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AZ law enforcement agency investigates UFOs

UFO sightings routinely result in torrents of phone calls to newsrooms and police stations. And while some police stations find UFO reports to be an unwanted nuisance, a law enforcement agency in Arizona welcomes reports of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

Ten years ago, according to KPHO, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, “officials on the Navajo Reservation decided to stop the snickering, to treat these witnesses with respect and thoroughly investigate.” This agency, known as the Navajo Nation Rangers, is a federal law enforcement resource, according to retired Lieutenant John Dover, and the management of national parks, fish and wildlife services, and archaeological sites are a few of the agency’s responsibilities.

Dover’s investigations have revealed a “wealth of information,” and KPHO reports that the Rangers recently shared with them photos and documents from dozens of paranormal investigations. Here is the station’s description of one of the UFO cases contained in these files:

Retired Lt. John Dover. (Credit: KPHO CBS 5)

In one of the most solid cases, a mother and daughter describe a mass of lights floating over uninhabited reservation land in January 2012. As they watched, the lights blinked out after a few seconds, followed by a sonic boom, a black domed craft and the entire town of Chinle losing power.

Their drawings are strikingly vivid – blue, orange and white colors stand out against a dark landscape.

Dover told KPHO, “Maybe we don’t believe it . . . Maybe we don’t hold every belief that you do, but we’re going to investigate it rather meticulously and professionally. We’ll report it and let the chips fall where they will.” It is this willingness to take reports of paranormal activity, and the promise to be thorough and discreet during the investigation process, that make witnesses feel comfortable dealing with these officers.

Dover will reportedly be a special guest at the Harkins Shea 14 Theatre in Scottsdale, AZ on March 11 for the screening of the documentary The Phoenix Lights. The event marks the 15th anniversary of the famous mass UFO sighting that took place in Arizona in 1997.

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