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Interview with granddaughter of Sheriff who saw Roswell debris

Christine Tulk, granddaughter of Sherriff George Wilcox.
Christine Tulk, granddaughter of Sheriff George Wilcox.

Open Minds was recently able to get an exclusive interview with Christine Tulk, the granddaughter of Sheriff George Wilcox, who was one of the first to see the Roswell UFO crash debris in 1947. She shares her views on the events and how it affected her family.

Sheriff George Wilcox
Sheriff George Wilcox

Wilcox was the Chaves County sheriff with an office in the town of Corona near the Foster Ranch were the debris was found. Mac Brazel who worked on the ranch found the debris and brought it to Corona to show the sheriff. Wilcox then contacted the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) who sent out intelligence officer, Major Jesse Marcel, along with Captain Sheridan Cavitt with the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC).

Christine says she never knew her grandfather because he had passed two years before she was born. She also didn’t have an interest, nor did she know much about the Roswell events. Things changed when she was able to attend an event sponsored by the Prince of Liechtenstein, Hans Adam. He had an interest in UFOs and had sponsored UFO research, including an event to gather the best Roswell witnesses. Christine’s mother and her mother’s aunt were invited to attend, and Christine wanted to go along for the ride to do some sightseeing. It was at this conference that her eyes were open to the amazing events that took place in 1947.

Hans Adam, Prince of Liechtenstein
Hans Adam, Prince of Liechtenstein

She says it was very moving for her to meet other witnesses and hear what they had to say. She says her family were “salt of the earth people”, and it saddens her because she believes they were threatened by the government to remain silent about the Roswell events. She says, “It is sad because you take stellar individuals and you put them in a situation where they are afraid.”

Christine believes that the events also had a big impact on her grandfather. She told Open Minds, “My whole family’s belief is that this affected him and he never got over it.”

Christine has since had a UFO sighting of her own. She now lives in the Phoenix area, and her sighting was similar to the famous Phoenix lights sightings in 1997. Christine says in 2007 she saw a row of five orbs perfectly lined up. The fifth one was “bobbing” around.

After her sighting, and learning of her family’s ordeal, she is a firm believer that UFOs are out there.

The June/July 2011 issue of Open Minds magazine, which will be out soon, features the Roswell events, including articles from the original researchers and startling witness testimony of a possible ET survivor.

Watch the video of the interview below.

Alejandro Rojas

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