Friendship Part 2: A “Sworn One” Speaks

UREDDA -in one of the Friends’ languages – is the energy that is produced by the Love between people, particularly between the Friends and our group, following a pact between them and us and the many events that brought us together.

UREDDA is a kind of energy, but the Friends are not the worshippers of Energy, as other populations are. The Friends follow Love, which is also the source of good energies such as UREDDA, but is itself beyond any energy.


Thanks to special instruments that work on the subtle levels (there are tens of subtle levels), the Friends transform UREDDA into other energies and objects, even the oxygen they breathe in their underground and undersea bases. If UREDDA is lacking, the Friends die for they have chosen to be vulnerable out of Love. Moreover, the Friends chose to be dependent upon material help (food, mainly fruits and vegetables) that we provided for them. This occurred by means of remote control dematerializations, that I personally saw and was involved in so many times over the years. We called them “the Friends’ pick-ups”. Even tons of food at a time were dematerialized, at a distance of one meter (three feet) from our eyes and immediately afterwards were rematerialized inside the Friends’ bases. In other cases, using the same system the Friends would send us large or small objects, that were materialized under our very eyes.

In order to be allowed to stay here with us, the Friends were obliged to accept the law of Time and especially the law of Having that regulate the destiny of our planet.

If one ignores or does not fully understand THE FRIENDS’ VOLUNTARY LOVING DEPENDENCE UPON THE LAW OF HAVING (upon our thoughts and actions in the end), one cannot grasp the true meaning of the “story” as it occurred, and will not be prepared if the “story” occurs again -perhaps even in a more widespread form.

Today, the new so-called “post-modern” paradigms of terrestrial knowledge, adding to the paradoxes of quantum physics, open people’s minds to accept that reality may not be what it appears to be, or not just what it appears to be. The idea that we may be like children who are playing inside a room and are unaware of all the events that are occurring around them, even unaware of all the other contents of the room itself, except the toys, today may appear less absurd than it did in the past. However, the true acceptation -not just at a playful or virtual level, but at a level of real awareness- of an extraterrestrial world among us still represents a mind-blowing anthropological and cognitive revolution -much more so than the Copernican revolution. Just as an example, in the past, hundreds of millions of years ago, on the Earth there were six civilizations, which were even more advanced than ours and which disappeared, due to their own fault. This is also a threat to us today. The Friends, who saw our self-destructive past with sorrow, don’t want it to be repeated again. They are able to help us and do so, but they are obliged to operate within restrictions and conditions that are imposed by the subtle levels of the Earth and of our Universe. Incidentally, all of us completely ignore the existence of these restrictions and conditions.

Such is the complexity of the variables involved, that the Friends never predicted anything about “disclosure day”. I never heard them speak about 2012, that so many people mention. Instead, they said they would come back again among us. Those like myself (one of the very few of us still alive) made a special agreement with the Friends, swearing a solemn oath of reciprocal allegiance which still binds us though so many years have passed since then. But I do not know if and when they will be back. Or, maybe, they are already back and are at work with other terrestrials in some other part of the world. I do not know if they will contact me. I do not believe so. I think that my only task -which incidentally, the Friends themselves told me a long time ago- is to recount these things that I have now begun to tell Mr. Nikola Duper.

At the end of the ’40s, the Friends offered their collaboration to the head of the USA Administration. In exchange, they asked that the nuclear weaponry program be given up. But their offer and request were rejected, and other extraterrestrial populations have been collaborating with the USA and other Powers. The results of this have been highly negative, and still weigh heavily on our collective destiny. One of the reasons -there are others- which delay disclosure is the fact that the USA Administration should assume responsibility before the whole planet for having refused a vital collaboration and for having activated another highly negative one, exclusively for the sake of power and domination, lying to citizens and covering up for decades.

Following the American politico-military refusal, the Friends undertook the strategy consisting in confidential contacts with small groups of terrestrials, trying to emphasize the quality of human personal relationships, the value of Love and UREDDA, rather than quantity and visibility.

However, even these qualitative contacts failed to give the expected fruits, so today it is necessary to start again. With the Friends, however, there is never a definitive defeat, because their resources are quite extraordinary. When the Friends lose a battle, the reason is that we lost it, and they have to lose it with us and pay with us and for us, submitting to the laws of our subtle levels. In November 1978 our lack of UREDDA towards the Friends caused the death of many of them, and their momentary defeat by the enemy population called CTR -a defeat that the Friends had predicted and considered a foregone event. However, the situation is still reversible.

