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UFOs seen by multiple witnesses over North Carolina beaches (Photos)

Multiple witnesses reported glowing orbs of light in the night skies over North Carolina beaches this weekend. The UFO sightings, along with a couple pictures of the objects, were submitted to WWAY out of Wilmington, NC, who reported on the unusual objects.

Woozy Dell told WWAY that she spotted the lights Saturday night over Ocean Isle beach, where she is vacationing. “I thought that’s a strange light. Maybe it’s a helicopter light, and I was watching them go, and they sorta did like a half circle,” Dell said. She continued, “And then I saw another one come, and then I thought this is bizarre, and it got a little interesting.”

One of the images of the UFO provided by the witness. (Credit: Woozy Dell/WWAY)
One of the images of the UFO provided by the witness. (Credit: Woozy Dell/WWAY)

Then more lights began to appear. Dell says, “So I saw two, and then I started seeing three, and then I started seeing four, and then I started counting them, because I thought, ‘My gosh. What is this?”

She described the orbs as “orangeish-red, but when it went back around it was white.”

The second image of the UFO provided by the witness. (Credit: Woozy Dell/WWAY)
The second image of the UFO provided by the witness. (Credit: Woozy Dell/WWAY)

The next day, Dell asked around to see if anyone else had seen the lights, and she says at least one person told her they had.

WWAY says they also received an email from another person who claims to have seen UFOs on Saturday at nearby Wrightsville Beach. This person said they were with a friend. In the email, the witness describes seeing similar strange lights at around 4 a.m. They watched the objects for around three hours. The witness says they thought the lights were planets at first, but then they began making “erratic  motions.”

An excerpt of the email sent to WWAY about the UFO sighting at Wrightsville Beach. (Credit: WWAY)
An excerpt of the email sent to WWAY about the UFO sighting at Wrightsville Beach. (Credit: WWAY)

WWAY contacted the Brunswick County dispatch, but were told dispatch had not received any reports of strange lights on Saturday.

Map of Wilmington. Ocean Isle Beach is at the marker on the bottom left. Wrightsville Beach is in the upper right. (Credit: Google Maps)
Map of Wilmington. Ocean Isle Beach is at the marker on the bottom left. Wrightsville Beach is in the upper right. (Credit: Google Maps)

Dell says of her sighting, “It is certainly an unidentified object, and it was in the sky, and then went away, and it was, the lights, were so unusual that it was something you don’t forget.”

She also hopes to see the objects again. “I have to admit,” Dell laughed, “I did go out the next night looking. And tonight looks like a clear night, so…”

UPDATE 8/22/2014:

We were sent a link to a video by Gary Travis, another resident of Ocean Isle Beach, who says he and his daughter also saw some mysterious lights recently. Their sighting was on June 10, 2014, and he was able to catch it on video. Although he says he was not able to catch much, and it is hard to see on YouTube, there clearly are several lights that blink on and off.

In his video’s description, Travis writes:

My daughter and I were on the beach house deck around 10 PM on June 10, 2014. We observed 6 small twinkling lights at high altitude with no sound approach from the West. My camcorder did pick up the twinkling lights but they are not visible on Youtube due to their downgrade of the video. I captured four flare like orbs as the twinkling lights passed near the moon ( visible at the top of the screen ). Later, I observed dozens of similar orbs appear at random during the next hour far out over the ocean to the south. They seemed much further away and lasted for 5-10 seconds before fading out. Please set YouTube to HD 1080P setting for best quality.

Some people have suggested these lights are all Chinese Lanterns. While the pictures in the original story above could be the results of lanterns, other witness descriptions seem to indicate something else. This latest video also does not seem to be typical for Chinese Lanterns. We at OpenMinds.tv did an experiment with Chinese Lanterns to show what they look like on video, and I posted that video below for comparison.

Let us know what you think.

Just got another report via twitter:

@openmindstv@AstroATR I was vacationing in OakIsland NC from Fri15-Tue19-Sat morn went out on the balcony 2 smoke saw lights around 3:30 am

UPDATE 8/27/2014:

We emailed the local chapter of MUFON in North Carolina, and received some more information about the sightings. North Carolina MUFON Director Lakita Adams says, “We had a kind of mini ‘flap’ in mid June also, and a military spokesperson from Camp Lejeune told one of our FIs that there were military exercises going on in the area. ” She also sent us a link to a story about military exercises that were going on the days before the sightings at Camp Lejuene.

