Space blogger Jason Major talks the search for extraterrestrial life

Spacing Out! explores UFOs, space, the search for extraterrestrial life, and other mysteries of the universe.

This week we were delighted to have guest Jason Major join us to discuss the space race and the current NASA and ESA projects geared towards the search for extraterrestrial life.

Jason Major is one of the top space journalists in the country with an impressive list of titles including Universe Today, Discovery News and National Geographic News. You can follow Jason @JPMajor or visit his website: Lights in the Dark.


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Spacing Out! is hosted by Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry, and features current news and exclusive content, including interviews with experts and enthusiasts alike. Viewer-submitted content is an element of the show, which includes stories of personal UFO sightings, UFO/space-related artwork, and more. Spacing Out! will also feature highlighted UFO cases from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Jason and Maureen are immersed every day in the world of UFOs, space exploration, and extraterrestrial life as team members at Open Minds. They share a passion for these topics, as well as a passion for presenting objective information about these topics to the public on a comprehendible level.

The show is uploaded to YouTube and every Friday and will soon be available on other streaming video platforms. Spacing Out! is also available as a podcast on itunes or via

Maureen Elsberry

Maureen Elsberry is the Marketing Director, co-host and associate producer of Spacing Out!, and Co-organizer of the International UFO Congress. She is also a contributing writer for and the former Open Minds magazine. She starred on the show Uncovering Aliens with appearances on Animal Planet, Science Channel, Destination America, and the American Hero's Network and has appeared on numerous radio programs across the country . Follow Maureen on Twitter: @maureenelsberry or subscribe to her public updates on Facebook here: Maureen on Facebook

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