The adventure of the Friends with us is an extraordinary hidden drama, with unforeseeable events -partially unforeseeable for the Friends too, due to the incredible complexity of the variables involved and to the imponderability of free choice. The Friends have an infinite respect for people’s free will.

Everyday, terrestrial collaborators of the Friends and terrestrial collaborators of populations who are enemies of the Friends (and thus are our own enemies) silently fight with each other. The enemies are trying to conquer our planet in a very gradual and seemingly painless way, most of all working over our minds. Unfortunately, this is not science-fiction. If only it were so! Unfortunately, this is not paranoia. If only it were so!

However, just hinting at these subjects leads to the discrediting of the person who says or writes them; and this is a powerful weapon in the hands of those who want to harm us. Mental and social conditionings in this field are extremely strong. It is easy to discredit anyone, whatever their social or cultural position, if one has strong motivations to do so. If someone has had highly secret experiences, such as this with the Friends, and then “strangely” obtained an important position within society and is respected as a reliable person, they fear to be discredited, if they reveal their secret. Moreover, they fear that speaking out will discredit the thing itself. They know that those conditionings will be stronger anyway than their social or cultural position and the esteem they have gained over a whole life time. So, they keep silent, while they would desire to speak only the truth, without wanting anything for themselves. But others speak -others who do not know the truth or do not want the truth to be known. They speak out of self-promotion or for profit, and they do not risk being discredited, because they have nothing to be discredited for. Today this happens in every country, and is fully exploited by all the people and institutions that do not want disclosure to occur. What actually happens is that people either tend not to really believe “revelations”, or else they fool themselves into believing, or at most they suspend their judgment, knowing that those “revelations” come from people who aim at self-promotion or profit and do not fear being discredited.

I shall try to provide a systematic and point-articulated exposition, as soon as possible. The global scenario is extremely complex, as it also includes the presence and activities of the other extraterrestrial populations among us. However, if we consider this scenario under the perspective that the Friends offer us, at least we have a connecting thread and a general sense. This is possible because the Friends’ perspective is a privileged one, because of their very special relationship with the subtle levels and the Soul of the Universe. Under any other perspective the scenario would not just be too complex – it would even be undecipherable, and, in the end, one of despair.

One of the Sworn Ones (incognito for now)

Italian aeronautical journalist Bruno Ghibaudi took this famous picture on April 27, 1961, near the Montesilvano beach (Pescara province) in the Adriatic Sea. Ghibaudi is rumored to have been a witness to the “Friendship” affair, his articles and photos were published in several Italian magazines, such as La Domenica Del Corriere.
Italian aeronautical journalist Bruno Ghibaudi took this famous picture on April 27, 1961, near the Montesilvano beach (Pescara province) in the Adriatic Sea. Ghibaudi is rumored to have been a witness to the “Friendship” affair, his articles and photos were published in several Italian magazines, such as La Domenica Del Corriere.
This beautiful illustration by Walter Molino of Ghibaudi’s 1961 photo was printed by La Domenica Del Corriere.
This beautiful illustration by Walter Molino of Ghibaudi’s 1961 photo was printed by La Domenica Del Corriere.
Another photo taken by Ghibaudi in the Pescara province in 1962.
Another photo taken by Ghibaudi in the Pescara province in 1962.

Nikola Duper

Nikola Duper was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in 1961. Since childhood he has been fascinated by photography, arts and music. Then, with the first video cameras he started to experiment with this new medium. He also became interested in esoteric studies. In 1987 he moved to Italy, working for several TV stations and developing skills as cameraman, editor, technical manager and director. In 1999 he created his own company and made various video documentaries on the paranormal and crop circles. Nikola travels regularly to the UK to research the circles and to document formations in Italy. He is a prolific international lecturer, and has appeared in many European TV Shows.

