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Aliens or another dimension are the most likely explanation for some crop circles

Professor says aliens likely responsible for crop circles

Lou Greub (credit: La Crosse Tribune)

Lou Greub (credit: La Crosse Tribune)

Aliens or another dimension are the most likely explanation for some crop circles, according to Lou Greub, a retired agronomy professor from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

At the Midwest Farm Show in La Crosse, Wisconsin yesterday, Greub delivered a presentation on crop circles. He admitted that some crop circles are obviously created by pranksters, including “one group, especially, that’s kind of organized and they go out (creating crop circles) for the sport of it.”

Crop circle (credit: La Crosse Tribune)

Crop circle (credit: La Crosse Tribune)

According to La Crosse Tribune, Greub became fascinated with crop circles in the late 1970 and early 1980s. But last year was his first time visiting the mysterious circles, when he joined a tour group led by crop circle researcher Barbara Lamb that visited eight circles in England.

Greub will give a repeat performance of his crop circle presentation today at the Midwest Farm Show.

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  1. I would be very interested in some peer reviewed journal articles about this phenomenon. I know that MIT recreated a “typical” crop circle over one night with night vision goggles and other detailed technology…..but what are the odds that “drunken pranksters” could produce mathematical masterpieces in fields with no tracks over several hours.

  2. Greetings; I have been visiting crop circles, here in the USA since 1996. I have been to hundreds of them,including hoaxes, and circles in Wisconsin,where the only known eye witness to a formation lives. We( a team of scientist and researchers that investigated this crop circle (Mayville 2003), verified its authenticity,and had some interesting “helecoter flyovers” and a military air force person involved..I do consider myself, and my co researchers to be some of the best informed “experts” on this planet, and no one that I know has any rational explanation for these crop forms. Why is it that everyone seems to think they need to go to the UK to see them? There have been many right here in this country, As for the cause of these conundrums…everyone has theory,however,they do indeed seem to be a form of communication. What better way to communicate than with geometry,mathmatics,music. I believe that there are many levels at work here,and we humans are just begining to scratch..the surface. RJS

  3. Frederick M. Olsen III

    Hey Roger– kudos to you for your research and travels to document puzzling phenomena. Wasn’t there a case in Hollland with an eyewitness to a formation? What about the Operation Blackbird stunt pulled by the Brit military? **There’s** a real untold story.

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