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Syfy documentary to reveal the truth about aliens on the Moon

Conspiracy theories about Earth’s moon persist forty-five years after the first human visit to the Moon.

Some believe that the Moon landings never occurred, but instead were staged. Others believe humans have been to the Moon, but were warned to stay away by lunar residents. But, thanks to Syfy, the veracity of the claims about aliens on the Moon may finally be revealed in an upcoming two hour documentary titled Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed.

The Moon
Image of the moon from the Galileo spacecraft. (Credit: USGS)

Film news website Twitch reports that the producer of this documentary is Robert Kiviat, a producer known for UFO related content. He was a content producer for several episodes of the popular SyFy program Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. He also produced the television special Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?).

On July 7, Syfy issued the following press release announcing the show:



LOS ANGELES (July 07, 2014) – Syfy will host the world premiere of ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSTED, a two-hour event documentary special on Sunday July 20, 2014.

July 20, 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of man’s first landing on the Moon. We’ve all seen the footage and know the “official” story from news reports, the Internet and for younger viewers, from the history books. But what haven’t we been told about Earth’s closest neighbor? What really happened on that historic day? What did our astronauts encounter on the lunar surface? And what don’t our world’s governments want us to know?

In this controversial special we will look at compelling evidence – including never-before aired NASA photos showing gigantic artificial structures – suggesting the Moon is being used as a base, and possibly a staging area, by a mysterious race of alien beings. We will hear from experts, as well as astronauts who have walked on the moon, and we’ll reveal new facts and proof for the first time anywhere. Also, viewers will see dramatic 3-D flybys of the lunar constructions derived from the actual NASA data, and get an exclusive look at footage of a purported “female” E.T. supposedly recovered during a secret U.S.-Soviet mission to the Moon in the 1970s.

Among the many shocking topics covered in the Special will be:

· Photos showing the undeniable existence of what look like installations, factories, saucers, hangers and huge satellite dishes, possibly trained directly on planet Earth. Viewers will learn that many of the extraordinary signs of an alien lunar presence exist hidden from view, on the far side of our Moon.

· A gigantic structure resembling a “Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Tower” rising from the floor of a perfectly round crater or “dish.” Located nearby, another large structure with a mile-long “pipe” extends out of it on a 45 degree angle and casts an obvious shadow.

· Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s startling interview where he reveals that a UFO followed the spacecraft for three days on its way to the historic moonwalk, and that a baffling “Monolith” has been photographed by NASA on Mars’ moon Phobos. Aldrin also assesses some of the lunar photos that strongly suggest alien structures have been detected on our Moon.

· Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s adamant contention that he knows for sure UFOs are real, that there is an alien presence visiting the Earth (and the space around us) and the U.S. government has been aware of it for several decades.

· Unidentified objects (dubbed “X-Drones” by researchers) that appear to be carving long, deep tracks many miles across the lunar terrain.

· Other “towers” that rise many miles up from the lunar surface (higher than anything made on Earth), photo evidence of a massive excavation operation on the Moon and telltale signs the picture may have been altered to hide the truth.

· Extensive “pipelines” crossing over the crater rims, in and out, and bridges spanning massive lunar canyons.

· A riveting Apollo 8 film showing what appears to be a huge “Smokestack” on the Moon – thousands of feet tall – releasing a “jet-like” cloud as the spacecraft passes over it.

· Russian Space Agency lunar orbiter photos of a 20-mile high “spire” clearly sticking straight up from the Moon’s surface, as well as a partially destroyed “dome.”

· Former NASA Photo Manager and “whistleblower” Ken Johnston’s claim that he screened an Apollo 14 film for a NASA astronomer showing five domed lights inside a crater, with one releasing a plume of steam. He says the key sequence was later spliced out! Johnston also reveals that during the Apollo 11 moonwalk, astronaut Neil Armstrong switched over to the medical channel to alert mission doctors, “Alien spaceships are parked around the rim of a crater, watching us!”

· Oil company executive Vito Sacchari’s exclusive TV interview where he tells his dramatic story of how he pressured NASA into letting him study 2000 lunar photos in 1979 which clearly contained massive alien structures on the moon.

· Defense Department expert Dr. John Brandenburg’s warning that all the pictures of “constructions” on the Moon presented in the Special – including a miles-wide rectilinear “Complex,” a “Capsule,” and gigantic “wheels, huts or domes” with a platform above them – are more suggestive that “someone” is building a forward “base” than the photos that triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis. He adds the U.S. military must perceive this as a real threat, so close to us.

· A mysterious film reportedly showing a “female” alien aboard a landed lunar module after allegedly being recovered during a secret U.S.-U.S.S.R. mission to the Moon to examine an enormous fuselage-like structure photographed by Apollo 15.

The Special also features intriguing evidence that there could be a wider alien presence, such as footage of UFOs in our skies and in space, a gigantic “planet-sized disc” pulling plasma from the Sun, a “Lunar Factory” reportedly photographed by a Chinese Satellite in 2011 and images of a possible “Alien Moon Base” that made world headlines earlier this year. Also, a lunar “pyramid” photographed by NASA that’s almost identical to those found in ancient Iraq will be analyzed, as will the possibility the same alien race that might have helped ancient cultures advance could be the ones who erected structures on the Moon and are monitoring mankind for some unknown purpose.

