Open Minds teams up with NV Ops for exclusive deals on night vision equipment

We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Night Vision Ops, Night Optics USA, and Ben Hansen to bring you exclusive deals on night vision goggles. Hansen, best known for his role on Syfy’s Fact or Faked, is the founder and president of Night Vision Ops, a Bushnell affiliated company. Night vision technology has been, and continues to be, an asset to UFO research and skywatchers world-wide. It is our goal to make it more feasible for individuals to access this technology in attempts to capture and better understand unknown objects in the sky.

Hansen explains:

I joined the night vision industry because I was frustrated with witnessing strange objects in the sky and not having a way to capture them on video. Despite the advances in cell phone and consumer video cameras, they’re just not adequate enough to film toward the sky in nighttime conditions. I’m now working side-by-side with the world’s top manufacturers of military grade night vision and thermal products. I’ve helped encourage them to develop technology which allows the UFO skywatching community the ability to adapt their night vision scopes to record from dSLR cameras to iPhones. You’ve seen Night Vision Ops leading skywatches at UFO conventions around the country because we have the best equipment in the industry and we know your ultimate goals. If you want to experience what 50,000 times light amplification can show you while skywatching or you’re serious about recording the events you’re witnessing…then take advantage of our special Open Minds offers today!”

OM-MAG-2014-flat Night Vision Ops large

Hansen will also be leading a night vision skywatch at the 2015 International UFO Congress and will have scopes for sale throughout the duration of the event.

Maureen Elsberry

Maureen Elsberry is the Marketing Director, co-host and associate producer of Spacing Out!, and Co-organizer of the International UFO Congress. She is also a contributing writer for and the former Open Minds magazine. She starred on the show Uncovering Aliens with appearances on Animal Planet, Science Channel, Destination America, and the American Hero's Network and has appeared on numerous radio programs across the country . Follow Maureen on Twitter: @maureenelsberry or subscribe to her public updates on Facebook here: Maureen on Facebook

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