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UFO files reveal British Ministry of Defence monitors anti-gravity research

In the recent batch of UFO files released by the UK National Archives, among the masses of letters sent to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) asking about extraterrestrials, one also asks that the MoD to release the truth about anti-gravity technology that is being hidden from the public. The MoD boffins replied that they do not currently have any anti-gravity projects, but they are aware of and monitor research in this field.

Anne Moffat
Anne Moffat

The letter in question is quite lengthy and asks that the truth about extraterrestrials and anti-gravity being hidden from the public be revealed. It was sent in January of 2009 to Anne Moffat, a Scottish Labour Party politician, who was then a member of the British Parliament. She forwarded the email to the MoD for a response. The files show that someone in the MoD then asked the science division for help answering the bit on anti-gravity.

The reply was rather interesting. They wrote:

Although the MoD is aware of anti-gravity and gravity modification research, the Department does not currently have any research programmes into this field. The MoD does continue [to] monitor these types of development through our Horizon Scanning activities to assess whether such technologies could be of any benefit to defence in the future.

The letter also suggested that the reader review an article on anti-gravity written by a member of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a science department of the MoD. The referenced article was not attached, and the link appears to be of a file that resides on the UK government’s internal network. Ultimately, any discussion of anti-gravity did not make it into the standard UFO response that was sent to Moffat.

Correspondence on anti-gravity inside MoD. (Credit: UK National Archives)

However, further research does show that Dstl has shown some interest in some of the more controversial theories on anti-gravity. This is all part of what they call Horizon Scanning. One Dstl document defines Horizon Scanning as:

The systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities and likely developments including but not restricted to those at the margins of current thinking and planning. Horizon scanning may explore novel and unexpected issues as well as persistent problems or trends.

Nick Pope, who ran the MoD UFO Desk from 1991 to 1994, elaborates on this idea:

This all has to do with the philosophy of looking at ‘low probability/high impact’ areas, where the chances of a breakthrough discovery are slim, but the payoff is huge if something does turn up. So the philosophy is that you have to be in the game. The other aspect of this is that the only thing worse than not making a game-changing discovery is for somebody else to make it, especially if it’s an unfriendly foreign nation. This is another reason why governments look at ‘weird stuff’ like UFOs, remote viewing, invisibility and anti-gravity.

In a Dstl document from 2005, created by R.L. Jones, some of these technologies are explored. The technologies are called “outside of the box,” and “high-risk high-gain developments.” Some of the anti-gravity technologies include gravity shielding, the Casimir effect, and asymmetric capacitors, also known as the Biefled-Brown effect. The later is explored more in-depth in what is referred to as “lifter” technology.

Dstl Lifter design. (Credit: UK National Archives)

Lifters are simple devices made out of wire, balsa wood, aluminum foil, and a high-voltage output device. It is argued that these devices demonstrate the Biefeld-Brown effect, and prove this to be an anti-gravity technology. However, it is also suspected the lifting effect is due to the device causing air to move, and not anti-gravity. An episode of Myth Busters tested lifters in a vacuum and could not get them to work, demonstrating to the Myth Busters that there was not a true anti-gravity effect. Jones’ document shows that Dstl built lifters of their own, and he often references the free-energy work of Jean-Louis Naudin, of JNL labs.

Either way, although the MoD has shut the door on UFOs, they may still be open-minded about other unconventional sciences. As Jones explains:

A large proportion of the claims made may be down to poor science/experimental procedure, a sub conscious willingness, nevertheless if any are true then the consequences could be far reaching.

Dstl slide shows on Horizon Scanning, and Unconventional Sciences, including Lifters:

BTW, just in case you were wondering. Boffin is British slang for a scientist or engineer. 

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Hmmmm I have researched this in the past and DSTL are tough nuts to crack in regards to being forthcoming with info on anti-gravity. That said take a look at one of their internal published magazines and in particular Journal page 59 here:


    Take note that on this page on the left near the bottom they refer to funding by the Electromagnetic Remote Sensing (EMRS) Defence Technology Centre, established by the UK MOD and run by a consortium of SELEX Galileo, Thales UK and Roke Manor Research.

    These guys are the ones who currently play around with anti-gravity stuff along with QinetiQ. This the only reference that you will find on anti-gravity or related to it via the DSTL website for public viewing. Its so sensitive they don’t like to tell the public about it….

  2. Thosen aluminum foil triangular things are called ‘lifters’ and have been on the web since the late 90s. You can build them easily yourself using cheap stuff.

