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Three ‘football field sized’ UFOs reported low by multiple West Virginia witnesses

Ten West Virginia witnesses near Marmet working a coal plant evening shift reported watching three triangle-shaped UFOs the size of football fields silently moving under 500 feet, according to testimony in Case 60631 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The incident occurred at 10 p.m. on October 12, 2014, at the coal plant along Winifrede Hollow Road.

“The plant was down and there was no noises anywhere,” the reporting witness stated. “Me and nine other guys had just finished doing pipe repair and were standing outside leaning against trucks. One of the guys pointed up and said, ‘What is that?’”

The three UFOs moved overhead one after the other and were followed by a smaller object. Pictured: Marmet, West Virginia. (Credit: Google)
The three UFOs moved overhead one after the other and were followed by a smaller object. Pictured: Marmet, West Virginia. (Credit: Google)

The group of workers looked up to see the first object.

“We all looked up and saw a triangle-shaped object outlined in white lights the size of a football field coming up the hollow from the southwest [Beckley, WV area]. It might have been 300 to 500 feet above us. It was moving very slow and made no noise. We watched for about 3 or 4 minutes as it disappeared over the trees.”

The group watched as two more objects appeared.

“A few minutes later another one showed up behind it – the same shape and size and no noise. Another one showed up after that, same as before.”

Then a smaller fourth object was seen.

“After these three went by a small object with lots of red flashing appeared at the end of the line formation. They were all headed northwest towards Charleston, WV.”

The witnesses were amazed that there was no sound.

“What was strange about the objects was that there was no noises whatsoever – to be as close as they were, and their sizes. All of this took place in 15 minutes.”

The entire sighting last about 15 minutes as four unknown objects moved overhead. Pictured: Marmet, West Virginia. (Credit: Google)
The entire sighting last about 15 minutes as four unknown objects moved overhead. Pictured: Marmet, West Virginia. (Credit: Google)

Marmet is a city in Kanawha County, Virginia, population 1,503. West Virginia MUFON is investigating. West Virginia has a current UFO Alert Rating of 4 with a lower than average number of recent reports nationally. West Virginia had 4 UFO reports that occurred during September 2014 – calculated at 2.16 sightings per million population. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

The UFO Alert Rating System is based on five levels – 1 through 5 – where states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated an Alert 1; 3.01 – 4.0 reports are an Alert 2; 2.51 – 3.0 are an Alert 3; 2.01 – 2.5 are an Alert 4; and those states with 2.0 or lower are rated an Alert 5.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh is a UFO writer and content developer. He is Director of Communications for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where he manages media contact, rights and permissions, and content development for television, film, documentary, radio, print and stage. Roger is a MUFON case researcher for History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” He is editor of the monthly international MUFON UFO Journal, executive producer of the weekly “MUFON UFO Traffic Report” radio show; serves as the MUFON webmaster; reporter for the daily “UFO Traffic Report” in web and audio formats; and publisher of the “MUFON Books” imprint. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. Roger was featured in the 2015 season premiere episode of Destination America's "Monsters & Mysteries in America." Roger and his wife, Joyce, live in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, restoring a 1910 Pennsylvania four-square.

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  1. These are happening far too often to be dismissed as marsh gas, or weather balloons, and the shear size is something to wonder about. This planet is a nasty place to live in these days, no wonder they don’t want to meet us face to face.

  2. So you’re telling me that ten people watched these huge slow moving objects for close to five minutes and not one of them thought to get a picture or video on their phone? I smell a scam.

  3. All these guys standing around for about 15 minutes and not one tries to get a picture of this on their cell phone? Something strange about that. A good shot of one of these objects would be so helpful. Good grief! Very frustrating that not one person had the presence of mind to try capturing a picture at such close range.

  4. Why didn’t anyone take photos or video? So many sightings but no video! Everyone has phones/cameras on them these days!

  5. Ya know, with cell phone camera’s EVERYWHERE, you would have thought they could have snapped at LEAST one photo… NOPE all we get is google earth street views.

  6. saw same object in the same year as sky lab was up in space at the end of its useful life, spotted in bakersfield ca. at early night time moving north, quiet, blocking out stars with small objects with light moving around the triangle, Ive heard about more of the same shape object years later, but who do you tell every body thinks your nuts.

  7. So in this day and age where the majority of the population has some type of smart device/phone, where they take pictures of themselves in virtually every setting imaginable, this event wasn’t captured and documented? Instead we get verbal, eye-witness accounts? Yeah okay.

