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UFO Photographs – Cocoyoc, Mexico – OpenMinds.tv UFO Photo Archive

Late afternoon on November 3, 1973, four people witnessed a UFO while travelling north to Mexico City.

The passenger was the first to see it and pointed it out to her husband who was driving. It was described first as looking like a helicopter, but as it got closer it became something much more strange.

He pulled over and captured a single photo using a 50mm lens. The object then started to move away, he swapped to a 135mm telephoto lens and took two more photos of the object.

It was reported the object rotated to project its “tentacles” downward and landed. The witnesses said a bridge with two children on it could be seen behind the landed object, and one of the children began running to the site. That’s when the witnesses took off.

The investigator interviewed the four and found them to be serious people with zero interest in the UFO topic. Film negatives were examined by Roberto Padilla, Special Services Director for Kodak of Mexico and it was determined that a real object was photographed with no evidence of faking or fraud.

Michael Cline

Michael Cline has a diverse background with more than ten years of video production experience at multiple TV stations and ad agencies, along with his own freelance endeavors. A strong interest in the unknown motivates him to research, write, and edit video segments on a variety of UFO related topics.

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  1. Dennis, if these underground alien bases are to be believed, then Mexico and Central America would be great continental structures for digging vast, deep caverns in the mish-mash of broken and fractured rock that lies beneath.

  2. It might be that this culture spends more time outside, as compared to North Americans who spend time indoors. I have noticed that the Mexicans here in Texas use the public parks quite a bit. Also, they may be more receptive to supernatural phenomena. These are just anecdotal observations.

  3. I knew I’d seen a representation of a UFO, in some context, before of which this one reminded me. Here it is:


    ‘”The Crucifixion” hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia ~ it was painted in 1350.

    The painting depicts two UFO’s in the sky on both sides of Jesus.’

    I’ve no idea what it means, if anything, but the resemblance is surely strong.

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