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Government insider looks for UFOs, doesn’t find them at Area 51

A man who spent 20 years working in national security for the federal government has recently joined a group of scientist searching for evidence of UFOs. In a recent interview, he says he has been interested in the topic since childhood, and in all his time in the government, he has found no evidence of a cover-up. That includes Area 51, which he has visited in an official capacity.

Warning signs at the Area 51 back entrance. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)
Warning signs at the Area 51 back entrance. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

The government insider’s name is Chris Mellon. An interview with Mellon by author and journalist Leslie Kean was posted as a Huffington Post blog, earlier this week. According to the blog post, Mellon worked for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other intelligence organizations, where he received a number of awards, including  the National Reconnaissance Office Gold Medal and the Defense Intelligence Agency Director’s Medal.

Mellon told Kean, he has also had a lifetime interest in UFOs. His curiosity began when he saw a convincing UFO film captured by a friend of his school’s principal.

“It showed a huge, golden disc-shaped object serenely moving through sunny, blue skies, passing through cumulous clouds in a manner that would be very hard to fake,” Mellon recalled. “I have no idea what became of the movie, but it filled me with wonder and awe.”

Leslie Kean being interviewed by Chilean media during a visit in 2012. General Bermúdez stands to her right. (Credit: DGAC)
Leslie Kean being interviewed by Chilean media during a visit in 2012. General Bermúdez stands to her right. (Credit: DGAC)

Mellon says that after seeing the movie, he began reading everything he could get his hands on about UFOs. He even did a research project on UFOs in college.

Throughout his professional career, Mellon says he kept his UFO interests to himself.

One topic Kean was interested in discussing with Mellon was the presidential election. In particular, Clinton’s comments regarding her willingness to look for UFO files if she becomes president. Mellon said he did not think Clinton, as Secretary of State, would be given access to any classified programs involving UFOs, if they even exist.

“I recall instances when White House officials sought briefings on highly compartmented DoD programs and were flatly refused.  Access to such programs is on a need to know basis,” explained Mellon. “In general, nobody outside DoD, including the Secretary of State, is deemed to have a need to know. Officials like John Podesta and Secretary Clinton can easily serve for years in senior positions and be avid consumers of classified intelligence analysis but never obtain access to DoD’s compartmented programs, which mostly relate to new weapons systems.”

Even if Clinton were able to gain access to information on classified programs, in all of his years working with secret programs, Mellon found nothing to convince him there is a hidden UFO project. Not even during his visits to Area 51.

Unmarked airplanes at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas used to shuttle employees to Area 51. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)
Unmarked airplanes at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas used to shuttle employees to Area 51. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

“I highly doubt DoD or any other government agency is concealing UFO information,” Mellon told Kean. “I participated in a comprehensive review of DoD’s black programs and spent over a decade conducting oversight of the national foreign intelligence program, an almost totally separate world of secrets. I visited Area 51 and other military, intelligence and research facilities. During all those years, I never detected the faintest hint of government interest or involvement in UFOs.”

Although, Mellon was unaware of any official government UFO program, he says there are several credible incidents that, he believes, makes the UFO phenomenon worthy of scientific study. These include a UFO incident witnessed by police officers in 1989, and a wave of triangle-shaped UFOs seen over Belgium that was investigated by their military.

He also recalled an interesting UFO report he received during his career.

Mellon recounted, “Knowing of my interest in UFOs, a breathless naval aviator called me one day to report that he was present minutes earlier when a Navy jet landed after being circled by a UFO in broad daylight. The Navy did not pursue the issue as far as I could tell.”

Artist rendering of a black triangle UFO. (Credit: SkeezerPumba/Wikimedia Commons)
Artist rendering of a black triangle UFO. (Credit: SkeezerPumba/Wikimedia Commons)

The obvious question is, why would the Navy not pursue such a remarkable event?

