the testing ranges at S4. Incidentally very close to the same area as Lazar. Why are none of you hot shot disbelievers

  10. OK everyone! If u use logic and some simple reasoning there can be only one intelligent conclusion….Bob Lazar story is fact and so are the many accounts from other competent people such as Charles Hall who interacted directly with Tall White Aliens on the testing ranges at S4. Incidentally very close to the same area as Lazar. Why are none of you hot shot disbelievers trying to attack Mr. Hall. Why in heavens name would anyone try to get their 15 minutes of fleeting fame by coming up with stories about Aliens and reverse engineering intergalactic space crafts. If they are making this up the writers of Star Wars and Stargate could use their very furtile imaginations. Remember the earth is round not flat! Get your heads out of you know where and pressure the government and military for disclosure before it’s too late for all of us.

  11. Bob was a low level technician, at most. He was not a physicist. He doesn’t even talk or think like one. Why does he only ramble on with qualitative descriptions and never has explained what he’s seen into mathematical analysis. Well I guess that’s hard to do when you’ve never even taken a calculus class. Bob tells great grandiose stories to make him bigger than he ever was. I’m sure he dreamt of being a physicist but he simply isn’t one and hasn’t take the right steps to become one. Since he’s clearly lying about his own biographical details, there’s no strength to anything else he is saying. He can’t even be honest with himself.

  12. I was there whether this group or anyone else believes or not. I don’t care if you believe. Just trying to pass on some information in hopes someone will one day be able to crack the system.

  13. Bob did work at Los Alamos – he was issued a “Z” number – which only LANL employees or LANL contractors get – and his story, in my opinion, is plausible.

    There are two inventions – transistors and lasers – both of which are so complicated that it would be virtually impossible to stumble upon them – and both came into existence (on Earth) shortly after the Roswell crash(es).

    You can argue that Bell Labs / Townes & Schawlow invented lasers and/or that Shockley / Brattian “discovered” transistors – and I can counter that they were given the necessary formula for crystal doping – which was as much witchcraft as science in the 50’s.

    “Far more things are possible than likely.”

  14. To BoB lazar I used to live down the street from you when you worked at area51.I also was working there as nuclear special adviser to the s4 program and was a piolet.would you like to work there again with meand some of the old team. My security clearences are g2 g3 g120 s4 alfa zed 10001 zed alfa.was oferd the head of the program but turned it down some 1 named richerd took the position and threatened to kill me if i didnt tell him all the info to the project.I have been doing time travel on land.was part of the back step program and future program 4 time travel.took scaucer to andromida and back in 6 hours special maudifications 4 warping time and space .light speed.e=mc2.pleaes contactme need to talk to some one from the past have people trying to kill me.not safe

  15. I don’t know if Lazar worked there but asking for proof of his employment from the US government is plain stupid. Ask yourself this; has ANYONE (else) who worked or works on any ‘top secret’ government programs ever come forward to say, for example, “I was a design engineer for Have Blue”. The answer is no. The only people associated with Have Blue who were in the public eye were high end program managers if that. Top secret is top secret, hell, you can’t even find the guy who laminated the F117 carbon fiber skin now can you? Stop looking for proof as to whether Lazar worked there. Let’s say he is lying, then how the hell did he come up with the description and diagrams he has? He is not a science fiction writer but surely he is talented enough to earn a living at it. And once last thing, Lazar may have worked ‘as a physicist’ but perhaps never completed his studies in school to receive his actual degree. Don’t forget, MIT like many universities was under the hand of the US Government. Of course they could make records go away. I am not saying that happened, but they could. Look at what the CIA did – secretly administering LSD to the point where a doctor working for them was pushed out of a hotel room window to his death, all to keep him quiet.

  16. To “Man in black”,
    I worked as a contractor at LANL and met face-to-face with very few other people there. Due to the nature of projects, almost everything but admin is isolated into separate tech areas. Sometimes, it felt like I was the only guy around. It could be easy to go days without talking to anyone except my immediate supervisor. When I first arrived in Los Alamos, I actually thought “is this ALL there is?” Only after getting lost a few times did I realize the extent of ops. As far as S4 goes, I never went there, but “Groom Lake” was cryptically mentioned at another well-known lab. At that time, I had no idea about the place.

