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1951 Lubbock lights UFOs in Texas (Video)

In late August, early September 1951, a historical and spectacular series of sightings of multiple formations of nocturnal lights occurred in the skies over northwestern Texas. The “Lubbock Lights,” as they are known, specifically refer to the appearance of eighteen to twenty bright objects proceeding in a “V” formation over Lubbock, as documented by five photos taken by a college student on the evening of August 30.

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  1. I have seen exactly the same formation over our backyard in Sydney Australia in August 1971. With 2 other school friends we witnessed this pass directly overhead; rushing inside the house and locking the back door I had left one friend still outside. Seconds later he came banging on the door and we all huddled, amazed and nervous. In the lounge room, my mother asked “what was wrong, what happened?” We all began the rave and not making much sense; my mother said,” I thought something was wrong as just before you all came rushing inside, our dog came between her legs and the lounge and was shaking, with his hair standing up!” Mum though what is wrong with you and I have always thought since; whatever we may have seen was one thing, but the dog was already inside and sensed something out of the ordinary too. Some year or 2 later I first saw the photo of the Lubbock Lights and have been intrigued with this phenomenon ever since. The experience is still as vivid as the night it occurred, one friend and I are still very close and occasionally we talk about that night; we end up just agreeing we saw what we saw. It was not just the visual sighting, but the feeling of awe and a sense of being frozen still for some seconds. This event was certainly an extraordinary incident and will always remain as a sighting of a fleeting presence in time of something not of our making.

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