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Roswell crash site debris may be confiscated by BLM, says researcher

A researcher who discovered peculiar material at the site where many believe an alien spacecraft crashed is saying the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may be confiscating the material next week. He says he is on the brink of proving the material is of extraterrestrial origins and is seeking help to keep the BLM from stopping his research.

Frank Kimbler (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Frank Kimbler teaches Geology and other earth sciences at the high school and college level at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. When he first arrived in Roswell to begin work at the Institute, he says he thought it would be fun to look into the local UFO legend. Roswell is famous for the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in 1947 in the nearby desert. Kimbler examined satellite photos of the area and found areas where it appeared the ground had been burnt. He has searched these areas and has found fragments of material he feels are unusual.

An initial isotopic ratio test done in conjunction with the Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center was inconclusive, but suggested the material may be of unearthly origins. Kimbler has continued research on the material and says he is close to proving the “ET origins of Roswell.”

A piece of the material found by Kimbler. (Credit: Frank Kimbler)

However, now the BLM is inquiring about the materials and Kimbler is terrified that they may want to take it from him. Kimbler was recently contacted by them and asked to bring the materials in on Monday, June 25. This news comes less than two weeks before the annual Roswell UFO festival.

Kimbler says the BLM was told about his work when the BLM was looking into plans by festival organizers to take people out the site. However, Kimbler says according to a BLM pamphlet, he is not breaking any of their rules. Indeed the booklet does say it is OK to take a “reasonable” amount of material, barring that it is not historically or culturally significant. The material Kimbler collected would not fit either of these specifications, unless he proves otherwise, which he has not done yet, and will not be able to do if the material is taken from him.

Field where the “real” Roswell debris is said to have been found. (Credit: OpenMinds.tv)

In an email sent to me after a conversation about Kimbler’s concerns, he writes (edited for clarity):

The Bureau of Land Management contacted me today and requested that I bring the artifacts that I found down to their office in Roswell. They want their enforcement officer to look at the material and see if I’m in violation of US laws. [Their] own published document clearly says that anything less than 100 years old is not an artifact. It also says of human origin in all US laws. This a prelude to confiscation or fines or both. Seriously, folks, I’m one scientific test away from proving the ET origins of Roswell.

The meeting with the BLM is Monday morning 10:15 AM in the Roswell District office. Contact your friends especially the ones in high places, send me a good free lawyer and contact as many media people as you can. I want CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN. I’m serious; the government is attempting to take the material that was found at the crash site. They are trying to stop the research. 

This kind of government control needs to stop, and we as Americans have the power to do it. I can’t do by myself. I NEED HELP!

BLM may just be doing their due diligence to make sure Kimbler is in compliance, but Kimbler’s concern is understandable. It would be tragic if he could not continue his work, especially when it does not appear he is breaking any BLM regulations.

For more information on Kimbler’s material read Test determines Roswell debris is not from Earth.

UPDATE 6/26/2018:

Frank writes: “The crash site fragments are are untouched. Nothing confiscated yet, but that status could change with the stroke of a BLM.”

Article first posted 6/22/2018


Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Social media need to be notified sooner better.
    Large scale fund raising should imediatly initiated to support all legal defence.
    This act of the authorities is grand proof in itself.

  2. You snooze, you lose. This guy should have finished his tests years ago, but he dragged his legs, as he even admitted in one interview.

  3. You could have a simple analysis done with an ICP-MS for little money and do the tests in a day or two. The ratios between isotopes would give excellent feedback.

  4. Kimbler should give the BLM materials from a fallen weather balloon; after all, this was the findings of the Government’s official Roswell investigative report!

  5. The specimen, even if not from Earth, is NOT remarkable. It does not have any properties any more remarkable than a piece of chewing gum foil. No alien circuitry, no alien radiation, etc. This “isotopic ratio” thing is a fad, similar to the DNA nonsense of the silly “Starchild Skull” from the nut bar Lloyd Pie. Yes, he was a nutbar.

    Stick with the good stuff, like Japan Air Flight 1628.

  6. As with previous Roswell debris and ‘documents’, this is just another false trail. I’d go further and say it is worthless junk.

  7. The whole point is, until full examination the truth about the so called ‘debris’ is unknown.
    Why call it ‘junk’ without verification? An uneducated comment!
    I am a physicist from U.K.

  8. I think the government is between a rock and a hard place. If it is from 1948 it is no an artifact as it is less than 100 years old. On the other hand it could be deemed to be of historical importance. But, the government said there was no alien crash and it was just a weather balloon. In other words the government said there was nothing of significance. The government can’t have it both ways. If I were him, I would make those statements and refuse to bring in the material and I would secret it somewhere. So, what was the outcome?

  9. To Queen: Re material from outer space not being any different. On the contrary, alloys formed in deep space away from any gravity do indeed have properties significantly different from those formed in earth.

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