  17. Just goes to show that people and their willingness to believe can be easily exploited. Sorry people. Bob Lazar lied. He lied about going to MIT, lied about getting a graduate degree there. Lied about attending Cal Tech (Cal Tech doesn’t even offer a degree in Electronic Technology). Bob was a photo processor at Los Alamos. Bob’s W2 for Navel Intelligence shows he only made $900 the entire year. Part time janitor. Bob changes his story when he began working at “S4”, 1988 or 1989. And also states, “it was for about 6 months and very infrequently went to S4”. Who goes through the process of getting a security clearance (which takes at least one year to get) and hired as a “physicist” to only work “very infrequently”. His story is swiss cheese. Bob has delusions of grandeur. Bob doesn’t even use scientific terms correctly. But there are gullible people who just want to believe, beyond facts and reason. So be it.

  18. Hello.
    Merry Christmas. I miss home but now I live in the UK.

    I worked on TTP system at Los Alamos for 7 and a half years and a further 4 years when the project made the transition/integration at the Nevada facility.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say I remember Bob at Los Alamos. I have proof he was there and my attendance is not hidden and I welcome other parties to verify who I say I am. Must add that he wasn’t very likeable and a brown nosing SOB, but he was there as he said he was.

    I have no idea if he worked Sec 4 or did the stop offs at 51. None. I just know he was at Los Alamos. And that he wasn’t well liked.

    Many years later we bumped into each other in a grocery store and said a quick hello but never spoke.

    On oath I can say that the parties claiming he was never there? It’s simply not true. Yes he’s a buffoon but I can’t just sit here and let a lie go on.

    Anyway. Merry Christmas.

  19. John Lear was the friend that Bob Lazar exposed the test flights to, was he not? Lear backs up Lazars claims.

    I also remember seeing that video, where Bob Lazar was in court, for taxes or something, and the Judge is waving around a W-2, that was not supposed to exist.

    Now Bob Lazar owns United Nuclear; and interestingly one of his big contracts is with the US government.

    Maybe both Lear and Lazar are disinfo agents.

  20. Krangle says he has a PhD from MIT, but there’s no PhD dissertation or any MIT publication by anyone named Krangle in MIT’s library.

  21. Man in Black:

    It was the lab phone directory, not the community directory.

    You’re understandably, but somewhat with a bias and agenda, misreading and misattributing a sloppy sentence on Nellis that can be read both ways.

    You’re flip-flopping the claimed sequence of events on employment and education records not being able to be tracked down.

    These comments of yours almost make me think perhaps you’re not serious and are just a provacateur, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I have no idea if Lazar worked at S-4.

  22. Back in 1985 as a young engineer working in the nuclear industry I worked briefly with a Serbian Engineer who was soon to retire. We had coffee once in a while and just before he retired he told me this story: He had a friend in university in Serbia who became a (particle) physicist and ended up working for many years at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, West Germany. One day he came home ( he was still single) and two men in dark suits had illegally entered his flat and were waiting for him with a proposal to leave his job and work for them. Flabbergasted at this invasion, he told them to get out and he would call the police. They explained they were from the U.S. and said he had no choice, because they needed his expertise, so to make a long story short, this physicist ended up at Area 51.

    My engineer colleague did not lose touch with his physicist friend and a number of years later, they met briefly on one occasion and among other things they discussed, the engineer asked him where he now worked and what he did. The physicist explained that he worked at Area 51 (which did not exist at that time) and he wasn’t allowed to say anything about what he did, but what he did say was; ” in your wildest dreams, you could not even begin to imagine what I do.” Needless to say my retiring engineer colleague had a good story, and I’ve always wondered about what goes on behind our backs without our knowing. Anyway, I just retired recently from my job in the nuclear industry and thought I would pass this along. You all can fill in the blanks.

    Oh, by the way, while Bob Lazar is too young to be this particular physicist, it’s interesting to note that the name “Lazar” has a very Serbian heritage.

    “Curioser and curioser” – Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass.

