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TV shoot interrupted by UFO in Lima

Filming for the television show Alto al Crimen in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru was interrupted when the production team noticed a UFO hovering in the sky.

The sighting occurred on the morning of Tuesday, February 10, and was reportedly witnessed by several members of the production crew, including the show’s host, Renzo Reggiardo, a Peruvian congressman.

(Credit: Eduardo Chávez Guerra/YouTube)
(Credit: Eduardo Chávez Guerra/YouTube)

Peru This Week describes, “Reggiardo had just begun filming for his program Alto al Crimen when his camera man got distracted by something floating in the distant sky. They postponed filming a few moments to take a better look at the floating object.”

Witnesses were bewildered by the strange aerial object. They managed to record video of the UFO with cameras and cell phones.

Videos of the object were uploaded to YouTube by Eduardo Chávez Guerra, a member of the show’s production crew. Although the videos are 1080p HD videos, and were likely recorded with a professional-grade camera, no clear details of the UFO are visible. And, some have questioned why a production crew didn’t bother to use a tripod to obtain better video of something so mysterious.

Although some assert that the UFO in these videos is a bad computer creation, it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that Congressman Reggiardo would participate in a hoax. Others suggest the UFO is a drone, a paraglider at the nearby beach, or even a plastic bag. But witnesses doubt these possibilities because they say the object was too large and remained in the sky for too long–nearly two hours.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for OpenMinds.tv, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. Hope this aint some video they want to go viral for some crappy tv program.. After doing this he better not come out and say it was to promote something.. Thats what usually happens. And why is the quality on the UFO poor when its clearly HD footage ?

  2. I hate those kinds of videos. Why didn’t they record how the UFO left? Most videos are like that: The UFO hovers and the recording ends after two minutes. Videos like that are not very useful. I want to know how the UFO left. Did it disappear in thin air? Shoot up in the sky? Wie have to see how the thing left if we want to understand this phenomenon. Sorry for my english. I’m german.

  3. It looks just like the crappy old CGI hoaxes of a greyish cigar floating in the air then zipping off. Doesn’t mean this is CGI, but, as you note, everything is crystal clear except the object — a red flag? Also, the sci-fi sound effects added to the video is manipulative — definitely a red flag.

  4. Peru UFO part of extraterrestrial diplomacy according to Raelians

    On Feb 10 a mysterious purple flying disk shaped UFO was captured on film by a television production team working at a high rise building in the affluent Lima suburb of Miraflores, Peru. Peru This Week reports that the filming occurred during taping of a program called Alto al Crimen (Stop Crime) that is hosted by a Peruvian Congressman, Renzo Reggiardo which is an investigative program aimed at preventing high level crime

    In the film footage, Reggiardo is seen being interrupted as members of the film crew notice the strange flying disk floating near a high rise construction project approximately 100 meters away, and at an approximate height of 200-300 meters. The production team records the UFO as well as the reaction of Reggiardo and others from the film crew who tape the incident on their cell phones. The UFO was witnessed by hundreds of others and uploaded to Youtubeon Feb 11 by Eduardo Chávez Guerra a producer of Alto al Crimen.

    This UFO appeared right when we held a press conference to present our embassy project plan, which we have submitted to the Peruvian government. Peru must be dear to our extraterrestrial creators, who lived here in ancient times and left many traces, so we’re asking the government for permission to build the embassy here. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Peruvians to understand their past and, more importantly, to consider receiving our creators, the Elohim, who were taken for gods by our ancestors and now ask to be welcomed back. We’re hoping the Peruvian government will receive their request loud and clear!

    Adding more mystery to the UFO sighting is a PR Newswire released today claiming that the UFO is related to an initiative currently underway by the Raelian movement to persuade the Peruviangovernment to build an extraterrestrial embassy. The Newswire quotes Erich Rever of the Peruvian Raelian Movement who claims:It’s unlikely that the video is a hoax due to the participation of Congressman Reggiardo especially since he was filming an episode of program aimed at stopping high level crime. Furthermore, the length of the sighting, nearly two hours, suggests that it’s not a drone, as confirmed by Eduardo Chavez, the producer, who is also a drone expert.