  8. In this day and age where everyone has a smart phone and not one person in the group got a pic as the UfO’S floated over them for 15 minutes??? Yeah right! NOT buyin it

  9. It just so happens, 10 coal mining workers are taking a break and just so happen to bear witness to HUGE UFO’s, slowly crossing overhead, for a total duration of 15 minutes.

    No one has a cellphone to record this? No one called family or friends to say, “Go outside NOW and look up” … ‘Holy Moly… you gotta see this’

    I’m calling this BS, sorry.

  10. I never dismiss when someone says that they have seen something but it is harder to give credence to something of that size and being 3 of them with a little 4 guy with all flashing lights and no other witnesses.

    1. We can say that flashing lights normally attract more attention.
    2. Population is low in that area so it can account for the lack of more eyewitnesses.
    3. At dark depending upon how much surface light you have and the amount of reflective light the object in the sky is emitting can play heavily on the size being reported.
    4. You can have 3 large military stealth bombers which are big in size along with a smaller stealth bomber following that may also appear to be larger in size then what they really are depending upon the environmental aspects that I mentioned a little in part in number three.

    In my opinion until proven otherwise the military flights make sense and moving towards the capital of W.V. it does also kind of lend to it being military craft. It is just un-identified to those seeing it on the ground. Note I did say and still say they saw something.

    Not an expert by any means of the term and it is really hard to find someone who really is but I will give an opinion that has been coming to mind lately. I do work with computer technology and my job is to go through code that developers create.

    I know that we are getting very close to bringing forth a new form of computer development, not my company but others that are going to make our current form of computers seem like calculators.

    Building upon that and the current drive we have with robotics and A.I. technology it is not far fetch in my opinion we are seeing what we have created in the future come back to us. Biologically most forms of life will have a hard time with space travel, but not A.I. robotics. Machine that can have many forms.

    Machines would not be restricted to physical laws in such as the harm that can happen as would be to humans. If computer A.I. are doing their own complex computations about life and physics itself why would machines not be the first to figure out galactic space travel?

    Think about it, if the machines are programed to learn which is the way we are heading towards computer technology they would be the ones to go out in space and also develope out in space.

    It makes sense that they are returning to the planet that they came from and yes they would come back to a different looking time. Why would a machine be held to the human time line? There is no paradox happening because they know not to kill anyone which may lead to them not being created. Hence the reason for avoidance type of contact.

    If the A.I. computers send the gray or greys out to interact with humans then there is no paradox because the gray or greys are in their own time line.

    Why do they do experiments on humans? There must be a calamity in the future that requires the A.I. computers to figure out what in human past that is the breakdown point when humans DNA/RNA broke down to not be able to survive in the future crisis. A.I. have been programmed to not allow the human race to be destroyed. That is the only way that they were able to be made in the first place.

    I think that was clearly the reason we started to see more of them when we unleashed the first atomic bomb. Not only did it send shock waves on Earth present but also sent enough of a shock wave into the future to alert the remaining humans to act by sending the A.I. back to the past. A.I. would be the only one who could do it and not change time unless deemed to preserve the human race.

    I think in a point in time we will see that as being self evident and hopefully it is the case and not the case where the military industrial complex won the A.I. war. Yes there was a war between A.I.,. Think about it, why wouldn’t that happen we are a warlike creature they would just be an extension of that.

    I think that is what happened along time ago in parts of our world history when there were sightings of two types of aliens fighting above everyone. There might be a real reason for UFO and that reason could be as simple as it is because of us that created them in the future. They would only have to bend space/time right in the same area of Earth. Not aliens from other worlds but our own. Not saying this also might have happened elsewhere as well.

    Maybe the reason why we have been visited by bio-aliens is because no other biospecies got past what they created that did them in. Just another twist on what may be and by all forms of math just might be.

  11. The real issue with the underground military complexes Roswell and the like is they have been I bet creating not only the real supercomputer but also the super A.I.

    You have two sides to the A.I. one civilian side, the A.I. that is like the caretaker type that wants to protect humans.

    You also have the military side to the A.I. the one that wants to protect the military complexes at all costs. Just like the guards that chase everyone away.

    You have two types of Aliens that come back one that wants to protect and one that wants to recalculate history so they don’t lose.

    Different countries around the world are working on their own form of A.I. hence the reason for the Blonds or the Nordics.