North Carolina MUFON Assistant Director Isreal Curiel says, “We had already heard about the sighting from the professor of theology at Wilmington University. She and her husband (a skeptic) saw them the same night. The MUFON database has over 120 sightings from New Hanover county. We went there last year and got many incredible stories from locals that came to our meeting.”

Cureil continued, “It is the most active area of NC. Many of the witness we have spoken to have even seen them coming out of the ocean. I went down in September of 2013 to see for myself and saw an orange orb in Myrtle Beach SC. The two cities are very close.”


Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Hi! It’s me – the one who wrote that report!! I contacted the National UFO hotline and was told ( by a very arrogant, rude man ) that I didn’t see what I saw…Thank you so much for doing this report and showcasing my letter!!! I am so thrilled!! I would like to note that in one portion of the sky there were no visible stars!! And that when the dawn came it revealed baffling cloud formations!!! My phone number is (919)-850-2130…I live in Raleigh and if you would like to speak to me or my friend Shavonne then we would be happy to speak with you!! 😉

  2. Chinese Lanterns do not move left to right and all around, independently & with purpose and intent like these orbs did!

  3. these are not lanterns. im a wedding photographer and see red and white lanterns set afloat all the time. I SAW THESE THINGs tonight!! first one turned and sped off, the other NINE floated slowly over the ocean here in Emerald Isle NC. i was trying to video tape with my phone, which did nothing, i finally grabbed my canon 7D and my 135mm lens and vdeo taped the last two. we called the uscg thinking they were flares. CG said probably military. i have kids in the navy and they said..um…no. it was only after i posted the vid on fb, that i was told these orbs have been seen all over NC recently, and even other countries, states, and non military areas. Here is one of my videos from tonight https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203949227823589&l=7480048207820441628

  4. we saw something that looked just like that floating around carolina beach during the fireworks on thursday august 21st 2014…..at first i thought that it must be a lantern, but it was moving from left to right in perfect straight lines…..it was the strangest thing that i have ever seen…..then it just floated away….it was def. not the fireworks or any Chinese lantern!!!!!!!!

  5. @ Kellylynne – This is Heather Little! The link you posted is not opening – I would love to see your footage! Do you have another way to view it? I saw the same orbs the weekend before on the 15th – and would like to see if it looks like the ones i saw – there were seven in all and the sky was black with no stars – thanks!

  6. It’s flares from the C-17s out of Charleston. They drop them off the coast all the time. I wish idiots would quit calling them UFOs. All it does is have a negative impact on the subject and make real researchers look like idiots. I also liked how the news team only contacted on military base about it. Let’s see, there’s also, Bragg, Pope, Havlock, and the before mentioned bases to consider. I’ve see the lights before, and I’ve also seen the jets dropping them. That’s all it is. And yes, I do live in the area. Longwood to be exact.

  7. Tuesday 11/11/14 10:55p: I witnessed a UFO on my way to work, go behind the woods on MLK Jr Highway by the airport. I almost dismissed it as a plane but noticed that this object was circular shaped with multi-colored LED flashing lights all around it. Right now you can go to MLK Jr and see that these lights are still flashing behind the woods. I don’t know if there’s new plane tech being tested or what. This is not a military airspace territory so that theory doesn’t seem to plausible. If you’re on this site and life in Wilmington NC and witnessed anything please repost it so I know I’m not nuts. it’s now 11:17p on 11/11/14.

  8. These are not flares. Not even close.

    I had a sighting with my mother and step dad in 2013 in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. My step dad is retired Navy and he had no clue what they could be, and is in denial to this very day. My mother was scared by it. And with my enthusiasm in this subject over the years, I was in awe.

    Ours started out a couple miles out over the water at night time. They appeared as large, bright stars, moving very gracefully yet erratically. They ended up coming together into a diamond-like formation, becoming still, and suddenly glowing bright orange and they were much closer and lower. Nearly directly over me as I had tracked them down the beach about 1/4 mile. Then 3 went back to white and one stayed glowing orange as the white ones moved away and the orange one then turned back off and went in the opposite direction (north) of the other ones.

    Show me a flare, plane, helicopter, or anything else do that.