“In my experience, on those rare occasions when UFO incidents involving the government occur, they are highly inconvenient, awkward and embarrassing for the afflicted government officials who want nothing more than to put the issue behind them as quickly as possible,” Mellon explained. “The military seems generally unwilling to investigate even when UFO reports come from our own military pilots or officials in high office such as Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona.  Senior officials are so fearful of being ridiculed that they conceal any expression of interest or curiosity.”

Mellon believes that in an environment where the military is not willing to touch the topic of UFOs, it is up to the public to find answers.

“In my view, calling for the end to an alleged government UFO cover-up is almost certainly a dead end, and does not help inspire anyone in government to become more open to the topic,” says Mellon.

Instead, Mellon has joined the board of a group calling itself UFODATA. They are a group of scientists and researchers who are planning to put together UFO listening posts that can be deployed across the planet. These stations will be able to collect telemetry on unidentified objects to help determine what they are.

According to Mellon, “UFODATA’s findings, one way or another, can help us to resolve this perennial mystery and perhaps even help us to better understand the universe and mankind’s place within it.”

Leslie Kean’s blog with her interview in its entirety can be found here.

UPDATE 8/12/2106:

Mellon contacted OpenMinds.tv with a clarification. A previous version of this story stated that Mellon believed Clinton, as President, could not gain access to Special Access Programs (SAPs). He says as Secretary of State, that would be the case, but not as President. The story was corrected.

Here are Mellon’s comments:

“One point of clarification: I was not suggesting by any means that a President Clinton could not get briefed on any or all DoD SAPs. The President is Commander-in-Chief and DoD will move mountains for the President.  I was answering the question of whether she as SecState would have had access to DoD SAPs, a totally different issue.  The President never has time to waste going through all the SAPs in the intel agencies or DoD or DOE, not worth their time or effort, but DoD will salute smartly and brief the President on anything they want any time!”

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. “In my view, calling for the end to an alleged government UFO cover-up is almost certainly a dead end, and does not help inspire anyone in government to become more open to the topic,” says Mellon.


  2. while it is True that we have Uncorrelated Targets flying into and out of our airspace at will It is NOT True that we know what or who they are, And we the GOV-MENT cannot and will not ever admit that to the public as all confidence in the GOV-MENT for there safety would be lost.

  3. While I doubt the common assertion that the Government through the DoD has some off the books clandestine UFO program, I do feel that the wool may have been pulled over Mellon’s eyes with regards to Area 51. Pop culture in the late nineties probably forced the removal of any evidence to a less exposed facility, of course the debris and cadavers may have been destroyed by now, it has been nearly 70 years, perhaps we will never know.

  4. In my opinion, governments in all regions cannot tell us anything about the UFOs that are truly unidentified objects. Leaders and other officials are as baffled as all of us.

  5. I met a man who said he had seen 4 species of aliens working with our government some years ago.

  6. Chris Mellon sounds a bit like that Darren Perks guy from the UK…
    Ex MoD (or current MoD mi6) tunred supposed UFO investigator commited to finding out the truth. What a joke as it seems Chris Mellon is purely out to decive in my view!
    Perks was spotted recently in the UK working at an MoD facility with a clear as day SIS mi6 id badge on full view whilst wearing military fatigues.
    So are my question is are we to believe these guys who come out and say all of this?
    I wouldn’t trust Mellon or Perks if they were the last people on earth.

  7. Mr Mellon claims to have been to Area 51 in an official capacity. He may very well have been there and did not see anything in reguards to UFO’s. Thats because they infact were not there. Everyone that has worked there supposely and claimed to have worked the UFO program will tell you that work was being carried out 12-13 miles to the south at S-4, which had nothing to do with the rest of the base known as Area 51. While he may have been there on official military bussinsee, maybe he didn’t have “a need to know clearance” either since he says nothing about S-4 otherwise he would have been taking the old bluebird school bus down to S-4 like most others did. He go’s on to say that he has goined a group which will collect data via listening posts setup around the world, Really?? Something is telling me that this guy is nothing but smoke & mirrors. Time will tell i suppose, will see.

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