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  1. Interesting, I wish there was more…To me/for me is seems like it is another perfect piece of my puzzle of reality…Reality is not what it use to be….What was said, much of it, I know to be true..Never had this type of experience but I could see where there could easily be in the past humans who refer to these “Friends” as the angels of God…It sounds like they are the template, arch type for Angels…Their teaching, philosophy has been welcomed and accepted under the guise of many spiritual truths…Love being the heart of the matter..The thin line of what I feel to be true solid truth that nothing could convince me otherwise, seems to be in a realm of the manifested…Yet it is as real and it manifests everyday, without it we wouldn’t be here..The good vs evil is very real too, within and without ourselves…To me, and really what do I know, I am just a individual with only the knowledge of my culture, education and the self, there are layers upon layers upon layers of realities…Maybe that is what science calls parallel universes…Just what enables science to even find manifested tools to define what is not seen, name it, box it in…Science is another form of religion…Wish there was more from this “Friend” but it’s enough to plant another seed, put another piece of the puzzle together, without judgment or knowing the ultimate truths, the hard facts…that’s not what this is about anyway…My only problem now seems to be the anxiety of loosing a grip on reality according to or controlled by the creators of this, evil ones at that…Or maybe it’s the fear of being destroyed because I see the other higher realities, not just me, everyone else who see it too…There again, that is self defeating, wheels within wheels of deception, misdirection and fears used against all of us…Thanks…When I think about everything, and the religious, political, educational everything, reality, spirituality, life death, all of it, it’s all too much, so much I could see it literally bursting, like a bubble…No wonder why humans on earth are so confused, we are being bombarded by every kind of thought energy imaginable…Clearly this is huge, bigger than all of us, too complex for any one of us to truely understand…We are part of it, yet only a part a larger reality is going on, and a larger one than the one that is running our reality..I would have liked to hear more about the Friends connection to the earth, and the energy worshipers…But again all of this could be just another mind game or used as one, so maybe enough has been said…We all know what we know, and the message I got from the “Friend” is the true, important message, Love, stand simply firmly solidly lovingly in love, that is all I really need the rest is irrelevant…

  2. Then, is Valiant Thor a member of Friends? Are these Friends religious in the christian sense?

  3. @Volma: Don’t worry, there will be more, much more, and you will have, I suppose, the most of the answers you need.

    @John: I don’t know nothing about Valiant Thor. Anyway, I will ask and I’ll let you know.

  4. Dear Nikola,
    I ask about Valiant Thor because these Friends had offered help to the US goverment and were rejected and please go to this youtube to see how the offer of Valiant Thor was rejected.
    But believe me, if these friends are really of good intention, then they are more of angels than of extraterrestrials and so their physical characteristics and provenance are not important. What is important to them is their mission and that is the war between Good and Evil.
    Thank for your asking the question of Valiant Thor on my behalf!

  5. Nikola: This story haunts me, the truth of it speaks to me…I am waiting to hear more…I think what I will hear will validate what I feel that I really already know is true and real…Patience is a virtue, all in due time… Thanks 🙂 Volma

  6. Nicolas, as it is now February 2010, can you update us as to publishing progress? And will you be posting any more on this site?

    I’m also interested in knowing if you have received indications from other parts of the world that the Friendship group is back and operating now, perhaps differently than last time.


  7. After several days thinking and reading, I am afraid that Stefano Breccia may have gone a little bit too far to tout yoga philosophy as the religion of the Friends. That is, the yoga philosophy that “we are God“. But instead, the Friends never formally teach us their religion though we know that they are deeply religious and not pantheistic as Duper website says. As Duper website says, The “teachings” of the Friends have not yet been divulged.
    That is, our religions are carefully kept intact from their influence up to now. So my inference is that Dupar website contain carefully mused message and may in fact contain the official position of the Friends to set record straight.

  8. The central point to their message is love, and as human beings we know this is the only way forward, but how do we acomplish this when all around, all we see and hear about is war, death, destruction, famine and greed. One religion thinking their’s is the way and everyone else’s is wrong. How do we step back from all of that and learn to open our hearts and minds to the possibility that most of what we know and have learnt is probably wrong? A lot of people live in societies where they are scared to step out of their front doors. A planet ruled by people whose only reason for wanting to be in power is greed and lust. There has been life on this planet for god knows how long, but what do we realy know about our history or where we originated from? It’s all been supressed and hidden from us, because if we knew the truth about our pas as a civilisation, we would become so powerfull in our thoughts we would take the rulers power away from them. The indiginous people from history were all wiped out to stop us learning the truth about ourselves. The mayans, aztects, red indian’s, aboriginies, and so on, all have left signs of how advanced and spiritual they were, yet as peole we are still so primitive in our thinking. It’s a beautiful story and if it’s true, it seems there is still hope for us, so lets hope we finaly have disclosure before the crazy ones finaly destroy this planet, because by all accounts, we are not the only ones living on it!