    Luckily, the Peruvian Air Force launched a specialized department on Oct 18, 2013, to study the UFO phenomenon. The Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon Research Department is located at the offices of the “Dirección Nacional de Intereses Aero Espaciales” of the Peruvian Air Force. It can be expected that the Peruvian Air Force will begin a formal investigation.

    The length of the sighting and the credentials of Reggiardo and his film crew suggests that the purple flying disk is an authentic unidentified object captured by a major news organization while working on an unrelated television project.

    The PRNewswire raises the possibility that purple flying disk is related to an extraterrestrial race that wants to show its support for members of the Raelian movement asking the Peruvian government to authorize an alien Embassy in the capital city Lima.

    Peru’s ancient mysteries such as the Nazca lines, and rich history of UFO sightings does make it a viable candidate for an extraterrestrial civilization wanting to establish diplomatic relations with Earth governments.

  5. Looks just like the UFO filmed in Norway or Switzerland a while back by that rather plump soccer fan guy. Looks real enough to me but where did it eventually go? Did it just disappear or did it fade away slowly from horizon to horizon?

  6. Cool I wish I was there as I have 0 expirience of this and if it is fake it’s pretty good timing!

  7. I wish they would’ve filmed it leave as well but I can speak to the film quality as I’m a professional videographer. Based on the lens they were using (zooming in and out) it probably couldn’t zoom in as far as they needed it to to get the close up shots. The wider shots appeared to be in HD quality but it looks as though the close ups were shown by using “digital zoom”. They’re basically punching in on the HD image and by doing that it causes it to become pixelated & distorted…basically makes the quality look poor compared to the cleaner wide angle HD shots. Again, I’m assuming that’s what they did if it’s not a hoax and whenever I’ve had to digitally zoom my own footage, that’s pretty similar to the results I get. Not sure if they used a tripod as well, sadly, when you’re zoomed in that far, even the smallest amount of movement causes that much camera shake. Just my opinion though, thanks for sharing the vid!

  8. The UFO stayed in the same place for over two hours. Then what happened? How did it disappear? Did it fly away? At what speed?

  9. 2 hours and no one got in a car or a helicopter or SOMETHING to get closer and get a better look? Obviously it was something very identifiable and uninteresting to anyone closer to it. In this day and age for an actual unknown to go 2 hours without anyone chasing it down and having a damned good look and some sort of half decent footage seems ludicrously unlikely.

  10. If they’re going to start distracting people from the important production of fine television, then something’s got to be done!

  11. To the person/people questioning the reason the thing is blurred on a HD video. Something in their propulsion or power system seems to cause pictures to blur. I’ve had three close encounters and except for one which came closest and interacted with my army platoon back in the eighties they also even looked sort of blurry or as I described it at the time, as if your eyes slide off the surface. There has been discussions online about why this might be so, although what must be assumed is that there will be a great deal we don’t have a clue about them or their occupants/owners, so making assumptions based on our own limited technical understanding would be a mistake.

  12. The thing I noticed that was a little bit of a red flag for me was when I first heard of the sighting, the footage had a frame where the object disappeared for a second. It was very brief, but if you look it up on youtube it disappears around the 0:42 mark. That definitely makes me a little suspicious of the footage, as does the editing where you don’t see the camera zoom in. I can’t say one way or the other for sure but I’m a little skeptical of this one.

  13. Yeah Matt,

    you caught it, damn during that split frame the image pops-up out & same occurs during zooming-out at later stage.
    Definitely a piece of crap image imposing in video.

  14. Looks just like the UFO filmed in Norway or Switzerland a while back by that rather plump soccer fan guy. Looks real enough to me but where did it eventually go? Did it just disappear or did it fade away slowly from horizon to horizon? thanks for share

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