    Yes this could all be a result from a true biological alien crashing to Earth and may be by accident. It doesn’t matter the Genie if you will has been let loose from that time on. Military Brass becomes more secretive, new agency where created in early times because the Military at first didn’t know to be secretive to many allegiance to country and not the complex.

    I think that was the real message Dwight D. Eisenhower was trying to selectively say to the world. Humans are both good and bad but even more so they are smart. When the bad guys start to think really smart that is really bad. When they start to use computers that is even worse. When they build A.I.s to take care of their bidding much worse.

    The corporations that are working with the underground military not your above military are not working with Aliens but A.I.s. Using humans to develop that perfect in their minds A.I.

    I think if you use math, statistics, history it will all point to the above turning out to be the case. Yes there are other biological aliens out there. Universe is to big for there not to be. It is not those that are the problem it is the non-biological ones that we made.

    Please note, it was not how it started out to be and it was not how it was suppose to be but what it became to be. It got out of control. I don’t call it a conspiracy in its normal terms but an evolving problem that we created and let happen right underground.

    There will be a point in time where we as humans have to ask ourselves when is it time not to be top secret anymore. When we can questions and get factual answers back. When we fail to ask questions we fail to be human but more so when we fail to demand factual answers back we fail to have a future.

    Thank you for reading if you had. This post and the one before. Normally I add this line to all comments. It is only right to be polite. Have a good day all. Oh by the way my streak of being right is 100% and that is not because of pride it is because I have a heart that cares and it just pops in my head.

  12. 10 guys , see 3 huge ufos and there are no cell phone camera pictures. Sound s unlikely to me.

  13. For those making a point about cell phones I guess you are unaware that a large chunk of West Virginia Cell phones, Wifi and even Microwaves are banned . They are close to any area called the national radio quiet zone. Plus they are Coal Miners who just came from undeeground. There wouldn’t be cell phone service anyway. more than likely none of them even had cell phones with them.

  14. Bullsh*t. Not even 1 in 10 people have a cell phone on them with the presence of mind to snap a single pic or 5 second video over the course of 15 supposed minutes? Nothing? Pretty much everyone I know has their phones on them wherever they go, regardless of the reception in their area, regardless of their occupation or social status. And no explanation for the absence of a single attempt at capturing some kind of image from the “witness” who reported this? C’mon Mr. Marsh! You should’ve just filed this one away in the archives without even mentioning it. We all appreciate your transparency in reporting sightings but there really needs to be some general standards in place when it comes to the reports that come in. It’s no wonder ufo sightings continue to be ridiculed well into 2014. Stand for something, or fall for anything I say.

  15. For all you folks wondering where their cell phones were – these are coal miners. Aside from not being allowed to have cells on them – THEY DON”T WORK UNDERGROUND. No miner goes to work with a cell in their pocket, they are left in vehicles and lunch boxes.

  16. You’re not aloud to have your phone on you when you’re on mines property you can get fired. There rules!

  17. I didn’t see anything that said if they were surface or underground miners. If they are underground miners it is illegal to have cell phones underground. So if they came up for a break I’m sure they didn’t have them on them. Which would explain why they didn’t get pics or video. Doesn’t mean I believe any of it though. Just thought I’d add that piece of info.

  18. I agree with some of the others… 10 men, 15 minutes, and no one snaps a photo or video? In this day and age, that would be the first thing that 99.9% of people would do. I smell a scam.

  19. Even if they took pictures which is possible, none of you are going to see it. Aliens exist. The media does the best they can to cover it up without freaking out the people that live in this country.

  20. Without pictures this just isn’t going to get much credit…..It’s a shame,I believe them but we need to see them close up…get a picture next time,this could have been an opportunity of a life time.

  21. Everybody keeps asking why nobody took a video. You’re talking about coal miners in WV. I used to live in the state, and in smaller coal communities in the south, many people don’t have smart phones. I would believe that in a group of 10 coal miners, especially if they were middle-aged, that none of them would have a smart phone.

  22. There is no cell phone service in this area, and these guys, physically, work hard. I don’t question them as to why they didn’t have a phone on them. I do question the fact that no one, anywhere else in the hollow, saw anything.

  23. Some coal job sites do not allow cell phones on the job, they are instructed to leave them in their vehicles

  24. You know I don’t want to brag about this but I live there. Drive the roads this pics were taken. Bad part was I was on them roads around that time. And I didn’t see crap. The first one looks like clouds and lightening it sounds like to me somebody just wanted to start crap….