    Google: ‘Lifters’

  3. I read an article once where this man in Florida had to move some huge boulders, he had made grotto, a garden out of rocks and he always would move these huge boulders with no help from machinery or anything else. He has since passed away and took the secret with him but I think he understood anti-gravity because there seemed to be no other explanation how he could move these boulders that weighed many tons. Have you ever encountered that article and what are your thoughts about that?



  4. It has been proven that antigravity effect is obtained when a material with electric charges is rotating / circulating around an axis. For example, Podkletnov performed an experiment, in which a disc made of semiconductor was made spin very fast, and above it an area of lesser gravity was created. This was discovered by an accident.
    Human experiments with this effect reach even more far to the past, as nazi Germans have studied it too. So called “nazi bell”, “die Glocke” was a device they created, and it was to be the drive of their crafts, “Wunderwaffe”.
    Now, rumors are that secret American craft called TR-3B has a drive based on this effect. Plasma circulates around the craft in a tube, which caused the craft to lose above 90% of its weight.

  5. You may also be interested in

    Megaliths – static electricity – antigravity

    Nikola Tesla once wrote: “The day when science begins to explore beyond physical phenomena, more will be discovered in a decade than over the centuries of its existence.”

    Photographs of incredible discovery can be found online by the use of search engines. On the mountain Shoria in southern Siberia, scientists have discovered a massive wall of granite stones. Some of the huge granite stones weighed more than 3,000 tons and were built into the wall at a height of 40 meters. Zahi Hawass presents a similar case: “Some of the tombs are recessed and covered with rectangular blocks of stone the size of several freight wagons or small houses.” He does not comment on it so it sounds as if it was an everyday occurrence. Under the current interpretation of science, the transport of three-thousand-ton rock blocks was performed by towing ropes. These were then hailed up to 40 meters high by an unknown way. Unfortunately, this is an opinion of many other scientists and it can not stand up to rational considerations. Since the weight of one solid cuboid is 3,000 tons, which equals fifty to sixty-ton tanks, it precludes further discussion.

    This crucial information requires attracting the interest of research students. It needs to be highlighted that current science is unable to explain the lack of information about the transport of oversized rocks. The Granite wall on Mount Shoria will constantly remind researchers that people in ancient times had to solve the movement of rocks under the same natural conditions as those at present. The previously unseen features of one of the natural forces – the electric field, were creating a large obstacle to progress in many fields.

    I consider antigravity as an unknown property of static electricity, without which the transport of oversized rocks would be unthinkable. Isolated cases of people or matter floating weightlessly have been described in history, but are not widely discussed due to the lack of convincing justification.

    There are descriptions of people flying without the help of any technical device. A successful levitation has even been watched by the Emperor Francis I and his courtiers. The unusual hero was a mystic Schindler, who claimed that he can raise himself weightlessly at any time for at least fifteen minutes. The Emperor decided to investigate his claims. The testimony of the success of the test is preserved thanks to the free lord du Prel. The Emperor decided to remove the chandelier in the high hall of the Imperial Castle and replaced it with a hundred ducats. Schindler could keep it if he could get it without the help of any equipment. Schindler has struggled for about a minute as if he was warming up, but eventually managed to grab the money. Then he turned into a horizontal position by the ceiling and laid in space for a few minutes as if he rested after exercise. Finally, he slowly retreated back on the floor.

    The Oregon Vortex is a circle that has a diameter of about fifty yards and exhibits anomalies the current knowledge of science can not explain. Tourists are amazed when they put a glass on a slippery slope and it rolls upwards. Another attraction is a fifteen-kilogram ball hanging on a chain. Visitors can see it hanging “from an angle,” thereby denying the laws of gravity. The sphere is swaying so that it only approaches the centre of the circle. Anyone can push the ball to the centre quite easily, but it is much harder to swivel it to the edge of the circle.

    A similar anomaly is located in Italy near the Pope’s summer residence at the village of Rocca di Papa. The law of gravity does not work for about a hundred meters of a local road. People stop and watch their cars and leave bottles and cans roll up the hill. Local youth are riding on a bike uphill without having to step on the pedals. It is easy to see how a car with the engine off slowly travels up the hill. Nuclear physicist Luciano Gelmi poured water on the tarmac and watched in amazement as the water flowed uphill. Such places are also located in Japan, Poland, Germany and Scotland.

    Antigravity is not easy to believe, but the three-thousand-ton solid rock that was elevated to a height of forty feet leaves little doubt. I think it will be more useful to familiarize students with the unknown characteristics of Oregon circle than having them drag the statues of Easter Island. It would be equally useful not to try to make up justifications of unconfirmed experiments at any cost.

