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Fast moving UFO reported over Delaware

A Delaware witness at New Castle reported watching a fast moving object before it turned at a right angle and disappeared about 4:28 a.m. on April 28, 2015, according to testimony in Case 65033 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was outside on a work break sitting in a car when a bright light was seen moving at a high rate of speed left to right in the sky.

“My first thought was a shooting star, but the light was too low and too bright,” the witness stated. “As the light moved past I was looking for blinking lights, but there were none. My window was also down and there was no sound.”

The witness described the object’s movement.

“The object appeared to turn south at a 90-degree angle and then shoot off. The light did not diminish, but the farther it moved away, it dimmed. No trail or change of color or shape was noticed. There were no red or green wing lights observed as would be on a plane.”

Witness illustration. (Credit: MUFON)
Witness illustration. (Credit: MUFON)

The object seemed to move faster than known aircraft.

“The distance covered by the object would have taken a plane 20-30 seconds to cover. The object covered it in two to three seconds. The object did appear to be lower than commercial air craft as the planes are landing in Philly airport. There is a National Guard station in Newcastle about the same distance away from me. I also thought it might be a helicopter, but no sound and absent blinking lights and the speed of the light.”

New Castle is a city in New Castle County, Delaware, population 5,285.

Delaware is currently a UFO Alert Level 5 – with 1.09 sightings per million population based on MUFON February 2015 statistics. Delaware received a total of one UFO reports in March.

The object appeared to turn south at a 90-degree angle and then shoot off from the witness. Pictured: New Castle, Delaware. (Credit: Google)
The object appeared to turn south at a 90-degree angle and then shoot off from the witness. Pictured: New Castle, Delaware. (Credit: Google)

The UFO Alert Rating System is based on five levels – 1 through 5 – where states with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated an Alert 1; 3.01 – 4.0 reports are an Alert 2; 2.51 – 3.0 are an Alert 3; 2.01 – 2.5 are an Alert 4; and those states with 2.0 or lower are rated an Alert 5.

The witness provided one illustration with the MUFON report, which was filed on April 28, 2015. Please remember that most UFO sighting can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to MUFON.com.

Roger Marsh

Roger Marsh is a UFO writer and content developer. He is Director of Communications for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) where he manages media contact, rights and permissions, and content development for television, film, documentary, radio, print and stage. Roger is a MUFON case researcher for History channel’s “Hangar 1: The UFO Files.” He is editor of the monthly international MUFON UFO Journal, executive producer of the weekly “MUFON UFO Traffic Report” radio show; serves as the MUFON webmaster; reporter for the daily “UFO Traffic Report” in web and audio formats; and publisher of the “MUFON Books” imprint. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. Roger was featured in the 2015 season premiere episode of Destination America's "Monsters & Mysteries in America." Roger and his wife, Joyce, live in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, restoring a 1910 Pennsylvania four-square.

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  1. I find it interesting that this event happened at 4:28 am on 4/28.

    If I handed you a device the size of a grain of rice and informed you that it was the key to understanding everything about existence where would you place it inside of your body that would be the most protected and the most difficult to take away from you?

    What is currently located in the safest and most secure place within our being?

    The first step to realizing intelligent design created us would be to answer this riddle.

    Hint: It’s a gland.

  2. seen the same object over washington state on may 6 2015 at approx. 9:15 pm…..the light moved from the NW to the SE and covered the entire sky in less than 20 seconds. I never seen anything move so fast through the sky.

  3. The first comment is a perfect example of too much kedamine and a touch of paranoia. Its as simple as this no one knows for sure what they are but it doesnt take an inlarged penial gland to open your eyes, believe what you know not what you think.

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