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Having witnessed her first UFO alongside Air Force personnel as a child, Skylaire began her writing career at age 17 with "File o' the Damned," a column of Fortean investigation for Fizz Magazine. Translated into over 20 languages and plastered helter-skelter online, her gonzo reportage has appeared in countless magazines, books and journals. She is the founder of the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists, or L.O.W.F.I. (www.forteanswest.com), a research-based band of urbane explorers with interests in all shades of the paranormal.

Review: The Truth is Out There

From the new documentary, The Truth is Out There, this writer learned that fluoridated water causes a substantial IQ drop, that the United States is nearly alone in the world operating on 120v/60hz electrical current due to a sweetheart deal with the copper industry, and that actor Eric Roberts witnessed the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7.

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