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Jaden Smith says Obama confirmed aliens are real

Promotional poster for “After Earth.” (Credit: Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.)

Jaden Smith told Wonderland magazine this week that a conversation with President Obama at the White House confirmed to him that aliens are real. Smith is the son of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He is an up and coming superstar himself. He has appeared in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and starred in the remake of The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. He is also making a name for himself as a rapper and a dancer. His latest project is After Earth, a M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi adventure film which Jaden co-stars with his father. It premieres in June.

A recent Open Minds UFO Radio interview with co-writer of After Earth, Gary Whitta, revealed that there are aliens in the futuristic movie. It just so happens, aliens are one of Jaden’s favorite topics. “I like aliens!” he told Wonderland. “I think aliens are really cool, because they exist.”

Jaden says that a conversation he had with President Obama has confirmed his belief. Jaden and the rest of his superstar family got a chance to visit the White House. While in the President’s Situation Room, Jaden saw his chance to press the POTUS for the skinny on extraterrestrials. He says:

I talked to President Obama about extraterrestrials. He said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens, which means they’re real. If people think we’re the only people that live in this universe, then something is wrong with them.

After Earth will be Jaden’s second movie with aliens. His father, Will, has starred in five, including the popular Men in Black franchise and the cult classic Independence Day. If this trend continues, Jaden has no worries. Hollywood will ensure that extraterrestrials continue to be a part of the Smith family’s lives for years to come.

To hear more about Jaden and Will Smith’s latest movie, After Earth, listen to our interview on Open Minds UFO Radio with co-writer Gary Whitta here.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. What a great load of crap! The words, “…could neither confirm nor deny” is not an admission or ‘confirmation’ on anything. It’s a middle ground statement used often by most leaders to avoid inflammation of an issue. No wonder Ufology is considered the pits by most academics, the general public and dedicated true researchers with articles and headliness like this. This ‘Sirius’ premiere you’re advertising is going to turn out another dud. Absolute hogwash with absolutely ZERO evidence for ANY claims. As a past researcher investigating in person the UFO phenomena before most of you were even thought of the flourishing of mindless crap on the subject like this AND the formation of ‘UFO Clubs’ spreading mis-information and carrying out lousy ‘investigations’ worries and saddens me to the extreme.

  2. Well, many people have experienced interactions with them across the globe over the years, including myself.. And i don’t have to prove anything to any one about.. Its clearly their loss if they are to ignorant to accept that they are real!

  3. “The words, “…could neither confirm nor deny” is not an admission or ‘confirmation’ on anything.” Yeah, you’re right, on its face… but beauty’s skin deep, eh? Remains a massive evidentiary pathway known across seven categories to include:

    (1) the Historical textual documents glyphed in soot and cut into stone or otherwise writ in ancient inks on cracking vellum,
    (2) the extant Artistic Historical from primitives on the walls of their caves, through Middle-Age wood-cuts, to the masterpieces of the masters on rough canvas and slick gesso later on
    (3) the quality Anecdotal reports backed up by multiple vetted witnesses and corresponding radar
    (4) genuine Photographic efforts prior to digital photography provided by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, et sig al
    (5) extant Physical Traces of landing UFOs as laboriously outlined by Ted Phillips and others
    (6) the “wholly Personal” evidence, if you have any as I do and
    (7) even the Mathematical, reader, as it is described in modern physics regarding the consequences of satisfying requirements accounting for “the formality of the actual occurrence” of something physical in this multi-verse (humanity “happened” so “others” must) but, specifically, as it is described in Probability One by Amir D. Aczel, PhD.

    Alien intelligence, reader, is a certainty! Moreover, the evidence—entirely if ironically in concert with Fermi—is that they are here. Pack that pipe and spark it, eh?

  4. Mr. Reneke,

    I’m writing to comment on your reply. I will not be addressing the veracity, or lack thereof, of Jaden Smith’s interpretation of his conversation with President Obama.

    I obviously don’t know you nor anything about you other than what you’ve divulged. Still, I was taken aback by the degree of defensiveness with which you expressed your views and convictions. Your final comment that “lousy ‘investigations’ worries and saddens me to the extreme.” comes across as hyperbole.

    If, as you assert, there’s an abundance of “mis-information” and junk science surrounding this topic, wouldn’t this simply mean you believe there to be an excessive number of gullible people inclined to find merit in this publicized material? Given your views and stated experience, I can understand how this does not sit well with you, but why “to the extreme”? What could people who believe and/or trust this information do with it that would so worry you? They’re certainly not going to impact mainstream science.

