International UFO Congress rates to increase January 24th

Early Registration for the International UFO Congress, an Open Minds Production event, will end on January 24, 2015, register before this date to get our discounted rates for this 5 day conference and film festival.

LAST CHANCE! Register before Saturday for discounted rates to hear from renowned researchers, scientists, doctors, authors, and television personalities at the International UFO Congress on Feb. 18-22, 2015, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Ticket prices will go up on January 24, 2015.

The International UFO Congress, hosted by Open Minds Production, is the Guinness Book of Records largest annual conference on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in the world. With over 20 speakers, panel discussions, a film festival, parties, vendors, experiencer sessions, and night vision sky watch…this event is not one to miss.

Bob Lazar
Bob Lazar (credit: KLAS)
This conference isn’t just for UFO and space enthusiasts; everyone is encouraged to come hear from these seasoned professionals on what might be one of the greatest mysteries of our time. The diverse line-up includes Bob Lazar, the whistleblower who put Area 51 on the map, George Knapp, an award winning investigative journalist, Richard Dolan, author and historian, as well as Derrel Sims, investigator and co-star of Discovery’s Uncovering Aliens.

“The stigma surrounding the UFO topic and the search for extraterrestrial life continues to dwindle, slowly, but there has been progress. This conference has been an incredible arena where we can explore this topic in a serious light. We’re really excited about this year’s program and have worked hard to bring in people who will explore a plethora of topics related to the UFO/extraterrestrial mystery,” said co-organizer Maureen Elsberry.

2014 ufo congress review pt. 1
Presentation at the 2014 International UFO Congress (credit: IUFOC)

The IUFOC offers a variety of attendance packages. The full-attendance package consists of 5-days of lectures and films, entrance and dinner at the two conference parties and awards ceremony, and optional participation in other events for only $239.00 and the Speakers Only package is available for only $179.00 before January 24th.

Take advantage of these extremely discounted rates by calling 1-877-836-0110 or by visiting the UFO Congress Online Registration.

About the International UFO Congress:
The International UFO Congress is an Arizona based organization dedicated to the dissemination of information related to many areas in ufology. It was established in 1991 and hosts an annual conference which is the largest of its kind in the world. It features presentations given by authors, researchers, experts, enthusiasts, and those who have witnessed paranormal or anomalous phenomena from all over the world. It also provides a forum to discuss the experiences and findings. This event usually has over 20 Speakers, a Film Festival, tons of vendors as well as experiencer sessions. Topics generally covered are technology, abduction, UFO sightings, UFO crashes, crop circles, paranormal experiences, government conspiracy and much more.

Maureen Elsberry

Maureen Elsberry is the Marketing Director, co-host and associate producer of Spacing Out!, and Co-organizer of the International UFO Congress. She is also a contributing writer for OpenMinds.tv and the former Open Minds magazine. She starred on the show Uncovering Aliens with appearances on Animal Planet, Science Channel, Destination America, and the American Hero's Network and has appeared on numerous radio programs across the country . Follow Maureen on Twitter: @maureenelsberry or subscribe to her public updates on Facebook here: Maureen on Facebook

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