  9. Has anybody ever wondered why Earth, this most stunningly beautiful Blue Orb as seen from space, seems to be so important to extraterrestials, and why , especially since the mid 1940’s, Earth seems to have been and currently is being visited more than ever by extra terestials? For whatever reason, Planet Earth seems to be a vital component in the life cycle of our own Galaxy and the entire Universe.
    I can only hope that all aliens who visit Earth are here to help us overcome humanity’s eventual total destruction of our planet and our own eventual extinction, help humanity become One with Mother Earth again, and live as spiritual beings in communion with Mother Earth, with one supreme rule: Unconditonal Love for one another and Mother Earth.
    That is the only way Humanity will survive in the long run; first and foremost to bring Mother Earth back to its pristine natural conditon. You see, what our greedy governments and powerful industrial /military leaders fail to realize is this: Mother Earth does not need us, humanity needs Her. We can pollute our air until we can no longer breath it, we can pollute our water until it is nothing more than sulpuric or hydrochloric acid that can no longer support life, we can deplete Mother Earth of all her natural minerals and oil and natural gas, fish our oceans to extinctiion, all of the above because of human greed, then what? Humanity will have deserved to bring itself to total extincion!
    Once were gone, Mother Earth will heal Herself back to its pristine conditon….it may take 100 millions years to do so, or 500 million years, but the cancer that humanity was on Her surface will no longer be here, and hopefully, a smarter species will evolve to live as one with Mother Earth, and preserve Her for untold generations to come!

  10. Nicolas, Thank you for a wonderful message of hope. Choosing to see the world as a “Box of Chocolates” We can choose to only have faith in the expectation of good. It is helpful to know The dark forces work very hard at telling us the contrary. You gotta love those guys.

  11. What is the name of the home planet of the “Friends”? Which star system? I assume that they came from the 5th dimension, since that is the love dimension.

  12. Dear Nikola,

    This is all very fascinating and I am not surprised that people like you that had such encounters have fundamentally changed the perception of ones being in this world. The message they tried to conveyed to us is a clear one to me – Love is the prerequisite of our future existance and our survival on this planet and it’s the only weapon against the Evil. Also it must have been hard for you to live with so many secrets that you’ve been told but have sworn by you’ll never go public with.

    I have a few Qs:

    Can you tell us what exactly was your designated task?

    Did they tell you anything about our souls after death? Is there a parallel world?

    …and are those the Friends??

    best regards

  13. Nikola, I’ve read part 1 & 2 (both from Nov 2009). There seems to be so much more. Have you written any more to the story? If you have, I can not find it. Please send me a link to the entire story, as written by 5/12/2013. Thanks so much.

    Love & Light,


  14. Nikola, any chance for Part 3 and more. I have read Bulgarian book about relation between
    Human and dragons (змейове) which have common points. Hope for answer from you.



  15. Very interesting…this opposition of good and evil the Friends speak of seems to parallel the conflict between “Good” and “Evil” as we know it from the Christian tradition and the “Friends” with their respect for free will and choice seem to have a lot in common with our understanding of Angels or Guardian Angels, though I’m guessing that this analogy is quite simplistic from what I’ve read so far.

    Is there more to come? I would be very interested in learning more about this…

  16. This bickering and disagreeing with Bruno.. This is one of the main reasons ufologists and the whole subject is mocked. We try to discredit ourselves. Two people who’ve witnessed many miracles can’t see past themselves.

  17. First series, Nikola says is source is not Stefano, the person wants to remain anonymous. With the conclusion of part II, I see in the comment section a contradiction wherein Stefano appears to be the ‘source’. Am I missing something here? I stand by my comment, Love is a powerful energy when properly used can bring together communities and strengthen them. Do we need humanoids from other Solar Systems to point this out to us? Marketing ploy. I’m done… maybe talk about Mermaids in Israel… chuckle

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