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Throughout recorded history, there have been thousands of reports of UFO’s and other unexplained phenomenon. In fact, some of these reports date back to the time of the ancient Romans and Egyptians. In modern times, a significant number of these sightings can be explained as test flights of classified military aerospace vehicles. However, there continues to be a percentage of sightings which are clearly NOT the result of secret aircraft, or misidentifications of planets, or unusual atmospheric conditions. These specific UFO cases are not so easily explained, and do not “fit into the box” of mainstream science. No matter how hard government, military, or the scientific community attempts to “explain away” such UFO cases, they continue to persist on a worldwide basis. This article explores three of the more significant cases, which were obtained from multiple UFO archive research centers across the country.

Bloomington, Illinois, 1961

In the summer of 1961, a senior student of Illinois State University (located in Bloomington Illinois), had just finished eating dinner, and decided to do some research at the local University library. Before departing, he called his friend (who lived in the same apartment complex), and asked if he would be interested in going as well. As the two departed the complex (which faced North), a large saucer shaped vehicle approached from the south, and was visible west of their position. Eight additional witnesses who were across the street also saw the vehicle. The craft was estimated to be approximately 45 feet in diameter, and 25 feet high. It was estimated to be approximately 200 feet away from their position at an altitude of 150 feet. The craft made no noise, and was heading northbound at about 10 mph.

A series of port holes were visible around the rim of the craft, which had a raised section on its upper surface that contained at least eight dark tinted oval windows. Both witnesses stated that no occupants could be seen inside the saucer shaped craft. The primary witness (who was a licensed pilot) specifically mentioned that the craft was flying far too slow to be using standard aerodynamic principles for flight. After approximately 90 seconds the craft made an abrupt turn to the north-west, and disappeared from view.

Illustration of Bloomington Illinois witness report (credit: Michael Schratt)
Illustration of Bloomington Illinois witness report (credit: Michael Schratt).

Brazil, 1996

On October 5th, 1996 Haroldo Westedorf (39 at the time) had just departed the local airport at Pelotas Brazil in his single engine Embraer EMB-712. After flying for about 12 minutes and reaching an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet, he spotted an enormous object ahead. He described the craft as pyramidal or cone shaped with eight flat sides. It was flat on the bottom, with a rounded top. The object was brown in color, and measured approximately 225 feet high, and 325 feet wide. Each of the flat sides had a triangular raised surface. Mr. Westendorf called the local ATC (Air Traffic Control) tower to see if they had seen the object as well, and three ATC officers confirmed that they had a ‘visual” on the craft. He then proceeded to fly closer to the object, and flew around it three times, getting as near as 130 feet away. The entire craft was slowly rotating around its vertical axis.

Next, to his astonishment, the top of the craft opened up exposing a small opening. A classic disc shaped craft measuring approximately 30 feet in diameter emerged from the top of the larger object. Westendorf noticed that the smaller disc emerged at a 90 degree angled orientation. Immediately, it rotated to a standard horizontal position, and departed at an extremely rapid rate of speed estimated to be around mach 10. At this point, Westendorf decided to fly over the craft in hopes of seeing the interior. As he flew slightly away from the object to gain altitude, the gigantic craft began emitting brilliant flashes of red beams, and started rotating faster. Next, the object shot straight up at a fantastic rate. Concerned that the shock wave left by such a rapid departure would put his aircraft into a spin, Westndorf began implementing emergency procedures. To his astonishment, no physical effects were noticed on the aircraft, and he landed safely.

Illustration of sighting in Brazil (credit: Michael Schratt).
Illustration of sighting in Brazil (credit: Michael Schratt).

Ririe, Idaho, 1967

Of all the strange cases in Ufology, this well documented multiple witness account must rank as one of the most unusual. On November 2nd of 1967, two young men were driving south on highway 26 just outside of Ririe Idaho. Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light outside the vehicle. Immediately, a small saucer shaped craft was visible which had a transparent domed top. Two small strange looking occupants were visible in the craft. Soon thereafter, the car came to a stop on its own. The object hovered approximately five feet above the road, directly in front of the car. The craft was described as being eight feet wide, and three feet high. Green and orange lights were visible around the outer rim. An unusual yellow flickering light was visible on the bottom surface of the craft. Next, the dome of the UFO opened up, and one of the beings was seen to float to the ground.

Illustration of Idaho sighting (credit: Michael Schratt).
Illustration of Idaho sighting (credit: Michael Schratt).

The being was 3-1/2 feet tall, and had a small pack which extruded behind its head. Its face was oval and heavily pitted. It had two small eyes, and a straight slit-like mouth. The being exhibited no hair and had large ears. Next, the being approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, opened the door, and slid behind the wheel. Terrified, the two men instantly moved over to the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle was then moved (by either the strange new driver, or the UFO), to a nearby field. No details were provided in the report if the strange being had difficulty reaching the foot pedals of the car, or if it could properly hold the steering wheel. When the car finally stopped, the passenger sitting on the far right side of the vehicle quickly left the car and ran to a nearby farm house. In the meantime, the remaining occupant in the vehicle was in a total state of shock, as the strange being attempted an unusual form of communication which consisted of high pitched sounds resembling those made by a bird. After that, the remaining being exited the vehicle and flew back to the craft, which departed in a zig-zag like fashion.

Illustration of the craft and beings in the Idaho sighting (credit: Michael Schratt).
Illustration of the craft and beings in the Idaho sighting (credit: Michael Schratt).

Michael Schratt

Michael Schratt (military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the subject of "Mystery Aircraft", and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A recent guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (the world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts who have had first hand experience dealing with classified “black programs”, including former USAF pilots, retired Naval personnel and aerospace engineers who have maintained a TOP SECRET Q “MAJIC” clearance. A private pilot and military aerospace historian, he currently works as an aerospace draftsman/researcher near Tempe AZ.

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  1. Hi from NEW ZEALAND! We hear of mainly humanoids & mechanicaly orientated representations,being the main reported manifestations,but have you ever had related a case of what appears to have been for better description,acollossal group of animalistic entities,skyborne,at least two miles round,and maybe two to three miles high?….I witnessed such an event,05.6.91,here in New Zealand.I am still traumatised by the account “The Valley Files” has been written, but as yet,unpublished….something to ponder. Kindest regards,…..Rick Pinfold,Otaki beach,New Zealand,southwest Pacific.(The Marines were here too!)

  2. A collossal group of animalistic entities,skyborne,at least 2 miles round and 2/3 miles high?…I simply can’t understand why no-ones jumped at the chance to publish that story….hmmm..

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