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Open Minds Investigates Vol. 1

Hosted by Alejandro Rojas, this DVD reviews five current cases within the UFO Phenomenon:

Ron Noel Alien Implant
Ron Noel wants an object removed from his body that has been present since he was abducted by a UFO almost forty years ago. Open Minds follows Ron as he attempts to discover what the small object in his wrist could be. We give you an up-close look at the removal procedure of what may very well be an alien implant.

Presidents and UFOs
There are persistent rumors and bits of evidence to support the notion that several U.S. presidents have known about UFOs, and have participated in covering up that information. Grant Cameron has been researching this topic for more than thirty years. Now, Cameron investigates, along with Open Minds, what past presidents may have known and what they kept hidden from the American public.

Dan Burisch and S4
Michael Schratt investigates Dan Burisch’s controversial claims that he worked at the S4 top secret complex next to Area 51 in Nevada. Using compelling 3D animation supported by Burisch’s claims, Schratt will tkae you inside the S4 complex to illustrate the hangers and spacecraft allegedly seen by Burisch.

Open Minds Timeline: Roswell
On July 8, 1947, the Public Information Office at the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico issued a press release stating that the Army had recovered a crashed “flying disc” at a ranch near Roswell. This press release captured the attention of the media, but on the very next day, a second statement was released claiming that all that was recovered was a weather balloon.

Mauricio Ruiz UFO Video
On the morning of April 11, 2008, former policeman Mauricio Ruiz witnessed and videotaped something that would change his life forever. Ruiz discusses with Open Minds the videos he shot of not one, but three UFOs from his house in Alvin, Texas. Watch as Open Minds has the footage analyzed by experts as Ruiz tells his story.

Bonus features on this DVD include extra commentary from Grant Cameron, Dan Burisch, and Mauricio Ruiz.

Hard copies of this DVD are available for purchase here: Open Minds Investigates Vol. 1

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