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UFO filmed over the Vatican by U.S. ambassador security guards

St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica

Was Rome visited by Unidentified Flying Objects? Definitely, and once again the sightings in the skies over Vatican City stirred newspaper headlines and numerous TV news reports in Italy. According to recent reports, it seems that a UFO flap is taking place in Rome and that strange objects were also recorded on camera several times. The most important one is the footage of an odd luminous formation taken by three security guards stationed in front of the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (Holy See). These were qualified witnesses since they are artillerymen, trained experts in air surveillance.

It was at 4 am in the night of June 7th when three men belonging to the 17° antiaircraft Regiment at the “Santa Barbara” station in Sabaudia (Latina province), spotted three spherical bright objects hovering in the sky above St. Peter’s dome in the Vatican, right in the center of Rome. They promptly filmed the unexpected nocturnal air show with a cell phone.

From their point of observation in the Roman Monteverde area (overlooked by the Gianicolo hill), they immediately stopped a police patrol. Well trained in spotting aircraft, the artillerymen excluded the possibility of a commercial plane, a jet fighter or a balloon. They described the object’s swift maneuvers, mentioning a “darting move toward the sky,” a “delta formation,” and “luminous dots suspended at about three hundred feet above the ground.” They added that there is “no way a conventional airplane can do such things.” The UFO disappeared and reappeared for brief moments, with sudden changes of altitude before it darted westbound at a 40 degree angle. The police patrol took the report very seriously and the central police station in Rome was immediately alerted. The footage, more than a minute in length, was acquired by the Italian police, pending further investigations.

“Studio Aperto” anchorwoman Elena Guarnieri.
“Studio Aperto” anchorwoman Elena Guarnieri.

Thanks to the technical background of the witnesses, many TV networks took the news seriously. “Studio Aperto” (Mediaset, Italia Uno newscast) anchorwoman Elena Guarnieri introduced the segment saying: “We will show  you now an exclusive video footage of a UFO sighting in Rome, this video was filmed by three soldiers, take a look.” Staff journalist Paolo Capresi then describes the images: “They are three flying objects and they are floating in the air, they were filmed last night in the sky above Rome. The images were taken with a cell phone by three soldiers who were in service in front of the U.S. ambassador’s residence in the Vatican City (Holy See), Monteverde district, two steps from St. Peter’s Square, and were immediately handed over to the Carabinieri [police]. As you can see there are no objects around to use as reference points that can give us the exact distance and size of the UFOs. It seems that they are spherical in shape and they hover above the Vatican. They appear and disappear often changing altitude.”

The journalist concluded, almost ironically: “The soldiers who have filmed these objects are based in the antiaircraft division and are specialized in recognizing the flight path of aircraft. Since 1978 it’s the Air Force that is in charge of registering sightings (over Italy)”. Colonel Marco Picciau of the Italian Air Force specifies that “statistics of sightings reported before 2001 were 300, after 2001 we have a more precise statistic on 50, 55, sightings [every year]”.

You can see the full coverage by the Italia Uno network here:

The June 7th sighting was preceded approximately eight hours before by another relevant sighting. As reported in the Roman newspaper “Il Messaggero”, “Just last Sunday [June 6], at 8 pm, many motorists traveling along the Via Aurelia and the A12 highway in the section between Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella, said they saw a very bright circular object flying across the sky.”

Il Messaggero newspaper article on the June 6th sighiting.
Il Messaggero newspaper article "A UFO in the sky of Rome - Reported by three military men", regarding the June 6th sighting.

In the just released second issue of Open Minds magazine, my colleague Antonio Huneeus wrote the cover story about the Vatican Extraterrestrial Connection, which includes a section about UFO sightings in Rome going all the way back to 214 B.C. The article describes in detail a famous report in 1954 when a formation of unidentified objects flew right on top of St. Peter’s square and made a St. Andrew’s cross for a few seconds. It seems that UFOs are still flying over the Roman airspace and particularly the area around Vatican City.

Click the image to get your copy of the Vatican issue of Open Minds Magazine.
Click the image to get your copy of the Vatican issue of Open Minds Magazine.

