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Ancient Aliens host recalls his own UFO story

Recently, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the guy better known for his wild hair and the alien memes, such as “I’m not saying it was aliens…but it was aliens,” participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit. He discussed subjects the public seems just as curious about as aliens, like his hair and how he feels about the funny alien memes. Tsoukalos also discussed his recent UFO sighting.


Tsoukalos is the host of the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. The show explores the Ancient Aliens (aka Ancient Astronauts) theory, which suggests that there is evidence that advanced alien civilizations have visited earth in the past and have aided in human advancement.

The website What Culture, sifted through all of Tsoukalos’ responses to the Reddit questions, and put together a few they found most interesting. This, of course, included his hair, which Tsoukalos says has “been slowly abducted.”

He was kidding, I think, but he did say that it takes a lot of hair spray to get his signature hairstyle to stick up like that. As for what prompted him to choose what one Reddit user called his “sweet” hairstyle, Tsoukalos says, “Uh… nothing. It just happened.”

Not a very exciting answer, especially because it doesn’t have anything to do with aliens. However, there was a more exciting question.

One Reddit user asked Tsoukalos if he had ever seen a UFO. Surprisingly, to me at least, he has only seen one and it was recent.

Tsoukalos wrote: “On August 8, 2014, along with 26 other people, with night-vision goggles, in Joshua Tree at the Contact in the Desert Conference around midnight, where we saw stars inside the Big Dipper, which obviously didn’t belong there, and after 10 minutes of observing those two stars, they began to move equidistant from each other up into space, or into darkness of the night sky. So essentially removing themselves, or moving away from the Big Dipper.”

Tsoukalos will be speaking at Contact in the Desert again this year, and so will this author, so maybe I can see a UFO with him this summer.

According to the website Know Your Meme, Ancient Aliens has come under fire from critics who claim that the show is “far fetched” and “hugely speculative.”

They traced back Tsoukalos’ alien meme to just a few months after the show first aired in April 2010. Online forums were full of people who mocked the ease at which Tsoukalos was willing to suggest that ancient mysteries had an alien origin. Eventually, in mid-2011, the Tsoukalos alien memes began popping up all over the internet.


Reddit users asked Tsoukalos what he thought about the meme, and perhaps surprising to some – except those who knew him before “the hair”, ehem – he loves it.

He wrote: “I love it. I think it’s a great honor to have been embraced by the interwebz, worldwide. I really think that it just shows that – it doesn’t show anything, but it shows that people embrace the show. I think it’s wonderful, the fan-base, I have the best fans in the world. This is something I really have to say. Everybody has been tremendous in their outreach, and in embracing not only the ideas, but also the meme, and I think it’s a fantastic combination.”

He doesn’t mind being seen as crazy. He says, “That’s perfectly fine. Because I am the first one to admit that what I am talking about is crazy, or can be regarded as crazy, so I am perfectly aware that these thoughts sound out there. BUT this does not prevent me from continuing to ask questions. Because if – in this day and age – asking questions means that you’re crazy? Then I admit, I am the craziest of them all.”


And, of course, he defended the Ancient Astronaut theory. He says, “It’s not necessarily one piece of the puzzle per se. It is the overall picture. Because what we are talking about, in the Ancient Astronaut theory, we are talking about circumstantial evidence.”

Tsoukalos continued, “It’s the combination of a whole bunch of pieces that can be regarded as circumstantial evidence, and in a court of law, circumstantial evidence allows you to win court cases. There are no crashed UFOs that are on display anywhere, or no extraterrestrial tools have been found, those are all items that so far have not been discovered, there is no one concise piece of evidence that we can say “Look, here is the smoking gun.” So it is a combination of everything. All the different pieces.”

Whether or not you agree with Tsoukalos’ ideas, you got to admire his enthusiasm…right? After all, his enthusiasm has gained his image and the Ancient Aliens theory worldwide attention.





Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as OpenMinds.tv. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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  1. Tsoukalos, on the history channel, is hilarious! His crazy hair and radical ideas are very entertaining! He seems very opinionated on the history of aliens on earth.

  2. This guys ideas and public exposure are a threat to the real issues and the science involved in the UFO phenomena. Hopefully he goes away soon…

  3. I’m not an Ancient Alien Specialist or anything but did these guys ever stop to think about when past civilisations have drawn pictures that looks like astronaut’s that it could very likely be Our future generations that have or are dabbling in time travel. That it is actual astronauts (US,future!) It’s more of an explanation than Aliens! Automatic jump to Aliens! Were you dropped on your head several times as a child?

  4. i’m sorry to disappoint your huge ego thinking you know more then everyone else but, there are just extremely too many people with strange experiences including astronauts, law enforcement, with no explanations. In case you haven’t noticed our gov’t does not have a very good reputation for telling the truth. exactly the opposite they try harder to come up with lies

  5. Ancient Aliens is a fantastic program and I shall enjoy Giorgio even more now that I know we have Sun conjunct Sun, Mercury conjunct Venus and Venus conjunct Venus in our charts amongst other things………of course my age is out but with the added bonus of time travel that wont be a problem. Of course we laugh when we start to watch these programs Ancient Aliens but by the time your watching In Search of Aliens your not laughing anymore and your whole perspective on life has been changed. Alien space travel has to be a joke right………..yet when we hear the scientists at Cern saying some of their experiments have been tampered with in order to fail and they wonder if it is time travellers coming back to warn them not to do some of the work they are doing…………we don’t laugh then do we. We must must must keep an open mind but either way I am loving these programs and recommend them to everyone. So much to learn and so little time………….hmmmm. x

  6. I was abducted by aliens when I was 12 years old that was in 1970.
    How to tell my experience the group of people that I really understand. When I first heard alien.com I wanted to go. I finally saved up the money if I wanted to meet Giorgio Tsoukalos. I even have several drawings of what I experience and what I could remember and what they did to me. But I just went online and it’s sold out.3

  7. Your on the right track but there is much more. Most of it I found in the bible. I found that some interpretation is not quite accurate. I think I found the correct parable that explains all.

  8. It clear why they are here! Any rise of ppl need out side Jens brought in to there’s to live forever, what better way to make sure your spices has this new DNA then to make a ppl that you can take DNA from say ape and 11 other alien ppls dna!

  9. This series of books is based on my personal experiences. I started writing them in the mid eighties but didn’t finish until 2014. Check out the website and you will see many parallels to your program content.

  10. I wanted to sure a couple of thing that I and another person as well. I was laying in bed my husband was asleep well I see this red light bouncing around my room I thought my 15 yr old was playing a trick . I say to him don’t mess with me but I didn’t hear him run to his room I quietly walk back to his room and asked him if he had a laser light he said no I’m watching TV so I ask him to come to my room and I asked him do you see any thing ,he looks around in disbelief that this red light was bouncing around the room it did this for about 20 min .. Also about 4 yes later I seen this bright lightv in the sky I freak out cause it has never been there before I got my husband to look and tell me what it was ,he stood there 2-3 min and said I don’t know maybe a star ,well I go get my binocular s and lord behold I saw a red and blue cross it looked ancient? 36 hours later my husband passed away ?

  11. Ark of the Covenant? Read Revelations chapter 11, 19. Tells you exactly where it is. Why is everyone so confused? Can’t they read?

    Aliens building pyramids? Fallen Angels? Listen to God, He has foretold us All Things.

  12. Have you ever thought Aliens may have tried to contact us with the use of music?
    Some compurser were 8 and 12 years when they wrote symphonies. How could they know that much about classical music? Some wrote 100s of pieces of classical music.
    Convert music to numbers then numbers then to code.
    Computers should be able to do it.

  13. saw UFO at wellington circle Medford Mass. in the mid 60s. Right on top of me while stopped in traffic, the MDC police called PEASE AIR FORCE BASE

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