    Michio Kaku, and to a much lesser degree, Stephen Hawking, have acknowledged a ‘possibility’ that extraterrestrials exist, but they have not suggested in any manner that we are ‘being visited’. Neil deGrasse Tyson has publicly mocked and derided those who subscribe to such beliefs. So what if such persons as Stanton Friedman and Steven Greer seek to convince others of extraterrestrial visitation?

    Conventional science is in no danger of being compromised. To my knowledge, the theory of transpermia, project SETI, and water/ice found on celestial bodies are the only scientific notice that’s been given to life potentially existing elsewhere in the universe. Furthermore, believers do not pose any threat to national security, nor have they incited or advocated riots or acts of violence. To my knowledge they’ve only made documentaries, given lectures/testimonials, and encouraged the signing of online petitions for ‘disclosure’ from the U.S. government. These individuals pose no threat to anyone’s safety nor do they wield any meaningful influence over scientific empiricism. It is for these reasons that I fail to see why this article has elicited such a fervent response from you, which seems entirely disproportionate to a young actor having posed a question to which the president gave an ambiguous reply.

  5. Mr. Reneke

    What do you have to say with the Vatican confirming Extraterrestrial Life?

  6. He’s just a kid with a belief in aliens. If any 15 year old went to the white house and Obama told them that, he’d run home and tell his friends and parents that the president told him about it. Just cuz he’s a super star talking to a magazine doesn’t make that fact any less true. Give him a break.

  7. Mr Reneke

    As a genuine researcher and investigator myself, I am confident in stating that you sir, are a liar. I am also confident in stating that had you seen Sirius, you would not claim it bullshit. I repeat. You are nothing more than a trouble causing liar. The worst type of person.

  8. Of course aliens do exist, and they do come to earth, and you can of course see for yourself. Check out Sirius Disclosure, they do CE-5 training, which means human initiated contact. The thing is though that the military loves spending tons of money on wars, and pretend that aliens can be a threat, when in fact, just to reach the level 1 civilization we need world peace, you cannot have war, and grow as a society. Any alien civilization, that has the capability to come to Earth, must have achieved peace already. Look at Erwin Schrodinger who mathematically proved that there is no separation, and everything is in the same space and time, it just appears far away. This is true, and there is only one mind in the entire universe, and therefore aliens attacking us, is as silly as attacking themselves. Earth has not achieved this understanding yet, we still harm ourselves and others, although some have learned the way of peace. Listen to others, be curious of everybody, and that is key to success! You can have anything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want!

  9. Do people really believe that all UFO pictures and footage is fake? NASA feeds don’t show anything out of the ordinary? And that everyone who has admitted to witnessing UFOs and Extraterrestrials (Including: astronauts, pilots, military personal, government officials, and thousands on normal everyday people) are either lying or just totally mistaken?

    Come on. Stop being so afraid. They haven’t killed us yet, I think we’re fine for a while.

  10. Mr Reneke.
    Chill out dude. There’s a hell of a lot of aggression in the tone of your reply and you come across as somewhat arrogant too. I personally don’t know you and for that, I’m thankful. The idea that ufology is nothing but bunkum followed by crackpots and weirdo’s is not helped by such overzealous behaviour. Yes there are a lot of nuts out there that discredit this cause through misinformation and producing poorly made fake videos or photographs for their own amusement and in some cases profit. However, banging on like some sort of raving maniac and attacking anybody you disagree with in such a way does nothing to help convince the world we’re not all nutjobs. If you have nothing constructive to say other than spitting hate filled bile for no reason, do everybody a favour and either tone down the aggression, or maybe just shut up. Now go and have a nice lie down in a dark room and think happy thoughts will you.

  11. Obama has not confirmed ETs existence. It would be great if he did, but it is not a huge problem if he does not considering that:
    1) They do exist and visit us
    2) Obama has no access to such things, as the industrial-military complex has seized all the information, activities related to it and a huge, multibillion black budget. Eisenhower warned about it.
    3) Russian president Medvedev admited Aliens do visit us, and referred to a russian UFO documentary “Men in Black”.
    4) Finally, it is us, the people who will do the disclosure. Not corrupt misantropic sociopaths from Pentagon or the industrial-military complex.

  12. Are we alone? Maybe yes, maybe no.
    Many sightings during the 80’s in the Hudson Valley NY
    People in this area have not forgotten, and I certainly have not.

