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UFO researcher Lloyd Pye memorial

Lloyd Pye has been searching for the origins of a mysterious skull that he calls the “Star Child” since 1999. He has done many lectures on the anomalous nature of the skull, which he believed may be of extraterrestrial origins. Pye has been battling cancer, and unfortunately he lost that battle on December 9, 2013.

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  1. Wow! That is sad news. I met him at a taping of Beyond Belief last December. I got to see the skull and touch the damn thing! He spoke with sincerity and passion about the skull. His enthusiasm was genuine and I believe he has found one of our lost relatives. F cancer. Ironically, Dr. Leonard Coldwell was also a guest of that show and of course his expertise is-cancer-. That’s weird. I wonder if they talked? RIP Lloyd–I hope you now have all of your questions answered!

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