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‘Worm-like’ UFO photographed over Washington D.C.

A Washington D.C. witness reported watching and photographing a “worm-like” object hovering in the sky under 40 feet that could not immediately be identified, according to testimony in Case 79569 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Witness image 1. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness image 1. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness was walking home in northwest D.C. at 11 a.m. on October 2, 2016, when the object was noticed in the sky.

“I noticed a strange object hovering in the sky, about 30-40 feet up, across the street from me, maybe a total distance of 60-70 feet between myself and the object,” the witness stated.“The object was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Witness image 2. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness image 2. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness described the object.

“It was a dark, worm-like shape and it hovered in the same position for roughly three minutes while I was able to take photos. At first I thought it could have been an unusual entanglement of those narrow balloons used to make balloon animals, however, I don’t believe they could have floated in this position with helium. The object moved only slightly, despite a breeze which would have greatly moved even an anchored balloon. No wire, ribbon or any kind of string was present.”

Witness image 3. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness image 3. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness quickly lost sight of the object.

“As I ran around the corner to try and get right underneath it, I could not find it.”

Cropped and enlarged version of the witness image 3. (Credit: MUFON)
Cropped and enlarged version of the witness image 3. (Credit: MUFON)

MUFON Washington D.C. is investigating. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh is a UFO writer and content developer. He is Director of Communications for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where he manages media contact, rights and permissions, and content development for television, film, documentary, radio, print and stage. Roger is a MUFON case researcher for History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” He is editor of the monthly international MUFON UFO Journal, executive producer of the weekly “MUFON UFO Traffic Report” radio show; serves as the MUFON webmaster; reporter for the daily “UFO Traffic Report” in web and audio formats; and publisher of the “MUFON Books” imprint. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. Roger was featured in the 2015 season premiere episode of Destination America's "Monsters & Mysteries in America." Roger and his wife, Joyce, live in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, restoring a 1910 Pennsylvania four-square.

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  1. My fiancee n i were sittin out front of our apartment two weeks ago in southeast D.c. and saw the a very similar object to the north underneath the flight path of the plants that have to skirt the city being as thst dc is a no fly zone…

  2. It’s very obvious. Took me 2 seconds to see that it’s large number/letter ballons.

    FOR REAL!!! There’s a giant floating number two!!

  3. I saw something exactly like this in Sterling, Illinois this past summer. It was large and about 1000 feet in the air. It was moving north to south but the wind that day was frim the east. It traveled in a perfectly straight line, undulating and turning and morphing the whole way until it was out of sight. I didn’t even think to grab my phone to video or photograph. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. But I did get someone’s attention 20 seconds before it was out of sight. At least I have another witness, because nobody I tell believes me.

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