    Ann/Ossining NY

  13. Dave Reneke is correct, but it’s not a middle ground statement. It just means that Obama doesn’t know nor is Obama going to state that they don’t exist because again, he doesn’t know. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s an intelligent and honest answer. For example you have the religious debate, Aethists claim there is no god, when theists, on the other hand, claim there is. Agnostics can neither claim that there is or isn’t, because to be honest there is no physical evidence to support either argument. The proof of this is that there are still different religions around and if either case had the tangible proof to support either claim, then we’d either all be unified under one religion of some sort or we’d all be atheist. But since the physical evidence hasn’t presented itself, we have what we have in the world now. It’s a sensible answer and intelligent, not middle ground. Cosmology commits greater crimes of ignorance because it is mostly theoretical and yet cosmologists would state vehemently that ‘gravitons’, ‘parallel universes’ and ‘black holes’ exist, as an example, when there is no physical evidence for either. None whatsoever, it’s purely theoretical. Just the same as the probability for life existing in our galaxy with the Drake Equation is theoretical, there’s no physical evidence (yet). Mr Obama’s answer had the intention of clarifying that he doesn’t know the answer but that he doesn’t have the arrogance to say ‘no, they don’t exist’ aswell, as most skeptics do. Jayden on the other hand clearly interpreted that answer to mean something else and it shows that he wanted to believe so badly before he asked the question by asking that question itself. It’s adorable but remember he’s still young too, he’ll either stay true to this opinion or change over time.

    In either case, you should all relax. Keep the mind free to possibilities but don’t mire them in unproven bias

  14. This is my theory. the universe is infinite. there is no end. If you honestly believe that some where trillions and trillions of light years away there is no life at all. youre ignorant. I believe in parallel universes and the string theory but its to complicated to get into right now lol but yes there is life out there. there is documents signed by the US in the early 1900s called the extraterestreal peace treaty. for every advace technology they give us they can abduct so many people. nigga how the fuck you think we went from bolt acction riffles and shitty ass planes that went supper slow to fully automatic rifles and jets that go the sspeed of ssound in to 20 years. that was like a 20 year period. in the 60s in vietnam we wre using a gun called a rail gun. look it up. Im not fucking with you sam my moms bf has seen one it uses energy than can be stored and fired instantly to miles away. its like the ray gun off of black ops times 100

  15. I personally do think that aliens exist, not because some of us haven’t seen them that means they are not real, there are lots of UFO sightings in the past and we can’t doubt them if they saw it with their eyes, look at how huge this universe is, the earth is like a tiny speck of dust and we are even smaller, it is very ignorant to jump to conclusion and say they don’t exist, aliens may not exist in our galaxy but there are billions of galaxies out there yet to be discovered so far away that we can’t see, no matter how advance our technology is, we still have a very long way to go, we maybe aint evn discover 1/5 of the universe yet

  16. This is my theory.

    the universe goes on for ever… light years away into deep space there definitely will be some kind of living species, you’d be a fool not to believe that, its sad how you’d believe that were the only lifeforms in this WHOLE entire galaxy. i’m not saying they’ve visited earth or have had contact with the government but who knows,

  17. aliens are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. the universe is bound to have millions of other life forms which the human race dont know about. i believe there have been many hoax’s but many real sightings of the aliens. if you think we are the only race of beings in all the galaxies out there your out of your mind. and im only ten.

  19. There are aliens. We do have propulsion technology available to us, but the governments do not tell us about this as there is an oil monopoly. Take things into your own hands. Don’t let these cowards fool you!

  20. Wow, its fun reading about people debating on this subject, lol. For those of you that don’t believe I suggest looking up the following names , Charles Hall, David Hilton, Robert Lazar, David Adair, Sean Morton, Stan Roanack spelling on last name probably incorrect, and my favorite although sad but true Phil Schneider. And take a look at Space.com. Also closely listen to what the Ret. Canadian Minister of Defense (forgot his name) said while talking to our Congress at the Whitehouse, and the fact that he has now put his life in danger, you be the judge of what he says is true. Peace be with you all!!