    If you would like to work towards antigravity, it is necessary to realize the fact that the megalithic culture went through the history as a unified group from menhirs to the cathedral, with static charge being the base of matter. Anti-gravity didn’t just fall from the sky, it was the result of the development of ancient civilization and we have to first get to know it. I believe that to gain knowledge about antigravity we first need to explain a wide range of prehistoric mysteries, like who was able to overcome the language barrier and construct very similar megalithic structures throughout the world.

    Large concentrations of menhirs and dolmens in places such as the Golan Heights in Asia or the Caucasus Mountains indicate that, with regard to the population of the areas, dolmens were built disproportionately. The answer may not only lie in the energy reason, but also in the knowledge of other properties of static electricity. Russian dolmens are characterized by a progressive feature – the leading rock has a regular circular inlet opening in itself, thereby further increasing the wall energy concentration. This indicates a growing interest in research in this area. In this sense, we return to each megalithic structure that needs to be thoroughly evaluated. Let me give a few examples:

    Throughout the territory of the Italian island of Sardinia, historians have counted over seven thousand Nuraghes, which are wondrous ancient “beacons.” These buildings are in fact built from large; often several-ton weighing stones laid on each other without mortar, and are hollow in its centre. The essence of all megalithic structures is the racking up material over the energy space to form a common charge. The areas around the Nuraghes contained enough stones, so they were used as a building material. The vertically tapered construction ensures stability, especially when not using mortar – the interior space could be used as dolmens, to supplement the body’s energy. Nuraghes worked as menhirs and other megalithic structures, but their excessive concentration has not been explained. Similar conical structures – called Brooches – were built in Scotland.

    On the American continent people built earthed mounds that have the same function as Nuraghes or dolmens. These were less labour intensive and, in some cases, there was a lack of rocks. In the Czech Republic I noticed an unobtrusive but highly effective battery of static electricity by the river Vltava. It us a two meters high and several meters long stone wall, positioned perpendicular to the direction of water flow. Due to the changes in river flows, the zones of the water flow are in constant contact with the stone wall, which supplies energy. Similar stone walls, reminiscent of landfill stones are found in other places. The construction of energy structures never ceased. It was located mainly in church buildings, through antiquity and the Middle Ages, and remains to our time. It is unbelievable that a huge natural energy remained hidden to the attention of science and influenced us without our knowledge.

    The Golan Heights is an area of about 1250 square kilometres, which is an important water source supplying water to four states. Excessive presence of static electricity can be deduced from a number of megalithic structures. The local circular structure with a diameter of 159 m consists of five concentric circles that are laid out in bulk stones with a total weight of about 37,000 tons. The largest stones used weigh around 20 tons. There are 8,500 other dolmens and menhirs located In the vicinity of this building, the largest of which weighs 50 tonnes and they are up to 7 meters high.

    Sardinia has over seven thousand Nuraghes, the Caucasian mountains about 3,000 dolmens, and there are about 100,000 mounds as well as menhirs and dolmens on the American continent. From this we can deduce that there were millions of megalithic structures built across the globe. These are interesting data, but in order to come to any conclusion it is necessary to obtain more detailed information. It is unthinkable to deal with millions of megaliths, it could be enough to thoroughly examine a few selected sites, especially those where there were transports of millions of multi-ton rocks such as in the Caucasus, Lebanon, and the Golan Heights.

    By the term investigate I mean: photographic documentation, coordinates, altitude, type of local surrounding rock, the type of rock that the megaliths consist of, etc.. If the emegalith is functional, then obtain the size of the aura and the spaces between the three zones to try to identify the source energy of the megalith, and possibly other information required by the specialists. Particular attention should be paid to “balanced rocks”, which may have been a replacement source of a communication structure.

    It is a very time consuming task, but I think the magic word antigravity could work in the same way as the word gold rush. The prospect of high profits from fuel savings due to reduced weight of thousands of aircraft, ships and millions of cars may cause an increased research interest in some business groups. This will be further encouraged that it is nothing new, it is only necessary to reveal something that has already been found in the distant past.