  23. The Lazar items are interesting but also BS. I have 4 graduate degrees (none from overly impressive places) all in rather technical fields (Accounting, Econ, Applied Math, Biostatistics). If you asked me technical questions, it could very easily be verified I have a graduate level understanding of baseline theory in the fields. On top of that, even at relatively large schools, I and every MS or Phd level student was a known quantity. Heavy amounts of times are put into graduate students. So, professors/staff/students etc know each other. Even if you “erased” my transcripts there would be more than 10 people who could say yes, I know this person. All of this evidence is circumspect here. He can’t name professors (he would have had 4-6 easily in the programs even if some doubled in major theory courses), many students would recall him, and if we today gave him a test on any basic graduate concepts/theory he should know it. I have not done economics in over 15 years, however if you asked me to derive first order conditions of some major models, asked about what the models I studied were, etc I would answer all of them. So, he knows the layout of Los Alamos? So would the janitor, office workers, cafeteria staff, etc. That proves nothing. What hides in plain site is the crushing lack of specific knowledge in theory or people that one would garner doing what he has said he did. The supreme desire to understand/believe in/etc what might be a central question (“Are we alone?”) makes people totally susceptible to believing nonsense. Such is the case with Lazar.

  24. If there is definitive proof of his schooling getting degrees at MIT etc…. There should be proof somewhere.

    Classmates verifying, acceptance letter, payment info for classes, old check stubs, etc…

    This is everything to le because if he is lying about his schooling he is lying about everything else.

    This would be a huge character flaw and cement the bullshit deal for me.

    On the otherhand if it is verified i would lean towards believing his story.

  25. You could obtain an undergrad and not have fellow students and classmates remember you. A MASTERS DEGREE REQUIRES COLLABORATION, GROUP WORK, AND INTIMATE AND LONG HOURS WITH THE SAME UNIQUE STUDENTS AND FACULTY ESPECIALLY AT ELITE PROGRAMS LIKE MIT AND CALTECH WHERE MASTERS LEVEL CLASSES IN THOSE DISCIPLINES ARE VERY SMALL. There is zero probability that anyone smart enough to make it into those programs could not remember those intimate relationships. Even if his memory was wiped, those other students and faculty would certainly remember him.

  26. Bob Lazar is obviously very smart. His stories alone even if he’s lying can be an amazing movie plot. Now if he knew this will shock the world, why the hell will he say he went to MIT and Caltech? Didn’t he even think people can easily search for school records if he really did go there? If he’s lying he could just easily say he went to his real school where he attended and was hired anyway because of the newspaper article he was in. So him lying about going to MIT doesn’t make sense. You know why? The explanation is simple, he really did go there! Official records were taken out, and people who knew him were threatened. Bob himself is reluctant to drop names because he knew people don’t want to get involved.

  27. A 20 second test could establish the ability to do calculus, pretty definitively, in anyone claiming to have a master’s in physics. A simple first hurdle of veracity in Bob Lazar, but apparently not bothered with since this concept would only occur to the very small percentage of the population that knows calculus and that does not generally include journalists, writers, entertainers, posers, etc. No need to dig into school records or find witnesses/acquaintances/professors to verify; just test his ability to integrate and differentiate. My null hypothesis is failure of a simple test, therefore zero credibility.

  28. This silliest and most telling aspect of people who have a need to believe in UFO conspiracies, is the claim that all of information they have and know is “hidden” and “secret”, and “the government” won’t disclose it and they won’t tell the truth.

    Yeah? Except, somehow all of you believers claim to have access to all of those “hidden” and “covered up” secrets. How is that? Somehow, the “truth”, which the believers claim is hidden, secret, and denied, is available to those believers. Sure it is.

    The believers have a need to keep promoting their narrative, because it makes them the special people, who somehow acquired access to all that hidden truth and facts, that “they” keep hidden. So the truth is not hidden to you, and you’re the only enlightened ones while the rest of the unbelieving public are being, “fooled”? No.

    The believers claim and believe that it is everyone else who is uninformed and unenlightened, while they are so highly informed and enlightened.
    If a deeply involved and convoluted secret is uncovered and known ,and then spread all over the place, then it is no longer secret, and no longer covered up. Get it?

    So which is it? Are “they” hiding and covering up the “Truth”, by using a grand global conspiracy? Or, is all of the information out in the open, readily and easily available via the plethora of websites and “true believers” who declare that they have and know the truth?

  29. why is his work in LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY SECRETIVE? i dont get it. what did he do there?
    somone shed lite 4 me pls.

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