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UFOs along India’s border remain a mystery

Members of the Indian Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) reported in November 2012 that they had witnessed more than one-hundred UFOs along India’s Himalayan border with China during a two-and-a-half-month period. These unidentified aerial objects were investigated by several agencies including the Indian Astronomical Observatory, the Indian army, the National Technical Research Organisation, and the Defence Research Development Organisation. But no identification was made.

Indian Astronomical Observatory. (Credit: Alin Dev)
Indian Astronomical Observatory. (Credit: Alin Dev)

Shortly after news about this UFO wave broke, India’s Zee News reported that scientists and experts suspected the UFOs were simply sky lanterns launched by the Chinese army as part of a “psychological operation.” Zee News supported this claim by stating that scientists from the Indian Astronomical Observatory studying the UFOs determined that the luminous objects were only visible for twelve to eighteen minutes. But this statement contradicts the original witness testimony that claimed these “yellowish spheres” slowly traversed the sky for “three to five hours before disappearing.” Regardless, after Zee News reported that experts believed the UFOs were sky lanterns, other media outlets accepted this identification and considered the case closed.

Object photographed by the ITBP. (Credit: ITBP/India Times)
Object photographed by the ITBP. (Credit: ITBP/India Times)

But on Monday, July 22, the Telegraph published an article asserting the UFOs still have experts baffled. The article reconfirms the original description that the UFOs “rise and hover along the horizon for around three hours before fading from sight.” According to the Telegraph, Dr. P. Sreekumar, the new director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore, recently confirmed that the institute is still investigating the UFOs along the border. He stated, “We’re still looking at these issues. We have a facility [to investigate issues like these] and it is important that we look at it. As an institute we can’t say what it is right now. It’s very fresh.”

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