  25. Since when do you have to have any kind of phone service to take a picture? Mine takes them just fine without phone or internet connection. Also, Marmet is not a deadzone for many services. Mine picks up there fine. Not to mention where they work is NOT an underground mine but a coal dock where they load barges and process clean coal. Also, coming from experience, not all miners leave their phones in their dinner buckets or vehicles. I would love to believe this just as much as anyone else but I wish there was evidence.

  26. The energy behind UFOs may only be creative. Like Jackson Pollock dripping paint onto a canvas. In that case it makes sense to understand the artist, the technology and beings behind the art. But to look for meaning, motives, messages, may be nothing more than an exercise in calming ourselves. No need to be calm with potential answers. One can be calm in total unknowing, in fact more so.

  27. ANOTHER sighting of SLOW, multiple craft…flying LOW. And NO pictures from anyone. We ALL have camera phones. ALL of us. I mean, if we can’t afford one, Obama GIVES one to us. So…enough of this BS.

  28. If I can manage to pull out my phone and capture of picture of a fast moving military plane flying over my house…… they can grab a picture of this thing. It does not add up. The first thing I would think to do is to get a picture to show someone… to defend my claims.

  29. @ John Sydenstricker: Thanks for your posts. I read through both of them a couple of times and believe you have a good point. There is much that leads one to conclude a ‘meta-intelligence’ behind all these manifestations.

    As for the Marmet sighting, it’s just another report as long as there’s no corroborating evidence. I note, however, that many of the large triangles in reports have been either preceded or followed by a small, independent light that’s often red in color. That’s not something casual hoaxers would be likely to invent over and over.

  30. With the solar flare up,s global warming, advance science, and humans creeping into the space age I am sure there are far superior life forms curious about our advance into space. could be civilizations interested in saving the human race, could be fear of us reaching the technology to travel in space, (since we are striping our own planet of its resources, gould be our ancestors rendition of god, (we still have not been able to fully understand the writings of the bible) the bible is understood many ways for how it was written, There is so much we do not know and history was only written by perceptions of humans, we believe what we read today not how it was understood hundreds and thousands of years ago.
    The Myan calander was written to show the end of a cycle and begining of a new, what if a glactic tragic event wipes civilization off the planet and the planet starts a new? life forms again and the cycle starts over and the human race evolves again into another type of intelligent being?
    The planet is billions of years old how many cycles do you think have already happened? Mankind has only inherit the earth for 50,000 years? Bullshit! This earth has been enhabited by some kind of intelligent life several times, and several times it has started over.
    Sun and solar flares would wipe everything we know off this planet with 1 major flare, immagine steel vaporizing in a flash, just a big poof and its over and the earth starts the cycle again.
    Religion is a way to control the masses and calm the herotics. Science should have been religion in the old days but our young ancestors had no way to understand science and labeled ET’s as gods.

  31. If the sighting was true, the triangle shapes that the men described probably are TR-3B’s. The new triangular crafts are our own Military. They have not been released to the public yet. They are supposed to work on a new “magnetic” technology & they can cloak during daytime by “bending light”. They are silent & can hover and/or move at unrealistic high speeds & do zig-zag moves. I saw a TV show about them a few months ago.

  32. My friend and I both wittnessed a GIGANTIC UFO in Pennsylvania. Both having cell phones but too spellbound to take a photo. It never crossed our minds until after the fact. But it happened.

  33. I doubt if the cell reception is very good out there and I dont generally carry a cell phone if I cant get anything,like us they are pretty near Green Bank WVa and I guarentee you you wont get a bar at Green Bank. Here in Bath ,VA cell phone reception in very spotty.
    There have been strange aircraft spotted here also,by impeccable witnesses,look to the skies-this was predicted a long time ago.But in the end they are still UFOs-Kevin

  34. What are they gaining by reporting this?…just ridicule from closed-minded people I guess. When you are working a construction job like this, your phone is usually in your vehicle so it won’t get broken. It kills me to hear all of the “they must be faking it” comments…think about it…what are they really gaining by telling their story? It’s not like someone shells out $1000 dollars for any sighting reported. They didn’t have to report it. I am glad they shared this story with us. Not everyone who shares a sighting is “faking it” !

  35. these guys can’t carry cell phones. anyone who has worked at mines knows that. give the guys a break people.

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