Maurizio Baiata

Maurizio is an investigative reporter, magazine editor and UFO researcher He started his journalistic activity in the late Sixties as a free lance journalist and then editor of several Rock Italian magazines, reaching the peak of his career as Editor in chief of "Rolling Stone" magazine’s Italian edition. In 1981 he moved to New York working as radio correspondent for the Italian state network RAI and then becoming editor-cultural page of the daily newspaper “Il Progresso Italo Americano”. Seven years later Baiata moved back to Italy and concentrated on UFO research, focusing on the Roswell incident. He produced many documentaries with large diffusion through all media and released the Autopsy Footage in 1995. In 1997 he published two books of the late Col. Philip Corso, “The Day After Roswell” and “Dawn of a New Age” (Corso’s original diary never published elsewhere). In Italy Baiata directed “Notiziario UFO", "UFO Network", “Dossier Alieni”, "Stargate"”Area 51” and “X Times” and two multimedia encyclopedias: “UFO Dossier X” and "Stargate - Enigmi dal Cosmo". He has presented at numerous lectures worldwide, including two appearances at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin.

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  1. These beings are and have been visiting our planet for a very long time.I have had the honor to see the first craft up close,back in the summer of 1979 while stationed at Fort Carson,CO located southeren colorado colorado springs. The next sighting years to follow was in Reno NV @ night a silent bright strobe that hover between the airport and the interstate.The most resent sighting was during the day time while i was out walking along my walking route between sam boyd stadium and a housing community. This one was very unique metallic gray,bluish it was along the flight path of landing airplanes coming from the football stadium heading to Macarran airport. I have been very very fortunate to have witness these sightings but never had a camera available.

  2. Exorcism on it’s way for the Vatican.These creatures made sure to be seen.More exorcism coming up.The guilt is there and they use the Vatican to hide the truth.They have a kid that looks like an alien.Repent you Catholics for the sins of your fathers have come.No more hiding.
    They will tremble in fear and they[priest] will be now exorcised.It is their turn to be exorcised.Confess to your sins and come forth into the light.Forgiveness is waiting for you if you do not change your ways.
    For all the native Americans throughout Canada & United States pay them for what you owe them.Then they will forgive you.The Government?They will help you for they are to part of the problem.

  3. The Universe is a weird & wonderful place. I believe in aliens & ufos but always wondered…why would they waste their time & energy on us & our run-down planet? There’s gotta be something better out there in the cosmos!?!

    Blessed Be~

  4. These ufos appeared because I posted a video of an apparition in the Vatican of an Alien Ghost that appeared behind Pope John Paul 2. These ufos are not aliens but are apparitions and when zoomed in shows “FACES” These show that Jesus Christ is returning this year!

  5. It was God coming back.
    Trace the origins of their religion. They are worshiping a Babylonian storm god that was actually an alien according to the Sumerians. So, God cruises the strip in a UFO.

  6. Evil spirits of deception. thats all they are. everytime there a ufo sighting…u can never make out wat it is. and people never will…cause they want to decieve the people into believing its alien…when its not.the anti-christ is going to come from that area. thats why theres alot of activity there!

  7. Only the arrogant and ignorant still believe we are alone in the galaxy. There are 3rd world nations on earth and 3rd tier worlds in the galaxy. Earth is 3rd tier; a subject for study and good for a few laughs by more advanced cultures in the galaxy.

  8. I have seen a pair of cigar-shaped UFO ( literally) or UAP to make it sound more scientific. The color is brownish silver. I was sitting next to a frind driving his toyota camry sedan cruising down the great highway from san francisco toward daly city, san mateo. Their cruising velocity was relatively slow. no noticable acceleration (quite stable).The direction of my sighting was toward west of the coast. Distance: about 2000 metres away.

  9. After watching the documentary ‘I Know What I Saw’ I am 100% convinced the USA is withholding not only up close photo evidence of UFOs but filmed evidence. Astronaut Gordon Cooper said they filmed a landing and takeoff of a UFO, sent the film in to Washington, and never heard from our wonderful government again.

  10. What actually happened is the popemobile was in the shop that day and the pope had an itchin for a sub sandwitch. That was a specially built taxi that when flying over the popes place the captian said energize bringing him aboard. He was then taken to the holydeck in comfort and off he went to Jimmie Johns to get a lowfat turkey footlong and beer and was soon back in his castle eatin good. I don’t know why people overlooked the ovbious.

  11. I, personally, am sick to death of all the disinformation and misinformation about our galactic family!

    These beings are here, and always have been, to help humanity move forward toward enlightenment and love!

    IMO, these space craft appeared over the Vatican to help the people in Rome understand that the Vatican and Pope are NOT omipotent and that there is more to the entire Catholic cult than meets the eye! We are not alone and never have been!!

    Why does the Catholic cult require such complete devotion to the idea that you must fear God and hell? God is within each and every one of us. We are all gods and godesses. The only hell is the one created in our minds and in our deeds!

    The Creator is all love, there is no hell. Trust yourself, your intuiton and your intellect. If you must give yourself over completely to one cult which forces you to accept its teachings…is that no different than any other cult?