  21. It is absurd to think aliens have not visited this planet. Lets just take Roswell for one out of many other examples. Many of those people including military and civilians alike admitted eventually that there was a crash landing. The people who observed the crash later said there were alien bodies at the crash site. The person who played it off as a weather balloon towards the end of his life said that the “tin foil” took many different shapes and could become completely flat and straight and could not b cut or burned. Other people who got some of the wreckage also said the same thing. These people held out so long telling the truth because why would they ruin their careers and their family members lives over sayin that there are aliens. One military man who was at the site and saw aliens told his daughter on his death bed to not believe what people say about there being no aliens. Dozens if not more later said than military people threatened to literally kill them if they said anything about aliens. People have also disappeared in Roswell who may have allegedly been buried out in the desert cuz te military said that’s what they would do if anyone tried to talk. Again there are other similar examples where whole towns claimed a UFO crash even where the military people who initially investigated the crash that there were alien bodies. I’m sure 90 percent of sights and reported abductions are by crazy people but u are very ignorant to think that EVERYONE is lying. The government writes history and they wanted to make sure that the word conspiracy is associated with the word aliens. And they have succeeded. Now they don’t have to bury people in the desert for sayin what they saw happen cuz now thy have morphed more that half of America into believing all sightings must be a hoax. Space is infinite with other planets. U r foolish to think there is not one planet out there that can sustain a society that has pushed it’s space travel capabilities to such a level to reach us. WE could do the same if we tried but u can see that America has lost interest in doing amazing technilogical feats.

  22. To think that we are alone in the universe is and odd really,,

    The universe is so large, Oceans of star there is

    If we Human Race think we are alone then we only believe we are slightly ignorant.

  23. if Alien Beings are REALLY then WHO IS GOD That Most of us or all of us are praying?

    According to the bible and other religious writings GOD “DESCENDED FROM ABOVE” now if this alien beings is true or a fact then i think they might have something to do with our GOD?

    Speaking of Bible there are a lot of accounts there depicting Visitation which nowadays Can be interpreted as Close Encounters

  24. Until these Aliens, E.T.’s whatever you might want to call it doesn’t appear and say “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” we humans are still trapped in our own Earthly Idea,…..

    THE ANSWERS to this Could no longer be found in here,,, we have to GO out,,, we have to Explore more

  25. While intelligent alien life is almost certainly real – the probability that we are in contact with it is far less likely. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old, life must have formed elsewhere, civilisations formed, raised and died, probably all before the Earth was even formed.

    However, the distribution of likely candidate planets in our local region of the galaxy means that interstellar communication is tricky, interstellar travel extremely difficult, and contemporaneous local star travelling intelligence almost impossibly unlikely.

    Consider that human beings have flourished as a civilised animal for (say) 5,000 years, and as a technical intelligence for less than 100 years. During that time we’ve explored near space, but have no ability to travel to local planets.

    It’s unlikely that anyone / anything else even knows that humans are here on this small blue/green planet, let alone created a transport to span the vast distances and come and visit us …

    Space is just too big … and Star Trek, Star Wars, and the myriad of sci-fi shows have created a popular culture that simply does not understand the improbability of interstellar physical contact.

    After 40 years of personally reading, searching, investigating UFOLOGY I have moved from being a believer of prior alien contact (as a kid), to a unwilling skeptic. As we understand physics today … visitation is very, very, unlikely.

  26. To PK : You have been smitten by science. Science is limited – it is a religion. Scientists on Earth look into space and the vast distances and say “no way aliens could possibly travel here”, assuming that aliens have not evolved further than humans on Earth. That is ironic, because we are still in our baby steps towards space travel, and as a species still evolving. Therefore it is both stupid and a bit arrogant to think that beings from outer space are no more advanced than us. It’s like saying humans are the highest possible evolved species, when in fact there are probably billions of advanced societies out there, millions of years ahead of us and capable of travelling space at will and with little effort or time consumption.
    I am sad that you -after 40 years of research- have become a non-believer. I’ve researched for about 25 years, and I am a firm believer that we are being visited.
    I hope you open your mind again and with a skeptical mind research further!

  27. these Smith boys are part of the Matrix control system.

    Look – here’s an undisputable fact – Will Smith plays in movies wherein aliens are desctructive and invasive and BAD and SCARY.

    Look around you. Movies are SCREAMING at you: FEAR the aliens! FEAR the aliens!

    WHY do you think they want you to feel this way?


    Simple, fun movies? Harmless?

    OK – movie boy – watcch the original (NOT the crap makeover con job) THe Day The Earth Stood Still.

    You are bieng managed.

    Look around.

    Add 2 and 2.

    Ask – WHY are all the movies fear-based?

    WHY do they want you afraid of your neighbors?

    FEAR the alien, whether he be mexican, jew, or pleiadian!

    THAT is their mantra for you.

    Wake up.

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