Romanek threatened on OM Radio

Stan Romanek and his book Messages
Stan Romanek and his book Messages.

Nothing should surprise me when it comes to Stan Romanek and his case, but what happened on my radio show today was a first for my program.   Apparently some sort of computer like voice came through his phone line and threatened him.

Romanek has been having strange experiences for years.  It started with UFO sightings, and then moved on to apparent abduction events, and got even stranger from there.  He made international news when a still from a video he took, that appears to be a grey alien, was circulated throughout the media.  Although a picture alone is hardly evidence, most people don’t know that Stan has an abundance of evidence that supports that he has been abducted by something or someone, including video footage of UFOs, Balls of light, and possible ETs.

I began investigating this case several years ago.  Right off the bat I got a strange phone call from a computer sounding voice.  It said something about how I should feel honored to be working on Stan’s case.  According to my phone records the call came from a blocked number.

A few days later, I had the chance to spend the day with Stan and his wife, and I found that they and others involved with the case had also received several strange phone calls like mine.  Eventually I received another when Stan was stressed out and having a hard time dealing with this experiences.  This call came on my cell phone, and asked me to support him.  This time the records showed that the call had came from my number.

I began investigating the calls further and eventually found the computer voice that was apparently being used.  It was a text to speech program, and the name of the voice we were hearing was Audrey.  It was a female British sounding voice made by a company called Natural Voices.  This demonstrated that it wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to accomplish.

This wasn’t the only evidence of people messing with Romanek.  He has police records, videos and pictures of people breaking into his house.  He has received strange messages in his email, and they have also appeared on his computer.  Is it the government investigating his alien abduction case?  Is it the government making him believe it is an alien abduction case?  Is it some other strange group of people perpetrating a hoax?  We can’t be sure yet.

One thing I did find is that Romanek is not hoaxing all of this material.  I have personally witnessed paranormal activity in his presence, and so have many others.  I have talked about my experiences, and devoted a radio show to the many Romanek witnesses, listen to it here.

So when we got a weird voice today on my radio show during an interview with Romanek, saying “You need to learn to keep your mouth shut”, and then his phone got disconnected, I wasn’t too surprised.  In fact, I have been expecting it to happen on one of Stan’s many radio interviews, I was just hoping it would not be mine.  Listen to the clip of the show here, and the entire show here.

Some people may be excited for something like this to happen on their show, but I am not looking for sensationalistic attention, I am looking for credible evidence.  A voice like this could have easily been done by Stan and gives the impression of being faked.  It can cause people to question his honesty, and perhaps that’s the goal of whoever would do such a thing.

I do not believe Stan faked this event.  I have known him for too long to believe that he would do something like this.  I have no idea how it happened.  I just hope that Stan’s life can get back to normal at some point.

As Stan announced on the show, he is in the process of having a documentary made.  It sounds like it should be done within the year.  Check out his website for the latest on its progress.

Stan Romanek’s site

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. hello i love your show ,i download pod cast on my ipod and listen to you all the time.i was listening to the romanek interview and i heard the voice when it came over the air, you are saying that whoever is doing it is somehow using your number or romaneks number.your dealing with someone that has a great deal of knowledge in telephony and i believe i know how they are doing it there are two possiblities the first is that that they are using what they call a spoof card what it does is let the caller type in a number and mask the number they are calling from with any number they want, the second is it is someone that you all have close ties with and they have gained access to your sim cards and with the help of a sim reader has made a clone of your sim for out going calls.anyway i wanted to tell you that there is an online program called “trapcall“ it unmasked all blocked calls it is free and there is nothing to download you can even go online and see every call blocked or just missed the site is
    your doing a great job with your show keep up the good work
    charles jeffers

  2. Stan is an obvious fraud. A strange amateur call to him orchestrated by him should not surprise you in any way.
    You really led Mufon? Use that gray matter, man.

  3. Hi everyone,

    I know many people are skeptical about the call that broke into the program. A few people even made comments that Stan had done this to promote his book, or the documentary, or even that Alejandro had aranged it to make the program more exciting.

    Alejandro is the most honest and proffesional person that I know,he would never in a million years stoop to such behavior. Stan, has nothing to gain by doing such an idiotic thing,quite the opposite he would be guilty of discrediting himself with such behavior…

    My question to you all is this, did you hear a lot of excitment from Stan or Alejandro after it happened? No!I know many of you asked why were they so unemotional about it!Basically it was an “OH CRAP…NOT NOW” moment. Let me tell you why! After many years of dealing with these weird calls,both threatening and friendly… we just don’t react like most people would expect us to. I think we are all so blase’ about calls like this now because they do happen so often.It is simply nothing new, an annoyance that we deal with much like the clicking on the phone lines, the hollow (talking into a tin can) sound we are all so used to…it happens all of the time.(like a pesky mosquito,when they buzz around you wave them away, and if your lucky you smash them, and continue with your picinic)

    I agree with Alejandro, that who ever broke into the program did so to make Stan look silly, to discredit him, and to make people question everything…surrounding Stan’s experiences.

    Disinformation is afoot. This call in my opinion, is on the same level as a recent claim that Stan called someone and threatened to sue him and the organization he was with. If Stan did not make that call, and the person claiming to have been threatned did not speak to the caller claiming to be Stan, how then can it be said that Stan threatened anyone with a lawsuit? The woman who took the call could only relate that the caller claimed to be Stan. The whole thing is ludicrous and yet disinformation of this type is very effective it appears.

    What you all don’t understand is that we have had many calls from that voice, threatening to kill us, our friends, and our children…those we react to…with anger, not fear. Fear is the power they have over all of us. We can’t allow fear to stop us from what we are supposed to do, so we don’t!

    Blessings to you all,
    Lisa Romanek

  4. @ Lies, he stated the Documentary at the end of the article as a fallow up to what the guy is up to now and will be in the future. There’s no grand scheme to make us buy said Documentary. Just relax and grow up !

    @ A Friend, I guess you didn’t read the full article were he stated as fallows:

    “”Some people may be excited for something like this to happen on their show, but I am not looking for sensationalistic attention, I am looking for credible evidence. A voice like this could have easily been done by Stan and gives the impression of being faked. It can cause people to question his honesty, and perhaps that’s the goal of whoever would do such a thing.””

    He’s giving the guy the benefit of doubt because he believes his case but sees how others could think him a fake. Like the other guy grow up and don’t bother trying to take a cheap shot at the author of this story. Hes being very partial in his handling of it.

  5. Anyone who looks at the evidence here can see that the case of Stan Romanek is genuine – there is just too much evidence. I have seen so much disinformation on this case that I decided to blog about it – see the post

    So for those who spread the lies and say it is a hoax – what are all of you trying to hide? Your tactics are obvious. That letter with the word “fallow” in it was part of a disinformation campaign. Is that the best you can do? What about all the witnesses, the videos, photographs and sound recordings?

  6. I just watched the documentary on Netflix about Stan. One would have to be a really gullible person and/or poor judge of character to take this guy seriously.

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