  12. This looks just like the New USA spy craft. look it up , i cant remember the name but you tube has footage and to tell you the truth i think i read an article Here about it. something smells fishy to me. i’m just sayin

  13. Hello
    I’m a student of the university of Valencia and the last month I have done a travel around Italy.
    Maybe the most part of you don’t believe this that I gonna to write, but I have begun to start a look for information about these red lights because I and a friend, and some people that were there, all, we saw a red lights in the sky, we thought that it was a atmospheric fenomenon or whatever because (almost I) don’t believe in “all of this things” but the truth is that we saw something in the sky that it wasn’t so further as a star but either was too near,it didn’t make any noise (like a plane or helicopter), and first went slowly and then when we couldn’t follow the lights any more in the sky (because of the moviment of these two red lights) we went to another part of the house for look by a diferent window and the lights disapear (each time more small and at final they lost in the sky).

    I don’t know what to think, but who knows…

    I’m impacted for this, and I know that it was real (because we saw) it’s a strange feeling. Maybe we’re not alone at the universe but… are they so near of we?
    it’s hair-raising.

    Thanks for your time.

  14. I forgot say that it was in Ferrara (Italy) at eleven more or less in the night (of course). We’re cooking when my friend Victor told me… what’s this? hehe… And the next I already explained! 🙂

  15. actually your all wrong. they are here for the inevitable, to make sure we utterly destroy ourselvs so they don’t have to. Planet earth is blocking their view of the cosmos. The alians wan’t to turn this rock into an astroid belt. They are simply being polite. Christ must first rapture his people and crush the devil under his heal. lucy must not be able to escape. They’ve got the slippery serpent in a choke hold to make sure it’s dead! true story classified most High Jesus Christ writing by

  16. To say there are no aliens most likely is incorrect, There is more to our universe than our human minds know. I think the earth is going through a cyclical change that has never been recorded. It is what it is. We need to prepare for our day of reckoning.

  17. I am Catholic and am very happy the Holy Church is saying yes They are here. They might have added to that the numbers can hardly be counted. Some people have conversed with these beings asking them do you know Jesus?They didn’t understand. However they understand the words BLOW UP! Curious though first they want to study us. (?)
    Here’s where the Greys’ come in. Not by rumor by meeting with them. They’re different from the the ones the latest area 51 man who “claimed the number was three thousand feel good guys”. He claims “telepathic communication” and our first galactic Allie for the U.S.A.. Just think what you want and it’s answered in your own mind. Their able to even to anticipate your questions.
    Now the question becomes who actually owns the earth? These beings who claim “your blocking their view”?

    We catholics want to know why are you killing our people? Then you have the nerve to place an impostor in a family members place. Before the first war in Iraq saddam was normal. Then He openly admits covert assassinations of the worlds elite socialites. That’s what the Vatican calls when protecting our people war may be justified.
    It seems to me earth is being taken over because these beings don’t understand what the kingdom of heaven is. Nor do they care. If you asked we would say they’re friends with Lucifer and this section of the cosmos is still disputed by the unjust.
    When the fight starts up there in heaven I’m sure it’s going to be butt kickin. God had to take a trip so He left Jesus in charge. When God gets back with the “million Hand er”(soul destroyer). The Horns will blow from Arc Angle Michael then the sparks will fly. Stay in touch with Jesus and Father and Mary and Mary and they will deliver you up from the lingering battle. Lord have mercy on the evil beings. Christ gave His life for this Earth they must answer to Him then ultimately Father.


  18. I think it was a satanic alien ufo probably carrying Satan himself. On another site they say it moved up and down several times. They hovered over the Vatican Dome for around 20 minutes making sure everyone saw it. Strange this was not seen in the American news media and yahoo has taken this video down. Govt is trying to hide this. But there is no being like God and he made us. I don’t think he created anything in the universe as , as far as humans except us. Satan is the prince of the air and that is ufos. I don’t think God will appear this way. He will come with the angels in the clouds, I think.. I would be wary of any relationship with aliens.. God says even the most high will be deceived… I believe he is saying people will believe aliens or Satan is God and that they created us.!! Be careful!!

  19. This 2010 UFO event over the Vatican follows a chain of interconnected events. Just follow the numbers and the symbolism. The key numbers are 17 and 153. The numbers 1 through 17 add to 153. This is related to the story recorded in John 21, about Saint Peter (the first Pope) and the 153 Fish in the Net.

    A series of such events took place in the 17th year of the 20th Century at Fatima, Portugal, over a period of 153 days. The linked web site article here tells some of the story.

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