  9. I used to live in Holden Beach from May 2010 to October 2013 and I used to see these all the time, from sunset to sunrise. The scariest thing that ever happened was an incident on 9 Dec 2011 when my wife and I returned from Lumberton. We had come down 211 through Green Swamp and kept seeing lights moving around so I had a feeling something was going on… we got home to Holden Beach and put our son to bed, and around 12:30 am on Dec 9th we were standing in the kitchen smoking cigarettes when there was a loud boom outside that got louder and louder… I thought maybe something had hit the ocean and a tsunami or something was coming, which made me freak out. But outside the window I saw a bright orange light appear, disappear, and reappear a moment later to the left (meaning it was moving east) across the dark sky outside really close. The boom slowly faded, and because of that and the light we ended up staying up all night and kept hearing lower booms until 3:30 am or so, but it was nothing like the first boom that rattled everything and sounded like an approaching tsunami! There is something about the ocean off the coast there that attracts things!

  10. On June 23, 2015 I was on our dock on ICCW located between wrightsville beach and Carolina beach. I was looking toward the west and saw what I believed to be a large star. It then started to move up, down, side to side, then toward the south fairly quickly. It had a smaller “star” behind and below it which followed. Further to the north I noted at least 5 other “stars” which were smaller do the same. I went home looked at it through binoculars and noted blue, green and red flashing lights on it and second one. I tried to record it but my screed only recorded black and sound. After an hour it moved north in a side to side, up and down motion. My poor husband had to get up at 330am to witness this. I have no idea what to think. Anyone else see this?

  11. I witnessed these orbs or lights a few years ago sometime between 2010-2012 with a few friends on the shores of wrightsville beach, NC in the early morning by access 11. At first I thought they were the lights on the mast of a ship because they were close to the horizon over the ocean then they moved too high for it to be that then I thought maybe an aircraft.. especially with all the military bases around but then these four lights started to somewhat rotate and move into different formations almost and never staying in any symmetrical form.. seeing this all of us knew this wasn’t any sort of aircraft and just sat there and watched this move up and down the coast over the ocean until it disappeared. I have talked about this with them and told a few others over the years but this night has stuck with me all these years as something I couldn’t forget or explain.Now seeing that others have experienced close to what I did in almost the same spot is basically a confirmation for me that this is definite. I don’t know what but it is returning consistently it seems.. I am honestly glad to know we aren’t the only ones to have seen this.. JEM

  12. i also saw a single red light and the way it was moving it was not a balloon to fast and stopped in mid flight then flew straight up through the clouds i saw this at 11:02pm in baxter M.N

  13. I just seen the same thing off the cost of the emerald isl nc it was one orb, then split in two then a 3rd poped up after 5 sec a 4th,then a 5th it happend in 3 difernt locations to the north east and to the south east of where i was standing, each difernt sighting was about 5 min apart, the night b4 i seen a shooting star in the 2nd loacation (south east) same area where i seen the orbs looked like it hit the ocean

  14. 9/18/16 Saw 2 orange orbs around 10:30 last night, south east of Folly Beach, Sc. Assumed, given the military traffic here, flares on parachutes. Very bright, even w the full moon. Barely moved for close to 5 minutes. One sunk out of sight, the other rose, dimmed, then faded out. Again assume some sort of military flare. Many flights here w Air Force. However did not see any plane lights.

  15. wait for a foggy night, strap strobe lights on a few drones, then sit back and laugh at the cattle

  16. July 20, 2017. My wife and I were on our deck finishing dinner when I noticed (what I thought was) a very low star down the beach, toward the pier. As she got up to view it…it kind of faded as if it was traveling a a high rate of speed towards South Carolina. We were both looking out at the ocean wondering what we had seen when 4 orange orbs appeared several times in the sky. The pattern was somewhat rectangular and they were very bright, but lasted only a few seconds. There was no sound related to the orbs. These were 100% NOT Chinese lanterns not anything easily explained…very interesting, but odd. My wife went inside, but I had to keep watching….5 minutes later I did see one orb much further out over the ocean. Again, only for a few seconds. Would love to know exactly what this was –

  17. I saw the orange lights that are in the upside down shape of a V and or triangular shape 2 times now. I live in Carolina beach, NC. One time I was on the beach with a friend pretty late walking from the boardwalk. And the other time I was walking my pug and I was walking my dog here and i just happened to look up and it was right above me moving eerily slow. I got a much better look. The weirdest thing is how silent everything became. I realized I cldnt here the frogs or any of the air conditioners from the houses. It was a very odd silence. But you see alot of strange things here that ive never seen before.

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