As the press release indicates, Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed will air on Sunday, July 20, 2014. But, according to Syfy’s schedule, this special will air multiple times, so check your listings.

Jason McClellan

Jason McClellan is a UFO journalist and the producer/co-host of the web series Spacing Out! He is also the web content manager and staff writer for, and a co-organizer and technical producer of the International UFO Congress. As a founding member of Open Minds, Jason served as a writer and editor for the now defunct Open Minds magazine. He has appeared on Syfy, NatGeo, and, most recently, he co-starred on H2's Hangar 1: The UFO Files. ------ Follow Jason on Twitter @acecentric and subscribe to Jason's updates on Facebook.

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  1. Very interesting, I think the alien moon story has only recently started to become available to the mainstream (thanks to the internet).


    ‘Jennifer Welsh’ of the Business Insider quotes this article.

    Something doesn’t sit right with the article ‘she’ has written, there is an unrequired emphasis to purposely ensure an overly unobjective perspective is attained.

    I’m not suggesting there is an active debunking operation around this program ‘aliens and the moon’, unless of course there is any truth in the matter……then by logical probability…..there would be.

  2. It would be helpful if the article surrounding this release provided some of the scientific explanations for the planet-sized ‘craft’ sucking plasma from our sun (physics of magnetism) or the pyramid-like ‘structures’ seen in some photos of the moon (digital artifacts easily re-created at similar resolutions). We should all welcome new evidence, all of it; but, we should never neglect to use reasoned analysis, either.

  3. Hmmmmm. Let’s see, now. We have photos from over 30 years ago when digital imaging and processing was in it’s infancy. Rumours of films that are never shown, pictures that are never shown and “friend of a friend” type stories about alleged lunar factories and “plasma-pulling” objects near the sun. Yep, it looks like another wack-job conspiracy theory with nothing to back it up. Oh yes, consider the source of the “documentary”, a network that makes science fiction shows. Case closed. Next…

  4. Seems to be a retread of sillinesses debunked decades ago — what do you want to bet the program is full of ‘artist concepts’ based on FIFTY-year old photos, that ignore all subsequent moon mapping missions by half a dozen nations? Will ANY of these ‘anomalies’ actually be specified by lunar latitude/longitude so a curious viewer could then go verify with newer, better images? Not on your life, if the program [didn’t the producer recently release “I was Bigfoot’s Babymomma”? Maybe not…] follows form. Advertisers LOVE these kinds of shows, that are guaranteed to attract the kind of viewers so open-minded their brains have fallen out, who will believe ANYTHING they see on the screen. It’s their ecological niche.

  5. Ron, Jim,
    Wouldn’t it be better if you actually watched it first? Maybe then your comments would have some weight instead of just sounding frightened.

    BTW As far as I know Edgar Mitchell has never debunked himself 🙂

  6. I’m surprised that many claim to know everything about aliens and UFOs but have never heard of the Blue Planet Project document!
    It is one of the most one of the most influential documents about alien biological entities and space technology in our history.
    Many of your favorite authors have used these documents to build their theories, and you would be surprised by how many of them are debunked or reinforced by the information in the Blue Planet Project Book.

  7. Jaal. how do you know I haven’t seen a media review copy but can’t comment on specifics until air time, it’s embargoed? As for Mitchell, he’s quite clear on aliens on the moon — NONE to his personal knowledge. What would YOU put in the program if you were producing it?

  8. If you watch the Entertainment Tonight exclusive clip for Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Revealed, the majority of the images shown are from my 2008 book titled ULOs – Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed in NASA Photography back in 2008.

  9. This moon alien thing is legit. It is where the animal planet mermaids and Sasquatches came from. In fact, I think Ann Coulter and those Duck Dynasty bearded dudes came from there too.

  10. This 2-hour show was certainly entertaining and somewhat compelling for the first hour, but it then degenerated into a redundancy of the same photos and commentary for most of the second hour. As I’ve written numerous articles regarding ufology throughout my career, and part of my new book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: An Exploration of the Unknown” delves somewhat deeply into UFO related matters, I was already quite familiar with all the photos shown along with most of the discussion, until it came to the alleged Apollo 18,19 and 20 missions, along with the retrieved, female ET body. To me, once the show took that detour into the unproven Apollo missions, its credibility ended. And once I saw Bob Kiviat’s name as the writer, producer and director of the show, I realized that this was primarily another mockumentary along the lines of Kiviat’s Alien Autopsy show on Fox in the 1990’s, although this time there were real lunar and martian photographic anomalies shown.

  11. Until someone is hired by a large company with billions to spend to take pictures in orbit no one will no whats on the moon. The government will never release a statement on this unless the majority population finds this curious enough. Why not go a find out for ourselves. If freedom is real in this country this would be a huge way to prove to our government the people rule. The secrecy needs to stop. Its 2014. We can do anything. We have already explored space. The moon isnt a hard place to go to in the scheme of things. We have been farther with probes. Much farther. I dont understand how some of the elites in this country like bill gates and those billionaires curious enough. If I had that money I would be there in a heartbeat. The possibility of He3 on the moon as a fuel for the earth is more than enough of a reason for a mega mogul to go and build and empire right away. First is last. Go to the moon. Find a way for earth to thrive in the future. For humanity. Search the possibility of e.t.’s. Why not?