    Answers to your questions can be found on http://www.miroslavprovod.com

    June 2014

    Miroslav Provod

  6. A new physical theory with STW ( Static Time Waves)
    In the beginning was infinite geometric space. This space became filled with Static Time at absolute rest and absolute cold. Static time is strictly quantitative, and does not differentiate between past, present and future. Being quantifiable and measurable, static time is a scientific concept. Static time of 0.0033 microseconds per meter will be measured regardless of the direction chosen.
    Stars move through static time, which does not disrupt their motion. Static time exists but is imperceptible. Static time is the deepest secret of the universe.
    Static time fills all infinite space, eliminating the possibility of a vacuum. Static Time Waves (STW) travel through static time. The speed of STW is 300,000 km/second.
    Aetzbar in amazon
    The Newtonian universe is based on matter and force.
    The Einsteinian universe is based on matter and energy.
    The Aetzbarian universe is based on static time and energy.
    There is no gravity, and there is no gravity waves.
    There is Static Time , and there is Static Time Waves. (STW)
    There is a particles of Static Time.
    Static Time is real and measured.
    Everyone knows the Dynamic Time.
    It is time to recognize the Static Time.

  7. Antigravity is a concept that still people consider a science-fiction utopia.
    Information on antigravity research has begun to appear in the media lately. In documents preserved in ancient Sanskrit in ancient India over 15,000 years ago, an anti-gravity propulsion method is presented as: a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull.
    In 1992 the scientist Eugen Podkletnov, achivd a very complex device with superconductors (-197 C), using a high-speed rotation(5000 rot/min) in liquid nitrogen and ultra-powerful electric field (1 M V). Podkletnov claimed a 2% weight reduction. Unfortunately the experiment could never be repeated.

    The MAGIC Engine is a device by which rotating, cancels 100% of the weight of the masses.
    This method was applied when designing, experimenting and making the centrifugal inertial anti-gravitational engine.

    MAGIC Engine uses a classical electric motor and a drive system to rotate the weights (batteries, fuel, hydraulic oil, etc. ) of the device at a certain angle and a certain speed so that weights should “float”. A powerful centrifugal force is generated, which totally cancels the gravitational force of the rotated masses.

    By equipping cars, motorcycles, drones, helicopters, planes, missiles, etc., with this MAGIC Engine, a reduction of their weight, a decrease of their fuel consumption, as well as an increase of their payload are achieved. The MAGIC Engine has the following advantages: – a simple construction and cheap maintenance
    – high safety in operation
    – there is no danger of fire or explosion when operating – low noise in operation (maximum 10 dB)
    – it becomes operational in a short time (10 sec)
    – it does not produce turbulence or running air
    – a technological reduced impact on industry when implemented in production
    – low sale price.
    Some general possible uses of different equipd systems with MAGIC Engine are presented in the following .

    An electric car weighs 2000 Kg, half of which represents the weight of the batteries. MAGIC Engine may reduce the weight of the car (50%) and double the active driving time.

    A two people drone weighs is 400 Kg, the weight of the batteries is 200 Kg and the operating time is 30 minutes. MAGIC Engine, will reduce the weight and increase twice the operating time.

    If MAGIC Engine is used, the weight of the helicopter can be reduced up to 30%.

    If a passenger airplane weighing 300 tons, uses MAGIC Engine will reduce the weight of the plane and its fuel consumption by about 30%. It will also increase its payload. A spacecraft weighs 2000 tons, 80% representing its fuel. If we equip it with MAGIC Engine, the weight will be reduced as well as its fuel consumption, while its payload will be increased.

    Dr. Eng. Puiu Caneparu
    tel: 0040/722/210443
    e-mail: pcaneparu@yahoo.com

  8. Centripetal force by the rotation of the earth which is rotating at around 1,000 miles per hour actually reduces the true gravity of the earth by a small amount – around 0.5%.
    Anything that would fly off a rotating disk/sphere (your antigravity proposal) will fly off in a straight line and at a tangent at the point it flew off the rotating disk/sphere. This is perpendicular to the direction of gravity which is towards the center of the earth. So all you are doing is reducing the force of gravity and you cannot and will not fly off in a direction exactly opposite to that of the gravitational force.
    The earth itself would have to rotate at a speed that exactly offsets the force of gravity and you could achieve weightlessness.
    Now, contrary to what science believes about gravity, it is not an invisible force that acts at a distance. This cannot and does not exist in our world. This is known as the expansion theory of gravity.
    Gravity is actually a mechanical effect and caused by the universal expansion of all matter. Yes, I am saying that all matter (including the matter you are made off) expands exponentially by a tiny amount – 0.00000077 of its size per second squared. This causes the earth to expand outwards at 9.8 m/s^2 at the surface. This is why you feel the weight force of 9.8 m/s^2.

    Gravity is a mechanical effect.

    So, how would you use this to create an anti-gravity device? By creating an equal and opposite mechanical effect.

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