  12. just a note of info concerning pipe and tower, it isn’t a smoke stack or ventilation pipe. If you look at it, it is in a big crater…..a pond. The center stack is a drain pipe, the one sticking out of the side that looks like a cannon, that is the fill pipe. Drain a man made pond or reservoir and this is exactly what you will see.

  13. It is interesting that famed UFO debunker Carl Sagan once claimed that Mars moon “Phobos” not only had artificial structures on it, but that Phobos itself WAS an artificial structure.
    That was before his science career really got going, and before he realized he needed to
    “change his tune” if he wanted to rise in his career.

  14. It is rather dumbfounding that this documentary did not make mention of Don Wilson’s two books about the moon: “Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon,” and “Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon,” which prove without a doubt that our moon has been hollowed out and now occupied by aliens for more than 350,000 years. Some of the facts proving that our moon is older than the earth are the moon rocks themselves which have been dated by the scientists who examined them to be older than the earth and our solar system: 7-20 billion years of age. Then there is that video about the moon by Richard C. Hoagland that was shown to the U.N. showing that dome on the moon 5 miles high and with one glass pane still intact 2 third’s of the way up. He could have been on the show to give his proof of alien constructions on the moon, not to mention Mars, as his other video shows: “The Monuments of Mars.” ….And as the book: “Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon,” says: “All of the strange mysteries about the moon can be explained if the moon is a hollowed out kind of Noah’s Ark.” This opinion was first put forth by two Russian scientists…..Get a used copy of this book and you will believe the documentary: “Aliens on the Moon.”

  15. My View, soon, very soon, someone like Mark Cuban, a maverick billionaire, (a modern day Captain Nemo or Hadden from the Film Contact) will easily finance a photo or exploratory recon and, unless NASA quashes it–which they probably will, the truth will be revealed. The problem is; Big Brother has so many powerful media and science arms to stir up confusion rendering perception among the general public, that allows doubt or ambiguity to set in. The problem for Big Bro; available technology; i.e.; the jig is up. This program–well done as it was, had a tabloid feel to it that was off-putting, but the images are much too compelling to ignore. What NASA wants to suppress; an ancient hybrid or alien race is obviously in use of the moon, and has been for–maybe centuries, for a variety of technological reasons. Will the Global Financial System shut down when everyone knows we are all hybrids? I don’t think so; when I had my projection, I was keenly cognitive of that (hybrid origins) and I think most people (Sans Bible Belt’s), know it instinctively. Big Bro; Oh Ye’ Of Little Faith, trust us. Maybe the public’s realization will instill more of a calm and sensitive demeanor to our populace. I think that is more likely than all of us turning into a bunch of Zombie Meth-Heads.

  16. This was total garbage. I watched about half of this hoping for something interesting. The heavily edited interviews where a scientist would say “Some believe this could be a radar” then it cuts to the narrator and some CGI of the object up close. im sure he continued, “but this is obviously a rock’s shadow.”

    Also, the rock impressions going up hill. Is it possible it was a meteor strike’s debris being flung up hill? Just possible?

    Jim Oberg’s comment was correct. Totally full of cgi showing the objects. I am annoyed by many of these type shows that don’t discern which images are actual video, and which are cgi made by the show. No captions etc, although its obvious to most, but seems to be trying to fool people.

  17. 45 years has passed since we landed on the moon. Trillions of dollars have been spent on space exploration since. We could have built several lunar bases. I am not buying the Orion project and putting people on Mars. That is the fantasy! It is not feasible. With the advancements in technology we could have a fleet of ships more powerful than the Saturn V and the Lunar Module. Robots could have carved out a lunar Hilton and we should all be able to vacation there for $1,000. No, we waste money on the IIS, Curiosity, Spitzer, Kepler and other project to deter the public from getting the answer to the real question. Why have we not gone back to the moon!

    Obama said ” We have already been there!” What a joke! The moon is a perfect intermediate step to exploring the rest of the solar system. We do not need to build an expensive space station in low earth orbit to do low gravity experiments. We do not need to put observatories out at 25,000 miles just to get a better view. We can put them on the moon! H3, stardust or what ever you want to call it can fuel the planet forever.

    Aliens or not, give me a good financial reason why we are not utilizing the moon! Unless everything in the film is correct. Good job SyFy! Way to blow the cover off this thing!

  18. “closed-minded”? Or extrapolation from a known track-record?
    If they would air information that they would back-up with anything more than speculation and guesses, people would be more open-minded.
    It appears more closed-minded to me to reject the actual facts available that refute lots of the claims out there (see “NASA Never Went To the Moon”).

  19. I’m trying to buy the DVD “Aliens on the moon”. Right now it’s being played on Netflix. But I don’t know how long it’s going to be there. But I want to buy it so I can keep it. Is it for sale, and how much?

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